Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


After our picnic lunch at Burford we drove a few miles to Bibury, Gloucestershire. William Morris thought it the prettiest village in England, and it is very pretty, but I’m not sure I would call it the prettiest village in England- that sort of statement always begs the question of did he actually visit all the villages before his pronouncement. Never mind lets take a stroll.

River at Bibury

The river divides Bibury on the right hand side from Arlington on the left, but people now just think of all of it as Bibury.

The William Morris Bed and Breakfast and Tea room- sadly closed on the day we visited.

Across the river is Arlington row- a much photographed row of weavers cottages. Now in the care of the National Trust. Windows were added to the upper storey of the cottages to allow light in for weaving looms.

Arlington Mill. When we first visited this village (Mr B now 31 was a toddler) this mill was a working museum and you could buy their flour. Sadly it’s now a holiday house which you can rent.

Back across the bridge we went to the church, more in hope than expectation.

I cannot tell you adequately how thrilled I was to discover it open, nor to explain how moved I was to be in a quiet village church after all these months of not being able to go in to one. Surfice it to say there were tears. Just to be able to sit on a pew and relax in the peace that surrounded me was incredible- I knew I had missed my church visits, just not how much.

Floral display- the candle was lit throughout the time in which people could not enter as a symbol of hope. The yellow cards the prayers.
The font with a harvest festival arrangement.

Fonts are incredible I think- the place where countless babies have been welcomed into the church, and even where buildings are modernised the fonts stay the same through each phase.

Found on the wall at the back of the church.

It seems to me that in all churches there is always something unique to be found.

Leaving you with one final image the start of Autumn.

I hope you enjoyed this little visit to Bibury. Where next I wonder…..

So much fun visiting all these new places.

Comments on: "Bibury" (30)

  1. What a lovely trip. Those weavers cottages were so cute – and I love that someone kept a record that the windows upstairs were added for extra light – I like a bit of history to a house. A friend lives in a row of cottages in Kent and hers was where the seamstress for the manor house just along the road. No extra windows were added, it’s cute but tiny and dark inside Her row of houses were all built for the staff – they were deemed to be lucky in those days to have their own space, albeit diddy!

  2. What a lovely church, I can well imagine the tears. It’s been a strange year, thanks for sharing your walk with us xx

  3. I so enjoyed these images and hearing about your adventure! That first images is postcard perfect!

  4. claire93 said:

    looks like a lovely place but, originating from Kent myself, I’d say we had some very pretty villages there too ^^
    Btw, is Bibury pronounced Bye-bury or Bib-ury? Just me wondering ^^

  5. Wonderful visit, Cathy. Do you have church online, or has that been difficult with the move? If not, you are invited to mine! I can get you a link if you want it.

  6. A proper picture postcard village. Very nice indeed. Especially picturesque in Autumn! X

  7. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  8. That is a really lovely town, and how wonderful to be able to go into the church! Thank you for taking us with you 🙂

  9. It’s lovely, Cathy. Thank you so much for taking us along! xx

  10. It does look a pretty village. Trying to decide who the saints in the pictures are. The man on the right could be St Francis. The one on the left is a bishop but so many bishop saints, so not sure. Never seen a woman subduing a dragon before but I suppose she might be St Beatrice given who it’s in memory of.

    • I’m very impressed with your knowledge of saints and now wish I’d taken more notice of what a nearby notice said. I think I was just enjoying them.

  11. Another lovely tour – thank you for taking us along!

  12. How lovely to go inside a church again! – and what a lovely one 🙂 We have been to several local churches in the last couple of months and found them all locked. I can understand that sort of reaction in the early spring months of lockdown, but think it a great sadness they still remain locked …

    • I was so thrilled to be inside a church again, and it wasn’t just us, another couple came in, lit a candle and prayed- we need to have this.

  13. Several years ago one of the wallpaper images on my old pc was a view of the Swan Inn taken from across the river at Bibury – it looked so nice I wanted to go there but I’ve never managed it yet. Thanks for the visit, it looks like a nice little village 🙂

  14. Thanks for taking us with you Cathy. It does look pretty.

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