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Fettling the Forlorn Patch#3

Progress is slow and steady

More stones out of the garden- no wonder nothing could grow.

First deep  bed built- more stones in the wheelbarrow

These stepping stones unearthed from the grass- we think there are more to come and will be useful as a path between the deep beds- they depict a squirrel or a fox.

We got in some manure and some compost- something had to be done about the soil- very few worms, not a good sign.

I planted some cyclamens and some bulbs- that’s a honeysuckle to the right by the fence I am hoping it will do better now- it did nothing this Spring stuck behind weeds and grotty shrubs.

Our lovely gardener who did all the digging gave us a tomato plant and we have had quite a few to eat fresh from the garden. Can’t really say we grew them so much as supervised their ripening.

Now of course we are left with that mound of earth in the corner covered in turf which is dying. I suggested we just had a hill and put a wishing well on top- Mr E’s suggestion was much better – he said we should make a hill fort!

The pile of weeds you could see in the last picture has gone, now we have an area of dead grass to fettle.

Out front I have put two old plant containers and filled them with pansies which do kind of cheer up the place a bit, if only twere not artificial grass out there.

So that’s where are now- the summer house is still sporting a broken door- no-one seems interested in being paid good money to fix it

The fettling continues.. how is your garden this week, does it have an areas in need of tlc?



Comments on: "Fettling the Forlorn Patch#3" (47)

  1. Making good progress. I am amazed at what you are finding.

  2. Amazing the things you are finding, especially the stepping stones. The pansies are a great idea, I have used them for extra colour before and meant to buy some bedding plants this summer as my garden can get a bit bare in the summer but of course……………………..

    • We are currently exploring local garden centres- I got 10 wallflowers for £1 this weekend- all now planted. There will be colour in the Spring.

  3. My first visit to your blog. Good luck with all your projects. A word of warning, honeysuckle can become very invasive, you might want to reconsider where you planted it. Have a great week

    • Thank you for visiting and for your thoughts. The honeysuckle was here when we arrived, we had two bushes in our old house, one of which did have a habit of climbing the neighbours garage if I took my eye of it for a minute.

  4. Gardening is such hard work, but you will get the garden to your liking in time. Love the stepping stones, how cute 🙂 x

  5. […] short walks this weekend and have begun to dream of digging in the garden. I have been inspired by blog posts and a new to me gardening show. Many years ago, we dug and dug and claimed a garden space. Then […]

    • Look forward to seeing your garden progress- now the weather has cooled down I am likng being outside again- need to find a way to create some shade for next Summer.

  6. Good fun with those stepping stones! You guys are making such great progress. I can’t wait to see the garden next summer!

    • Thank you so much- we were at a garden centre this weekend and I really had to resist buying plants- I want to tackle the front next year and get rid of the artificial grass- hate to think what will be under it.

      • Wow – I didn’t know that people put artificial grass on their private lawns. I’m very excited to follow along with THAT project!

        • I can undertand using it if you have children/ dogs who mess grass up but why it’s hear I have no idea- I dread to think what’s going to emerge- a pretty flower garden at the front of a house is so welcoming I think.

  7. Staying away from our garden until new shed is completed and stocked. Lawn is currently covered in bits of shed and contents of old one, some under tarpaulins fortunately as we’ve had overnight rain. Keeps K busy though.

  8. My gosh you are doing a lot of work on that yard! It is going to be just gorgeous next year 🙂 Agree about using the “hill fort” for some kind of water feature!

  9. That’s a lot of work! The worms thing made me giggle. When my daughter bought her new build the garden was barren and she used to come and pinch some of my compost which was thick with worms for her soil. I’m sure you will have them turning up soon!

  10. That ‘hill fort’ is just begging for some of those rocks to be turned into a waterfall down into a small pond, complete with water lilies and bog iris and hostas around it… Or it would be, in my fantasy garden. You’ve made amazing progress in really quite a short time

    • They are fantastic ideas, sadly the garden is too small . The last garden had a waterfall- done that one! Our main aim was to get some structures in place ready for next year, and thank goodness we didn’t wait any longer to see what might grow- nothing was going to grow with those stones.

  11. Excellent progress! We continue to put the garden to bed, DH has started forking the soil to help it loosen up, it got very dry this summer. We dug the sweet potatoes yesterday and got some! Have plenty of vibes started downstairs now, so hoping we can set our own time table next year!

  12. progress is most definitely being made, and what gorgeous stepping stones!

  13. Aw look at those little pansy faces smiling up at us.
    I would win a ‘how many rocks in the garden’ competition hands down – you can’t dig down more than a few inches in some places before you hit rock. Of the three gardens Mr. Tialys and I have had together so far two have been clay and one of rock so, not impossible to grow anything but a lot of hard work. I am looking forward to the next garden which has been well tended by the current owners and the soil looks to be good. Plus, being close to stables, there will be lots of free manure 💩 I might even indulge in a bit of pottering myself if it’s going to be easy.

    • I think this one is still building site garden even though the house is 20 years old. Our first garden had nice soil but was small and in the shade of a very very big tree growing in nearby allotments. Second garden five years old and totally untouched since the day the builders left. Third one fully functioning full of shrubs and nothing for us to do. Forth one was big – we added a greenhouse- lots of things to do but good soil. Last one less big but a real plantsman had been there. Then this one and back to building site- the problem of viewing in January. I think you will enjoy pottering in your new garden- pottering is what I do!

  14. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Well those stepping stones were a good find – hope you find them all. Yes busy harvesting tomatoes here today too. Gave some away and made some chutney from some of the green ones. I look forward to seeing how your garden progresses.

    • We can see more stones in the grass. We were only saying this last week that in the four months we have been here the grass has been cut three times- probably because it’s just stones and rocks and nothing could possibly grow well. The tomatoes have been a pyschological boost- there’s some green ones still on the plant which may ripen yet.

  15. Oh, goody — a back garden update!
    What lovely stepping stones you’ve unearthed! And so sweet that your given tomato plant is providing you fresh produce. Your first summer and already there’s a sign of productivity to come. 😉 I had to look up “fettling” to understand what it meant, as it’s not much used over here.
    But what’s to be done with all those rocks??

  16. That is wonderful you are reusing the stepping stones that were unearthed. Wow that is a lot of rock out of the garden. Congratulations on the progress!

  17. Pansies are my favorite too. Artificial grass?? Who would have thought. My yard is in dire need but I’m still not sure about going outside as there is still smoke in the air as firefighters are still in cleanup stage. It will be a while until I can go out and breathe the air again. More rain coming hopefully Wed through Sat. 🙂 I’ve noticed my geraniums turning yellow and thinking it may be getting too cool out there or maybe they don’t like the air either. Days are shorter now so much less time to get out there. It will take you some time to get it all in order. Enjoy the process and the pansies. 😉

  18. The raised bed looks great – it always surprises me just how much compost it takes to fill a bed! Love the pansies – they’re always so cheerful. I need to get out into my garden but I keep finding other things to do!!

  19. This is so fun to watch. I am embarking on some big garden plans in the next few weeks in hopes of having a real veggie garden next spring. Lots of clean up needs to happen out there and I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty.

    • Our deep beds will be for veggies and we hope to get a greenhouse. I have some wallflowers to plant out today- trying to get some colour for the Spring. I think a lot of people will be trying to grow veggies next year. Good luck with your projects- look forward to maybe reading about them.

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