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Monday notebooks#4

Unbelievably two more notebooks that sit within easy reach of me in our lounge. These two are purely about Fun and things that really interest me.

The one underneath is the one I am using to write about my childhood and the family- trying to set down what life was like in the 50s and 60s- very much the post war years when things were in short supply and therefore expensive- homemade was a necessity not a hobby. I’ve not written much in this recently- very much something to do on a cold Winter’s day , with the fire lit and a nice mug of tea.

The top one was a gift to me and is the one I have used to record my walks in nature.

Three years ago- June 2017- I wrote down the things I saw during the Go Wild month- just in an ordinary notebook. In 2018 I made a junk journal during June , which was great fun but rather time consuming.

When I was gifted this book Christmas 2018 I decided to write down my walks throughout the year. I have been a bit haphazard about it- many walks I take with friends and family are not conducive to observations- too much setting the world to rights or playing silly wotsits with children, as you do, so it’s only when I set off alone that I take the time to look about me. Then I come home and scribble notes before writing them up a bit better. I have to say I really enjoy doing this, it makes me look more, research what I see back , humbles me over my ignorance of the natural world and it’s huge variety and marvel at the beauty everywhere one looks.

The colouring is fun to do too- excellent mindfullness and helps keep me calm when I have to sit waiting for things and people, mentioining no names!

I love both these notebooks which are purely about enjoyment!

As always a nod to the Cozy Burrow who shares her notebooks each week.

I loved the notebook posts which some people wrote last week- do you have notebooks? Do you write about your childhood or keep a nature diary- do tell please. Feel free to leave links in the comments if you like.

PS My new diary for next year has arrived, with a donkey on the front this time! I do love a new diar- all that promise of a New Year.

Comments on: "Monday notebooks#4" (20)

  1. I love the idea of having a notebook devoted to walks in the wilderness. That’s so amazing. And I’d really like to get a peek into your notebook about your childhood… that sounds fascinating ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Those are such pretty journals. I do not normally keep separate journals for anything else. My stories about my childhood, etc. are all going to the computer and backed up to a USB drive so I can tweek them and memories reveal themselves. I have one a friends gave me for my sewing projects though and once I get a moment to breathe, I get it photographed and do a bit of a post on it too. You do make me think though.

  3. Those are both really interesting journals! I love all the uses you have put your notebooks to – they are wonderful!

  4. I bet that writing is very cathartic and wonderful! Those are lovely notebooks!

  5. Those are very pretty notebooks. You spoke of colouring. Does that mean you coloured in all those flowers round the pages? They are lovely.

    • Thank you and yes the colouring round the page and on the front is mine- it is a very calming occupation- never thought I would do colouring as an adult but I can confirm that as a mindfulness activity it works.

  6. KUDOS on keeping it up with the colouring AND the writing!! Both of them are pretty, and you have beautiful handwriting!!

  7. I don’t keep a journal – when I’m on form I sort of look upon my blog as a note of what I’ve been up to in certain areas of my life anyway. This is just as well because I have been making notes in a notebook this week about something not pleasant going on with a neighbour – in case anybody asks for evidence later – and my handwriting is so abysmal that I don’t know if even I will be able to read it back if the need arises. I’m much better whizzing along on the keyboard.
    On the other hand, your handwriting looks lovely and neat and sort of curly.

    • My handwriting is pretty bad- this is my best handwriting! Sorry you are having neighbour issues- don’t tell future purchasers though! Photos I find are good for these just in case issues.
      The problem with my blog is I keep running out of photo space so have to delete things.

      Hope the house move is goiing ok.

  8. I am a journal hoarder Cathy ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a garden journal, a diary, a notebook by my bedside for ideas and an art journal. I love my tech, but nothing beats old fashioned paper for writing and drawing x

    • You are so right- tech is great but pencil and paper are better. Just to say how much I am enjoying your art.

      • Oh! Thank you very much! I was so reluctant to put my drawings online, but everyone has been so kind and supportive x

        • I have been watching them on Facebook, and your daughter was quite right about the rabbits.

          • *laughs* do you know, I think she was ๐Ÿ˜Ž My hubby … who turns my paper pics into tech is making the bunny pic into a t-shirt for her – sheโ€™s so excited ๐Ÿฐx (and I very much appreciate any support on Facebook, which Iโ€™m still attempting to work out how to use โ˜บ๏ธ)

            • You seem to be doing very well indeed on Facebook- she will love that T shirt so much. My granddaughter would want to know where the Unicron was- what is with unicorns at the moment?

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