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Monday Notebook #3

Inspired by the Cozy Burrow I am sharing the multitude of notebooks I use to stay on track, being a bit of a scatterbrain I have a lot of them.

Today’s is not the prettiest of notebooks to look at, but very useful- it’s quite long in shape, bigger than A4 but narrower, and is one of many notebooks I found at Dad’s house when I cleared it. The writing at the top is his- he was a Lawyer , a Coroner and a Commisioner for Oaths- hence the title Evidence Book. Not as Mr E says the place where I record his bad behaviour for later reference. No book would be big enough for that.I like it for its size and that it has perforated edges for easy removal of pages. It’s where I write important stuff! Here’s what’s in it.

Page 1- From our old house- plumbers I got to quote for a new basin in the cloakroom, and the boiler firms for the boiler replacement.

Page 2- people who might fix the old drive

Page 3- list of jobs in the old garden- people who might fix the fence/ chop trees

Page 4- possible electricians to re- wire the old house- not followed up on.

Page 5- trying to figure out my financial situation before retirement

Page 6- same for Mr E

Page 7- some of you may recall we saw our old kitchen in a museum , labelled 1980s kitchen- here I have written everything in the kitchen- page is headed Kitchen re-visited- we never did agree on what to do!

Page 8- more on my financial situation taking into account the things Dad left me in his will.

Page 9- record of an important meeting I attended on behalf of my brother when he was looking at a building plot and getting planning permission with the town clerk and mayor. All to do with trees in a cemetery.

Page10-14- trying to sort out and untangle some things with my brother

Page 15-Long list of jobs to do in the garden and garage, for which we eventually got help

Page 16- Long list of jobs to do in the house before putting it on the market- mostly de cluttering

Page 17- 21 Research on a topic I presented to the U3A psychology group on boredom- which turned out to be very interesting

Page 22- the same group- research on hoarding ( rather on my mind with all the de-cluttering going on!)

Page 23- notes on addresses in Wiltshire for various things like banks

Page 24- long list of peple to tell we have moved

Page 25-27- notes taken on Stitchbook video about fabric dyeing- I need written instructions!

Page 28- refering to the house we didn’t buy in December- all about drains surveys- turned out to be quite interesting but then I do love TV programmes about drains, as well as hoarding.

Page 29-30 Stitchbook notes on Joomchi

Page 31- Trying to sort outΒ  buildings insurance on this house which you have to do when you exchange contracts but still live in your current house- that was a nightmare once we got stuck in lockdown.

Page 32- 34- notes from phone calls to tell businesses we had moved- total nightmare waiting to get through in May- brings it all back.

Page 35- carpenters to fix the summer house here that broke in the wind- one too pricey, one said not worth it, one said could do, quoted reasonable price then failed to come when he said he would….grrr

Page 36- list of photos from last year to print for albums- never have there been so few as in the last 12 months when we were either house hunting or stuck in lockdown

And that’s itΒ  but there are lots of nice empty pages left in this notebook for very important things.

I find it interesting to look back like this, to be reminded of plans, what happened to them, to the things that I researched for pleasure , to see what went well and to remember the sheer frustration of life in lockdown when everything took 10 times longer than it should, and we are still not through it all.

Love to know if you have a notebook for really important things when you need to make a decision. Does writing things down help you?Β  Do you write notes when you phone someone- do you keep them?

Do tell- more notebooks next week…

Comments on: "Monday Notebook #3" (29)

  1. That is a very cool notebook! I definitely use notebooks a lot. I think listing things helps me organize myself and my thoughts.

    • If I don’t write things down I have to remember them which stops me getting on, which is what my Dad ued to say he was doing- getting on. Plus it can stop me going to sleep at night if I have hundreds of things buzzing around in my head.

  2. A fascinating way to track your year. I love these posts, thanks for sharing your life with us Cathy!

  3. You put my journals to shame. I’m working on a post but keep getting interrupted so hopefully I’ll get the first part out tomorrow if all goes well. I don’t think mine are quite so orderly since my mind isn’t either. πŸ˜‰

  4. I used to be a notebook person, but I found they were being ‘adopted’ by the Husband, who “just wanted a piece of paper” but would end up hanging onto them. Apart from my commonplace book and a couple of spiral bound things, I now keep all my lists and notes on my laptop, where they cannot be hijacked. Not always convenient for writing in. mind you…

    • Mr E has an equally impressive number of notebooks and a clip board for scrap paper- I reckon our house is full of notebooks. We are very good about not pinching each others notebooks!

      • I have had to implement anti-handbag-diving training. Umbrella, tape measure, car keys, pens, notebooks, all disappeared at one stage or another. Now, the baggy brown bag is sacred!

        • Absolutely, and oddly the one thing Mr E never ever raids is my handbag, and without training- I reckon his Mum must have been ferocious on the subject, because I did have to train him not to raid the sewing box for scissors,and she was very precious about her sewing things. and I should add with good cause- the use of embroidery scissors as tin snips was dealt with by her.

  5. Writing helps me for getting motivated and planning. Since I wrote down all the projects I want to work on, I’ve finally started moving on them. πŸ™‚

    • It’s incredible how helpful writing things down can be- and I like to do lists which have small hits on them, like doing the re-cycling, because it’s so satisfying to tick something off.

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Oh wow. In years to come this will hopefully make its way to a museum and become a bit if social history.

  7. We’re tackling no. 31 at the moment.
    As for the hoarding – I’m reading a book called ‘The Hoarder’ at the moment so maybe we were both subconsciously a bit worried about the amount of past acquisitions and whether it would lead to bizarre behaviour further on in our dotage. πŸ™„

    • I think when you start to prepare a house for sale you realise just how much stuff has been kept for just in case situations! The house insurance really became quite complicated with living in one house and wanting insurance on another- goodness knows why that situation was changed.

  8. I hav lots of ring bound A5 notebooks. There used to be one for each different subject – house, garden, work. But since retirement it all goes into one. I am going through old diaries at the moment and tearig out things I wouldn’t want my children to read when I’m not here anymore!

  9. I have this information in different places and have been working to get it more contained. I also have a stack and I have added to that stack just this week. I am contemplating what kind of notebook to use for my garden project.

    • That’s the sensible way to be- one topic, one notebook, not multiple notebooks across all topics. Maybe I need to get a better grip. You could get a really pretty one for gardening- sensible growers record what does well and where.

  10. Isn’t it funny how notebooks can be a time machine? I was just looking through one from a couple of years ago and was reminded about the time my middle child learned how to open door knobs and the WEEKS I spent trying to keep him in his room at night!! Oy.

    Thank you for writing these posts!! They are a lot of fun πŸ™‚

    • Oh my I recall the days of escapes at bedtime- my youngest was terrible- when I asked what he thought he was doing out of bed he would tell me he was rampaging. Max and the Wild Things were just like him. Really enjoying writing these posts- I do have a lot of notebooks.

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