Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Last walk before Lockdown.

In England we have gone back into Lockdown- no more family walks for a month or more. We took advantage of pleasant Autumnal weather for one last rather muddy walk.

In Standen Park where we found some impressive sculptures.

Shark attack.

Just has to be riden.

Now where are they off too?

Dolphin and seal.

Also needs riding,

I just love that here we are in the middle of English countryside miles from the sea and we have marine life!

Going to miss my family walks, oh well that’s life.

Stay safe and try to be happy everyone.

Comments on: "Last walk before Lockdown." (27)

  1. I love to see wood sculptures used for real fun like this. Lockdown is horrible and very hard but if it keeps us all healthy and safe until we can have the vaccine then it has to be worth it! Stay safe !

  2. I am so sorry to read you had to go back on lockdown and no walks. Hope you have fun projects to work on at home and lots of good reading. Sending thoughts for a short lockdown, best wishes!

  3. I love sculptures on walks. Great that your grandchildren could enjoy the marine life on this occasions. I hope this lockdown will indeed end on 2nd December so that you can go walking with them again.

  4. Yarn, check! Books, check! Mr. E, CHeck! Backyard to plan, Check! Hang in there Cathy, hope it is quick!

  5. Not sure what your restrictions are going to be. Are you still able to get out and walk? We haven’t really re-entered the world except the weekly grocery shopping and seeing our grandsons – we take care of them a few hours a week at our house. Hope this will make a difference in the numbers.

    • Yes we can go shopping for “essentials”, but a lot of shops have to shut- clothes, crafts etc and we can go for a walk- hairdresser closed again, and we can’t see family.

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Sorry to hear you are back in lockdown. We are two for about two weeks now. Such lovely sculptures though.

  7. What amazing statues! Glad you all had such a nice walk together and got to see such an interesting park for your last walk for a while. Hope your lockdown is over sooner rather than later and all stay safe!

  8. Agreeing with gillyflower – interactive beats static viewing any day. Hope your month goes by quickly and you find you’ve gotten all your holiday prezzies made, C-19 beaten, and holidays ready to be enjoyed!

  9. Stay safe during lockdown. It is worth the effort.

  10. claire93 said:

    looks like everyone had a fun day out. “Bon courage” with lockdown.

  11. What a fun surprise these would be to find! There are a couple of tree stump sculptures in my favourite park, but they’re up fairly high. I like that these ones are interactive.

    • They were a lovely surprise and not only did the children love touching them but we had a great conversation about what they all were.

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