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Monday Notebooks#2

Still from the coffee table come two more notebooks.

Possibly the most useful of all my notebooks. The one with the train is a pocket diary. I used to put important things on the family calender , but during lockdown there was a lot of scribbling out and then months of blankness, we nearly didn’t bother rehanging it when we moved. So my diary came into use for the odd things we needed to remember. The next seven days are blank apart from Sunday when we hope to have a family walk and pub meal- who knows if it will happen.

One good thing about being retired is that there are days that are blank- no more meetings or things to attend for work. Health appointments creep in and maybe some volunteering is possible, but lots of days are just there, so you might ask why on earth I need a diary. Firstly, habit I guess. Then it is handy to have one when you need it, you never know, saves bits of paper from hair dresser etc. At the moment I am writing down the shops I pop into , like my own personal track and trace, just in case.

But the thing I like most is being able to look back at the old ones- the family discussions it resolves, like how long ago did we see so and so, what was the name of that restaurant etc.

Mum and Dad both kept diairies- Dad’s were the week to a view and he had appalling handwriting, so reading them is tough-he was obsessed by the weather each day, and where he took his dogs for a walk, and who he met each day. He led a pretty full life until the end.

Mum’s on the other hand were full of the clubs she had joined, where they went, what they did, reminders to pay coach trips, theatre visits, who she saw at the Hay on Wye book festival, who she went with and meetings to help organise her social life.

I have kept but a small selection of these- my favourite has to be Dad’s from the year I was born, there I make my first appearance in the world!

And some diairies are a mine of useful information- yes I know the internet can help, but having it in a ready accessible diary is so much better than worryng about signals and wifi codes or whatever. Page 3 in my diary has Notable dates- you know Easter etc. At some point I must have had enough as I have written at the bottom of the page Year of Covid 19- Lockdown.

Page 4 is International dialing codes- no not needed these yet.

Page 5- Imperial to metric coversion- surprisngly useful when buying curtain rails and I’d measured everything in proper measurements of feet and inches.

Page 6 – World Times- not needed this- my step mum could have used this chart as she used to annoy my step brother by calling him in the middle of the night- she kept forgetting 24 hour clocks, and whether she was going backwards or forwards. I remember her telling me Steve’s news and then that he was cross when she phoned at  5 am!

My favourite pages are the ones at the back, the notes section. These pages really tell the story of a year, because it’s where I jot down things that are Really Important when I am out and about.

So for this year I have phone numbers of our estate agent, the solicitor, the removal firm , skip hire, a cleaning company to get this house Covid free before we moved in, details of the internet password, details of new chemist and GP, and the new library.

My favourite entries are two email addresses of old school friends I met up with in a group when we are allowed, one of whom I had not seen since we were 16.

I wonder does anyone else have a pocket diary and do you use it? I love mine and one of the best things is choosing my own each year. I have my eye on one with a donkey on for 2021!

The other notebook is a shopping list booklet which was a gift and yes I do use it for shopping lists. I do a weekly supermarket shop each week, and I tend to keep a running list , which frequently begins within an hour of the last shop. This weeks list has tartare sauce on it already.  However it is often the notebook most readily accessible when I really need to write something down. So page 1- details of where I think my Grandmother is buried in Liverpool, the name of some local gardens a neighbour mentioned to me, the numbers of some photos to put in my blog media library and the phone number of a handyman.

Page 2- carpenters phone numer, and a to do list half crossed through now

Page 3 list of errands to run in a nearby town and four places of interest to visit -next year maybe if they open.

Page 4- hastily written verbal quote from the  carpenter, list of things needed for the house and two birthday reminders, phone number of the pub for Sunday.

Page 5&6 notes on family history research

Page 7- names of two villages with family connections

Page 8- the shopping list

Page 9- Lots of ideas for my birthday for when Mr E asks for it sometime next month.. Always good to be ready with ideas!

The best thing about this notebook is that the pages tear out when no longer needed.

Does anyone else have really useful notebooks? Love to hear if you write shopping lists or carry a pocket diary.

The idea for this post came from the Cozt Burrow blog.


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  1. […] at nanacathy posted about her notebooks recently. That led to an online discussion when I said mine were not so […]

  2. I have a shelf of diaries, business ones not personal though they sort of overlap. They’re all academic, a leftover form being a school secretary. We also always seem to be busier over the autumn /winter, probably because of the cooler weather and more dog walks etc. Now we have everything online including lists and the Alexa shopping too. We can both access them from our phones, iPads or main computers so nothing gets left behind. I’ve never been a one for personal ones though.

  3. I love your dairies and journals. Like Kate, I had been relying on my phone for appts and grocery lists, etc. Then I realized that the last appt for my hair cut disappeared from the phone after it was done. All the appts I had were erased at the end of each month. So I started to once again pick up hard copy day runners so I know my last haircut was last February. 😉 I haven’t been putting much in there since Covid. Going almost nowhere but I think I’ll add a bit to it now that I see what you put in yours. I do of course, write in a journal every night and write Morning Pages to loosen up my brain in the mornings. I live alone except for my daughter so I have plenty of time that i manage to fill each day in spite of Covid. My children made me pack all my journals in the car when we evacuated. I was almost thinking it would be a good idea if they burned up. 😉 I hope to get some photos of them soon. The last 2 weeks have been absolutely insane!

    • The last weeks for you have been horrendous- but how good that your family values your journals- you need a fire proof box for them. Looking forward to seeing them.

  4. WordPress seemed to have unfollowed you for me. So I have reinstated.
    I have a week to a view diary that I keep on the dining table, just inside the kitchen door that I found I needed just a few years ago. In it I write anything that I want to do on a particular day and might forget. Like if it is household rubbish collection or recycling. Meetings, yes, but also that I need to defrost the freezer or make a phone call. I even write in when I phone my daughter so I remember which day it is and I look at it frequently. The back is useful to note things like dental appointment for 2021.

    • I write all those things too- getting my head round a different recycling routine was quite a challenge! I even do the phone calls to sons! Usually with a smily face.

  5. I have a day/week planner and all those pretty notebooks I am taking off the shelf!

  6. I have a diary, a notebook and a sketch book in my handbag. I get teased (a LOT) about the weight I carry around, the kids call it my Mary Poppins bag coz if they need anything when we are out and about, I usually have it.
    I have to get back into the habit of actually looking at my diary now, so I don’t forget the few appointments in it. Tyres to be changed on Thursday – must not forget!

  7. Looking back into old notebooks/calendars/journals can be fun 🙂 I do carry a couple little notebooks with me in my purse. One is a “to do” and the other is crafting ideas. I use Field Note notebooks for the most part because I really like their design 🙂

  8. I buy a new planner every year. I have some from 20 years or so ago that always reminds me that I’ve had to keep track of things by writing them down. A common theme of my diaries are based on food and weight loss. I love your page 9! I should start a list like that for myself LOL I have a serious obsession with notebooks in general of all sizes because of my love of paper and cute cover designs. I’ve recently started designing my own since it occurred to me that I am a designer and why not make my own.

  9. I have a running diary for work as I do all the admin stuff for my husband’s business… answering phones … doing time sheets … job sheets … ordering parts etc etc…
    I do have a laptop for work but the one thing I will never ever stop doing is writing the days jobs with pen into the yearly diary I buy at the beginning of each year. Monday to Friday has the jobs within their time brackets and Saturday has the list of bills that need to be taken care of along with the house bills….. a snapshot of what we potentially need to earn that week …
    I have been doing this 27years now… I started with one job on the 7th of November 27 years ago and I still have the first years diary !!!! I don’t think I will ever get rid of it as it’s as precious to me as my kids pictures in the albums … we started a small business in a new country within a year of being here and we have never looked back !!!
    All my other stuff is on my phone and laptop 😄
    My diary will always be hand written just like I started 27 years ago … 💖

    • That sounds terrific to have your very first diary from the start of your business, and highly efficient too- long before people swapped to spread sheets.I love that it is all hand written. Thank you for joining in here with your diary.

  10. I keep a daily/weekly format and record a lot of what you mention here. And now that I am retired, there are blank days but also lots of online dates that need to be written down so I don’t miss an online knitting or book group! My dad always had a daily calendar. I wish I had them. He had the most beautiful handwriting. Thanks for the notebook post

  11. I always have a WI diary – if I leave it around at work they always know who it belongs to! Some of the young ones at work find it very amusing that someone actually has a diary!!!

    • Young people what do they know? Diairies are wonderful! Good plan to have the same diary so people know its yours. When I worked full time we had diaries .I left the year they decided we should all use the computer diairies- the two events were unconnected, but it was an indication of a slippery slope.

  12. Not to sound all swanky and high tech, but I keep 90% of that kind of stuff on my phone, especially the appointments: it has a very handy calendar/diary function and I can look back for years if necessary. The shopping list is a running affair, but definitely low tech: it’s scrap paper torn into quarters and stacked and clipped into a bulldog clip hanging on a hook in the kitchen. One side of each sheet is groceries, the other side is the other stuff: pharmacy, DIY shop, library, etc. I used to keep a very large desk diary when I worked, as I needed to make notes of calls I made, but these days I’m very happy not to need it.

    • Kate it sounds as if you are as efficient in keeping track of things as you seem to be in everything. Whereas I am organised in a chaotic way! I used to use the back of envelopes for shopping lists, but now I have a proper book I use it- although it did take me over a year to decide that pretty and not used was daft, better to use the pretty things.

  13. Love the ones with the big black chuffatrain engine. My paternal grandfather (who was gone before I arrived) was an engine driver…..worked up from being a ‘railway labourer’ through fireman to driver.
    No diary for me these days although I do have the odd notebook here. Some of them used – others empty – looking at me, asking me, why are we sitting here like wallflowers at a dance never being given the chance to shine. Quiet lives do that…..nothing doing at the moment so nothing to record!

    • You write such interesting posts- I can’t believe you don’t jot down your thoughts somewhere. How super that your grandfather was a train driver. One of my gt gt grandfathers was a railway coach painter in Liverpool.

  14. I always buy a new “weekly view” diary at the start of the school year (so run Sept – August) that I have open on my desk at the current week. It used to be full, when the kids were still at home with their extra curricular activites and all my activties – English lessons, patchwork club, coffee with friends etc. Nowadays I use it to keep note of egg laying lol, medical appointments, phone calls to sister and, believe it or not: weight of our dustbins! Our local Council is bringing a new refuse collection system where we’ll be paying for refuse collection by weight. I bought a baggage scales, and weigh my full binbags before putting them in the bin, just so I’ll be able to check they don’t overcharge us lol.

    • Goodness me , fancy paying for waste disposal by weight. I love that you are keeping a record of it, and I reckon that will be interesting in the future- well I would love to read it! The days of running round after children were wonderful- in my case endless football and rugby matches and training sessions!

  15. Thank you for linking up with me today! Thank you for walking us through your notebooks – I love hearing about the tidbits that find their way onto the pages.

    I love the story of the notebooks your parents kept… How amazing!!

    • I was trying to show that what seems mundane when you write it down to another generation will be a fascinating in sight. Thank you for the inspiration for this post. more to come..

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