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Monday Notebooks#6

So I have finally reached the last two notebooks that lurk on the shelf under the coffee table.

The last two notebooks

Like the one I shared in my very first notebook post these are used for jottings mostly from when I am online- family history, book recommendations, craft ideas and how tos, the odd recipe, online course notes or tutorials- the course I did on Richard the third for example, talks I prepped for the U3A along with records of the walks I led.

So I have three notebooks with similar themes. Unlike the diary, the nature journal, my family organiser, family history memoir, everything and anything can be in them, and frankly when I looked back at them they are very random, a bit of a muddle and not really user friendly.

I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on the notebooks they keep and use that these last two have made me stop and think a while. Yes it’s very good to have a notebook to hand for these random things, but no use when it comes to finding anything in them.

So a decision- I do like a decision- I need MORE notebooks- ones to transcribe these jottings into so I can find things- imagine one notebook for craft projects, ideas etc, one notebook for the family history things to follow up, one for – well I don’t know but yippee more notebooks needed!

Of course I do have more notebooks in the rest of the house- we have barely scratched the surface, but I do like the idea of being a bit more organised with the things I jot down and would like to keep/access!

So thanks to everyone for all the useful comments on the subject of notebooks they really are very helpful. Thanks as always to Katie at the Cozy Burrow for her inspiration of these posts.

Do you jot do things from the internet/tv/radio- do you go back to them and follow them up?

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  1. I’m here to bring my 21st take on it (albeit late!)

    I use my iPhone and iPad which sync anything added to one, to the other. This means that I’ve got bookmarked recipes and articles to read in a reading list. Favourite websites saved to my favourites file. I’ve also got a notes app. Which you can search using a keyword or date etc; this is fantastic and saves so much time. For instance I just picked up a knitting and wondered which needles I used because I’ve taken them off. So, I did a keyword search of the name of the pattern and found my jottings from a year or so ago.

    I’ve also got the Goodreads app, this is fantastic because you can add books into a Want to Read folder. Other than that you’ve got what you’re currently reading folder and what one with all you’ve read. This means that in a charity shop, or a library you can look up the books you are meaning to read, or check if you’ve read one particular title already. It’s surprising how often you can forget what you’ve read by an author, especially if you want to read them all.

    So, so many more uses but this gives you a flavour. This doesn’t mean I don’t have any notebooks at home, I do, but my devices are so useful and always usually to hand.

    I also dictate a lot so it saves my hands too!

  2. I have notebooks for different things. Big projects deserve their own notebooks but currently I have one for knitting and other craft projects, one for blogging (research notes, ideas for future posts , scheduling) , the Christmas notebook ( gifts to buy and received , countdown of tasks). Home decorating (has swatches and samples stapled in) . We also have “ the retirement notebook” where the two of us write down longer term plans for the house and garden, places we want to visit now we have time to and so on. And one notebook for everything else!

    • A retirement notebook sounds great- I had a fabulous bucket list 70 before I am 70- sadly my husband’s health took a nose dive and a day out is now a major undertaking, so glad we did what we did before.

      • I love the 70 before 70 idea. I’ve had health issues myself and am a little bit more limited than I was, so it’s important to do as much as you can when you can. Who can ever know what is around the corner (especially in view of this year’s events)

        • Absolutely- my trek across the Andes won’t be happening at all for sure- do as much as you can while you can, you never know what’s waiting round the corner to bite you on the posterior!

  3. The index that Juliann mentioned is a great idea! But also, of course, different notebooks for different topics makes it much easier to find things when you’re looking for them!

  4. I do bookmark internet pages and can mostly find them again. I have started using notebooks for things like ideas to blog about but tend to stop using them after a while and carry a lot in my head. The only two really useful notebooks I have are a pretty notebooks with quotes about being a mother one of my children gave me that I have used for lists of what foods they like and dislike and other similar information about them though even here I tend to rely on my memory most of the time. The other is my knitting and crochet notebook that again was a present from my younger daughter bought at Paperchase which I shared on my blog one time. This is very handy for remembering how to do certain patterns or just browsing the added photographs and feeling happy at all the things I have made.

    • I love the sound of both your notebooks as they are both useful and nostalgic, full of lovely memories. I’m ashamed to say I don’t think I have ever planned a post on the blog- it probably shows!

  5. I definitely jot things down from TV or the internet to act on later. Do I follow up? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes I find the note years later!

  6. You can never have too many notebooks!

  7. Do you use ‘Bookmarks’ on your computer? I do – I find it very useful as I can find things more easily than in hand written notebooks. The only problem with Bookmarks is that it is quite clunky to edit the files.

    • Oh yes!!! However I find writing things down for myself helps with learning, especially if its You Tube or something- people do have a tendency to ramble when they make these things.

  8. I started using one of my notebooks for the series we are doing at church, Pastor Dave is doing the Gospel…what is it, why we need it, etc. lots of verses to look up and ruminate on, so now I have ONE notebook getting used! Thank you Cathy, for giving me the kick I needed to USE one. 😉

  9. I have started leaving a few empty pages at the start of my notebooks for an index. That at I can go back and see where I might have jotted down that bit of information without needing to read through the whole notebook.

  10. “Do you jot do things from the internet/tv/radio – do you go back to them and follow them up?”
    Yes, Cathy, I do, but generally on a scrap of what’s handy. Then, after doing whatever, it might end up in one of the few books I keep for such things..
    You have some lovely books, by the way. Have you seen the Paperblank journals in different sizes? I’ve collected several of them over the years.

    • You see the follow up bit is what I don’t always do, and then when I think about it I can’t find it, and when I do it isn’t convenient- so I have this muddle in no less than three notebooks! I think you are brilliant to follow up then only transcribe what is worthy of keeping! This needs some thought from me..
      Generally I buy cheapish notebooks for myself, never really considered spending good money on them… more thinking!

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