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Castle Eaton Scarecrows

We went on a scarecrow trail at the nearby village of Castle Eaton. Fund raising for a local charity which enables people with mental ill health to access helpful and healing activities- link here-

The Potager Garden

So off we went

The theme was Key workers. These are my favourites- 26 in total, 27 had gone holiday- think he was my grandson’s favourite because he likes holidays, but no sign of him anywhere. I didn’t take pics of all 26 you’ll be pleased to know.

Who doesn’t love a parcel.

A quick bevy?

Recycling robot- ingenious!

Outside this gorgeous farm we found

and in this Long Row of cottages

the long arm of the law.

Yarn Along- September2020

September already, and the weather has turned, time for snuggling down with a book and knitting for a good yarn.

The tank top/ sleeveless jumper or call it what you will is in progress. I have about 2 more inches to go before I reach the armhole shaping- lovely relaxing knitting for watching TV by- I caught the first episode last night of All Creatures Great and Small, (Channel 5- UK) really enjoyable, and a nice programme by Alan Titchmarch on creating English Country Gardens- wish I had that  programmes budget, but I did bag a huge bag of daffodil bulbs from Morrisons for £3 today.

My first book of the month is delightful, but sad in some ways, featuring a 13 year old boy who has lost his Mum , the only person who understood how hard life is if you can’t recognise faces and every noise is perceived as a colour. I had never heard of this condition before.

Linking with Ginny for Yarn Along-

Yarn Along {September}

Do you knit/ pursue another craft while watching TV, love to know what you enjoyed recently. What do you think about books where the main character has different abilities to “normal” people. I worry about making difficulties a subject for entertainment or do they serve to inform? Thinking here about the Rosie project and the Curious Dog in the Night. Please join in the discussion via Comments below.

Fettling the Forlorn Patch #2

So after a lot of hard work from the gardener last week this was the state of play.

Let’s just see what was unearthed under the “rockery” and “conifer glade”.

A heap of roots

A bag of stumps

A coil of something to protect a cable

Part of a concrete post

Broken slabs- we used some to plug a gap.

A huge bag of stones.

Mr E and I spent most of yesterday clearing this lot away, some for the tip and the stones for a skip. So now

We have a place for a greenhouse

and a bit less rubbish. Those markings out will be for deep beds. Sadly there was a lot of wind and rain last week and so now I have a

Forlorn Summer House. But we will get there.

I wondered if anyone had got out in their garden this weekend- how’s it fairing?


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