Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Avebury Manor

I really enjoyed The Clockmakers’s Daughter by Kate Morton and was thrilled to discover that Avebury Manor had been part of the inspiration behind the novel. So having seen  Avebury Ring and enjoyed a coffee we went to see the Manor House- sadly it’s closed for you know what, but we did have a good walk round the outside.

Spot the twin gables!

From the side

Keep going

And the back

Someone is going in!

The dove cote

Just see how many doves there are spaces for

No wonder local people objected to such dove houses- just to feed the Nobilty whilst the doves ate the locals crops.

Finally this lovely row of cottages which must once if not now have been for the estate workers

Hope you liked the tour round the outside- maybe next year I will be able to go inside.


Comments on: "Avebury Manor" (32)

  1. Shame you couldn’t go inside, it looks a lovely house x

  2. How lovely! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh darn that you couldn’t get in! I’m so tired of you know what.
    It looks so lovely. You took really nice photos. So nice to see its well kept up still. What year was it first built? The workers cottages are so lovely! But I wonder if their work hours were so long they only hung their hat there.

  4. Looks lovely, definitely worth a return visit 🙂

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    It looks like a lovely Manor. Hope you get to see inside soon

  6. What a beautiful place. Just jumps out of a movie.

  7. What a nice walk around though, the workers cottages looked beautiful too!

  8. I was there, and I remember the dovecote! Lovely.

  9. Looks really interesting. I am reading The Clockmaker’s Daughter at the moment on an ebook. Ebooks seem to take longer to read than real books or is it a very thick book?

  10. A nice looking manor house and seeing inside is something for you to look forward to but to be honest I prefer the row of red brick cottages, they look much prettier 🙂

  11. It was a good book, wasn’t it? The description was very good, because this house very closely resembles what I imagined when I read it

    • I thought people who liked the book would enjoy seeing this house- Kelmscott was also in the author’s mind, so sometime I will go and take pictures of that too.

  12. How wonderful! I’m reading this book at the moment!

  13. Well, that little taster has given you something else to look forward to.

  14. Lovely house. It will be so good to see inside.

  15. What a lovely place! Thanks for sharing your photos 🙂

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