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September Books- 2020

Since the library re-opened my reading has gone back to previous levels- something to do with deadlines for returning books, except the loans are now being issued well into December.

This month I have read

Sarah J Harris- The Colour of Bee Markham’s Murder- Jasper lives with his Dad as his Mum died, and he still grieves for her as she was the only one who fully realised how life was when you don’t recognise faces, and instead see and hear things as colours. There is a murder and a mystery to be solved, but only Jasper knows the answers, and somehow has to find the truth with the help of his Dad, neighbours, police and social workers. There is humour in the book and the author treads the right side of the line between laughing with and not at Jasper’s difficulties. It did give me a better understanding of the condition, and was well written and plotted.

Adele Brand- The Hidden World of the Fox- a well written book that informs and appreciates the fox. Enjoyable, but wish the picture quality was better.

Beth Underdown- The Witch Finder’s Sister- based on the true story of Matthew Hopkin’s hunt for witches in Essex in the 1640’s. It is known that he was one of five children, four of whom were male, so it is probable that the remaining sibling was a girl. It’s a well written novel that gradually builds the menace of these times. And since it sent me to the internet to read more, passes one of my tests for saying something is a good read. Perfect for your Autumn reading.

Peter May- I’ll Keep you Safe- a really enjoyable muder mystery, set in the Hebrides, Paris and New York. A young couple have a weaving business and seem very happy, until Ruairdh ( pronounced Rory) is killed in an explosion. The back story gradually unfolds as a list of suspects grows… some twists I saw coming, some I didn’t.  Very satisfying and not at all gruesome. I shall read more from this author for sure.

A J Pearce- Dear Mrs Bird- Emmeline goes to work for a women’s magazine during WW2, typing the answers to letters to the Agony Aunt, Mrs Bird who does not like any letters with UNPLEASANTNESS and won’t answer them. Emmeline takes it upon herself to write back behind Mrs Bird’s back. Themes are love, friendship, the war, women’s role in society, and the book is utterly charming- a lovely gentle read for a Winter’s eve. Enjoy.

And that’s it for this month- I have 8 book in my to be read pile from the library- I top it up when I have three books to return by requesting three more. It’s a system and seems to work for me. How do you manage your library books now? What are you reading today and is it any good?

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  1. I love my library piles and it was great to read about what you are reading! I am currently reading A Wrinkle in Time.

  2. Really great content !

  3. I enjoyed the Witch Finder’s Sister 🙂

  4. Those all sound like really interesting books – I will have to look out for them! I do like cozy mysteries, so will definitely look for Peter May 🙂

  5. That’s quite an interesting list. I looked for Sarah J Harris- The Colour of Bee Markham’s Murder but it’s not available here. I’ll keep looking. Sounds fascinating.

  6. I have read a few of these! Loved Dear Mrs Bird. The author is on with a sequel do I’m looking forward to that. The Hidden world of the fox is a favourite. I agree about the photos though. The writer Adele Brand has a blog you can follow here on WordPress. Peter May is an author Wil and I have both enjoyed since reading one of his books whilst on holiday in the outer Hebrides. The Witch finders sister book looks interesting too. Xx

    • I probably got the books you mention from your blog- I really do write down good looking books and request them after reading book posts.

  7. I read Dear Mrs. Bird about a year ago and enjoyed it, and you’ve got me interested in The Witch Finder’s Sister. Thank you!

  8. I can’t remember whether I read ‘The Witchfinder’s Sister’ or whether I just thought about reading it – I’m a bit like that with a lot of books I’m afraid.
    I’m reading Pat Barker’s ‘The Silence of the Girls’ at the moment. Some call it a ‘feminist Iliad’. It tells the story of the Trojan war from the point of view of the women involved rather than the usual male viewpoint. Great stuff – and a lot easier to read than Homer’s Iliad too🤣

    • I must try that one- I did enjoy Circe, and my son Mr B is always telling me to try Stephen Fry. I have surprise, surprise a notebook in which I write down what I read!

  9. These all look good! I have a Maggie Hope mystery on audio, and have started one called The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate, which had a tough start but has own grabbed me!

  10. Looking for something to read after The Clockmaker’s Daughter. I discovered that a couple of books I want to read are available in the Central Library but all the electronic ones are reserve only. With virus cases increasing and students coming back, not sure if I want to go to the actual library but I have some time yet before I finish current book.

    • Going to our library is very easy. I reserve books online- no charge- when they are ready for collection you don facemask- only one person in the library at a time- never had to wait- you are greeted and directed where to go by someone behind a screen wearing a shield and mask- leave returning books in a bin where they wait for 72 hours before staff deal with them and take them off your account- then you collect your books from a shelf- handsanitisers everywhere- whole operation takes a minute at most! the books are already checked to your account so you don’t have to issue them. It’s very quick, easy and safe. I’m lucky that my library is situated in the nearby shopping centre so lots of free parking. and there’s an M&S Food Hall there too for treats!

  11. I’m still on Cornwell’s Arthur saga, but I started the third book yesterday!! 🙂 Today is library day, and I am already looking forward to it. 🙂

    • Do you get that bubble of excitement when you know it’s library day, I know I do. It’s rather akin to ordering something online, tracking it and knowing it’s going to be delivered today. I need to read two more books then I shall reserve my next three and have a library day, but the ones I have now are all Big Books so will take some reading- but niceto have something to get my teeth into.

  12. I like the sound of Dear Mrs Bird, sounds like a real comfort read for these times. Our local library is still closed but taking the little one to one of the bigger ones to have a look around – not that I need any more books, my unread shelf is already dissertation length! ☺️ X

    • Oh well the library at home is there for rainy days and lockdown when the library can’t be accessed. mrs Bird was just lovely- a nice comfy read.

  13. I’ve just discovered my local library has about 12 of Peter May’s books, hurray! I’ve requested this one, plus one other so I can sample them before I order the lot! Thank you so much for the recommendation 🙂

    • Now I am nervous- hope you enjoy them.

      • Oh, don’t be! It’s not as if I’ve bought them, they’re just library borrows and if I don’t like them, well, so be it. Oh, and by the way, reading your and Tialys’ comments about The Silence of the Girls, etc, reminds me: have you read Homer’s Daughter, by Robert Graves? Not exactly current but it is a classic, and is an alternative view of the authorship of the Odyssey. I’ve loved it since I first read it at the age of 12!

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