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Notes from the forlorn patch

I had thought I had written my last post for this year about our attempts to improve the rather forlorn patch of ground that pretends to be a garden, but things move on , oh so slowly.

The last of the tomatoes from our single plant are ripening by the window.

There are now three of these cloches in the deep bed, under which are signs of life in the form of broad beans.

The fat pigeons took too much interest in the deep beds- Mr E had a cunning plan- not sure about it myself.

That is a bird scarer- it flashes lights and makes a racket when I hang washing on the line- makes me jump everytime- doesn’t bother the birds though. The battery will wear out one day I suppose.

And that really is it I think for this year in the garden- the leaves are falling like crazy and we will need to collect them up- no bonfires- but mutterings of leaf mould! Oh Joy.

But the bulbs are poking out the tips of their leaves, Spring can’t be too far away. How is your garden looking- flush with gorgeousness or limping down towards Winter?

Comments on: "Notes from the forlorn patch" (24)

  1. The “bird scarer” sounds awesome hope it works! Someday the forlorn patch will no longer be forlorn!

  2. Ha! The bird scarer bit made me giggle

  3. Your electronic Cathy scarer made me laugh!
    Looks like you are making great progress in the garden.
    My garden still has colour, but it is very soggy!

  4. What is your deep bed? Do you mean it’s a raised bed?

    • No not raised- it mean you cultivate just a small area of garden and protect it from encroaching weeds etc with the frame- it was double dug, we will add compost to the level of the frame, but you still have to kneel down.

  5. Mind the local cats too. They’ll see litter tray!

  6. The garden here has been put to bed, though I am wishing for some bulbs…I still need to trim the irises on the outer border, need to get that done this Wednesday when the weather is decent again. We brought lots of stuff inside, and it is hanging on at the moment.

  7. Tomatoes ripening on the window sill, and beans under those cloches – lovely!
    How about a bit of outdoor furniture — a table & chairs with umbrella in table’s centre — as a start for bit of shade?

  8. Homegrown tomatoes are the best! We are in full winter here, so won’t have anything growing outside for a good six months or so. I’m enjoying seeing yours, so thank you for sharing!

  9. The only thing left in my garden is rosemary, thyme and oregano. I need to clean it up as soon as the rain stops. You are lucky to get those tomatoes so late. I don’t think the cat head will scare anything either. Other than you, of course. πŸ™‚

  10. Mine is fairly gorgeous, but we need the rains to start, as things are ever so slightly crispy around the edges…

  11. My trees are starting to loose their leaves too. I still have flowers in the shape of rosemary and hot lip salvia πŸ™‚

  12. I need to pick up some more bulbs and there is some digging and clearing which I will do whenever we get a dry day. Time to put the production stage to bed and focus on the dreaming stage.

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