Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Avebury Ring

Sunshine and warmth have returned to the UK, for one final blast of Summer before Autumn proper arrives. We had been talking last week about the things we missed most this year- because we moved closer to family we have actually spent more time with them than we have in a long time, for that we are blessed. I have missed doing things on the spur of the moment, museums ( the smaller and quirkier the better) and visiting churches. Mr E has missed car boot sales and visiting gardens and having a drink in a pretty cafe. Our sons btw have missed going to football matches!

Anyway Monday dawned bright and beautiful and after a little research realised we could do something on the spur of moment and take in a cafe!

So eveyone has heard of Stonehenge, Avebury Ring also in Wiltshire  is also a henge. It’s a question of come early because once the car park is full you are asked not to visit. We were there soon after the carpark opened at 11am. We have been before when visiting our son , but over the February half term break when frankly it is cold. Monday was perfect.

Now as you can see some artistic recreation has happened, but even so it is still a very special place.

The remaining standing stones are huge.

And the sweep of the ditches impressive. Having spent time this summer trying to dig through our garden built on similiar terrain all I can say is they must have been pretty strong to hack through the ground, which is solid chalk and flint.

From the top of the bank looking back to the centre- the people give you a sense of the scale.

The view looking over the rolling hills of Wiltshire. the henge is now cut into two by a road. We crossed over and went round the smaller section. I was amused by this tree- it’s an old pollarded ash tree and is in a fragile state, the notice said Keep Out on the fence- no-one told the sheep though.

After our walk, we went to the cafe for coffee and flapjacks- so we had a lovely morning doing some of the things we had missed. I’ll write about what we did after coffee in another post.

Meantime aside from family, friends, hugs etc, what have you missed this year, and have you found a way of doing them at all?





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  1. Wow – how austere! I’ve never heard of Avebury Ring and I appreciate learning this bit of history. I would say 4000 to 5000 years ago is a bit old – ha!

  2. I had forgotten all about Avebury and visited many years ago. A lovely place and I seem to remember it was extremely cold when I was there. Thanks for bringing a happy memory to mind

  3. I’ve missed going wild swimming and walking in the countryside. I have managed to do it a few times but not as much as I had hoped. I’ve a holiday to Scotland end on October but with all the rising cases it’s looking unlikely. Makes me feel sad 😦

  4. That is so amazing. Thanks for including the picture with people for scale — I wouldn’t have realized how massive the stones are.

    To be honest, my life hasn’t changed that much since the virus struck. I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that because many people are upset by the changes in their lives and I’m living nearly the same life, but with the addition of temperature checks and wearing masks.

    • Well that is good that you have been able to carry on with life, I try my best but some days it does get me down a bit. I feel sorry for my neighbour who is still on furlough.

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I love these ancient places.

  6. I visited there many years ago when I used to go out with a boy from Reading! We stopped in Bath for a weekend and visited Stonehenge and Avebury too.
    I am missing lots of things. Going to bands, going out for a dance ( I didn’t do this often but now I really miss it) and of course I’m missing work ( kind of) as I’ve recently lost my job in a cafe due to coronavirus. I’m just glad we got our holiday with friends in Ravenglass as there were 7 ( and for one night 8) of is including children. X

    • Yes can imagine if you loved music that would have been a real loss, and I am sorry that you lost your job, such a worry for everyone. My sosn are really upset that they can’t watch their teams. I enjoy the theatre and cinema and was looking forward to taking the grand children- i just daren’t risk the cinema. I have a feeling my birthday will be a takeaway meal next month.

  7. Looks like a wonderful jaunt! And what an interesting location – I had heard of Avebury but didn’t know much about it. Glad you and Mr E were able to do some of the things you have been missing 🙂 I have been missing going on jaunts as well, but no satisfying that for a while. Oh well – we have been getting things done around the house, so that is satisfying in a different way!

  8. Love Avebury and the lovely walks all around there

  9. I’ve been to Stonehenge but never heard of this one. Fascinating.

  10. I have only been to Car Henge (in Nebraska). I didn’t realize there were more henges besides Stone Henge, dopey me! I missed camping this year, the campgrounds were closed but we would have packed into the wilderness area had DH been able to be without electricity, and I missed my piano students…but I was able to fix that. This fall they are coming to the house as long as the family is healthy. I don’t hug them, but at least we are live instead of on camera!

    • Oh I can easily imagine you missed camping trips. I would love to still go camping but I fear Mr E’s camping days have gone- not had a holiday now since 2017, could really do with one!

  11. I have been to Avebury, Stonehenge and other ancient monuments in Wiltshire! Amazing place, especially knowing that the stone circle encompasses most of the town.

    I am made for lockdowns and have been quite content staying at home. It’s going out to public places, with all the bozos who have no understanding or caring for physical distancing or the proper wearing of masks, that I find hard to deal with! However, I do miss visiting with my mother and the rest of our family. A recent uptick in COVID cases in this province (after a very good response and management the first few months) is proving that expanding the social bubble, reopening schools and businesses such as bars and restaurants, and people becoming less vigilant isn’t working, so I know we’ve been right to continue isolating at home and staying away from all of those things. There’s no point in complaining about wearing masks or “loss of freedom” as many selfish people are doing. We just get on with our simple lives, thankful that we’re still healthy!

    • That’s a super positive attitude to have. I try to concentrate on what I do have rather than don’t but the restrictions are sad.

    • I can relate to “I was made for Lockdowns” me too! I think blogging helps. There is so much about staying away from people I am enjoying that I hope to continue to keep fairly isolated for many years to come! 🙂 😉

  12. Do you know what I miss….and this will sound strange coming from someone who is completely happy with their own company….I miss sitting next to someone (The Golfer excepted) sitting ‘next’ to them not 3 foot away but next to them without a mask on. As tialys said, to see their faces, be close enough to smile and laugh and know what the other is saying without having to repeat it (distance, masks and mouths/speech do not go well together). To touch and nudge if something funny is said.
    I miss my singing rehearsals not necessarily for the other choristers but for the sound we make.

    • Being with friends and having a giggle is good. Making new friends and joining things is impossible for us in a new area, but hasn’t really impacted on us too much as have family now near us. I made enquiries about volunteering, but was told by the group I approached that it was on hold till they knew if we were going to have a second lockdown. I felt like asking why their website said they needed volunteers when they dont, but held my tongue!

  13. I have only been to Avebury once, many years ago – but now I want to go again.
    I have missed planning travel trips but mostly I have missed going to Wales – mostly I have thoroughly enjoyed lockdown and accepted the restrictions happily, as I have treated the time as a prolonged creative retreat and the weather has been glorious. I am lucky to have a garden to potter in.
    I miss seeing my grandchildren, but we remain in contact and they are all happy and healthy so that feels fine.
    But I have to admit my heart aches for long walks along Pembrokeshire beaches and my deep soul connection with that part of the country.

  14. Being in the same boat as Claire, I’ve missed my occasional little trips over to the U.K. to see my daughters and have a mill around the place.
    I’ve missed seeing people’s faces – although at least it’s a good excuse to be a ‘lady that lunches’ now and then as we have to take our masks off for that of course.
    I’ve missed the normal ‘relaxed’ feeling when out and about – I can never feel relaxed while wearing a mask – spontaneous shopping trips and my Wednesday afternoon sewing sessions with my French friend as her husband is 80 and severely asthmatic

    • I can well believe that you miss your sewing sessions- not really something you can do outside. I enjoy my occasional chats over the fence with my elderly neighbour. I know she finds it tough not being able to go out. I suppose we are lucky as we only have to wear masks in shops- everyone yanks them off as soon as they get out of the door.

  15. I’m with Mr E on having missed carboot sales this year! That’s usually a Sunday outing, once a week for us, when it’s carboot season.
    Also missed family not being able to visit, because of us in being in France and them in the UK. So sad not to get to enjoy our Little Miss Viking who is growing so fast.

    • Little Miss Viking must be nearly a toddler by now- go on scare me she is already- that must be tough not seeing her. I think Mr E has severe withdrawal symptoms from the lack of a car boot sale!

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