Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Solo Lockdown Stroll

We are in lockdown again in England- walks can be with your own household or just one other person- which rules out family walks now, and sadly Mr E isn’t always up for a walk these days. Not to be daunted I am exploring my immediate suuroundings, and my first excursion took me down the Ridge from home to where the Romans once built a temple, probably on the site of an even older sacred place- that magical place- a Spring.

Roman site

There’s not a great deal to see, but a helpful board came in handy.

so that’s what is under the grass, wish I could have seen it.
wow it was quite something.
just a few lumps and bumps now.
back up the hill to home.

Behind the trees to the left is our house. If the Romans hadn’t got here first then there would be more houses on the hillside and we would not have chosen to move here. Now there’s a thought!

Absolutely had to take this picture of the gorgeous red berries.

Wonder what else I will discover on local lockdown outings? I wonder how well everyone knows their own immediate surroundings- maybe others will find new things on their doorstep- would love to know.

Comments on: "Solo Lockdown Stroll" (24)

  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love history!

  2. Those pesky Romans 😉

  3. You have a great pioneer spirit Cathy. So glad to know you are enjoying doing a bit of virtual archaeology. I would need to see the leaves of your berried shrub: could be cotoneaster or if it has thorns then pyracantha. The birds absolutely LOVE the pyracantha berries in my garden at this time of year.

  4. Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have seen the Roman buildings! Good at least that the ground is now protected from development.

  5. What an interesting find for you! I’m glad that there are new places to explore right on your doorstep. What kind of furry friend are you looking for? Will it be a dog, cat or something more exotic, like a house rabbit?

  6. I’m so glad that you can go out for walks and aren’t stuck inside all the time!! I really hope it helps and that you get through it safely.

  7. What an interesting discovery! Looking forward to hearing about all that you find out 🙂

  8. We’ve discovered lots of new paths during lock down as we’ve been using local walk leaflets instead of going further afield. If the shrub has nasty spikes on it could be pyracantha!

    • I found a lovely new walking place yesterday- amazing what is on the doorstep isn’t it, even in a huge town like Swindon- I bet you have wonderful walks where you are. Didn’t see any spikes I shall look next time I head down the hill.

  9. I wonder what those berries are? They look so vibrant. Great to have Roman ruins on your doorstep! X

  10. No Roman remains over across the pond, and nothing in my immediate vicinity that doesn’t have “plantation” attached to it and is now either a golf course or filled with houses, apartments or businesses.

    I’ve been watching “The Instant Gardener” (it reminds me of “Ground Force”) and can’t help thinking of your adventures in fettling your back garden.

    Thank you for such an enlightening walk round your neighbourhood!

  11. Luckily you live in an area rich in history, so that’ll hopefully enliven your solo walks. Can you borrow a furry walking companion for an hour or so?

  12. The Roman history in the UK is so interesting. I am very much looking forward to returning one day for more walking. And now I am curious about what my area look d like. Something new to research. Happy walking.

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