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Monday Notebooks

Kate who blogs as The Cozy Burrow writes a post every Monday sharing her notebook. Every Monday I enjoy her post and comment on the number of notebooks I have and promising to share them. The time has come to do so.

I have a number of notebooks which live somewhere around the sofa and coffee table. I need notebooks here as this is where I read blogs and jot down useful things. This is my newest book and was gifted to me at Christmas by Miss F, who knows I need notebooks and was sure to love this one- she is right.

Page one- instructions on how to microwave poached eggs- husband’s brilliant idea- disaster- I bought a new egg poacher for the induction cooker we inherited. On the same page- five titles of sewing books to borrow from the library.

Page two- your useful suggestions for my read round Europe books- rather lost the enthusiasm for that after Crime and Punishment!

Page 3-Six book titles- two have been crossed out as I requested them

Page 4- ideas for fabric boxes

Page 5- carefully worked out plan for Master H’s football quilt- time I finished it

Page 6- words for photo challenge for August- didn’t follow up on it

Page 7-9 How to do Transfer Printing notes from video for stitchbook collection- did this

Page 10-15- knitting patterns taken from Warm Baby Project. Remind self to do some more for this project

Page 16- 17 Notes on Tyvek for Stitchbook- done

Page 18- Plan for buffet style picnic in the garden for Mr E’s birthday in July- was good.

Page 19- idea for scrappy project- still to do

Page 20-21 Twinchie instructions from Wild Daffodil

22- blank

Page 23-24 Fireplace bunting- Attic 24 free pattern for crochet- do I really want to crochet bunting before I finish the knitted one I started?

Page 25-27 Kunin felt instructions from video for stitchbook- my learning style requires copious amounts of written notes! Done

28 blank

Page 29-30 Kate’s instructions for Lumberjack cake which sounds delicious, but where on earth do I buy shredded coconut?

Page 31 -web page noted for sweetpeas, more words for a photo challenge in September and more recomended books- nine here

Page32-33 Apple day in October noted, family history research-more on this in another post

Page 34- feeble attempt at drawing a tree for the next stitchbook page, must improve and stop finding excuses not to do this.

Page 35- Garden ideas- list of possible plants, tasks to turn summer house into she shed, list of garden centres in area as recommended on Facebook gardening page

Page 36- Pattern for easy knit ball- why I have a better one somewhere?

Page 37 – Knitting wool order- placed an hour ago!

Page 38- list of garden jobsΒ  for me- clean and paint fence, clean stepping stones, plant bulbs- a breeze! Who am I kidding?

Well I think my notebook tells you I am a dreamer who likes notebooks and lists. I wonder who else has notebooks. I’ll share more next week! Dare you share yours?





Comments on: "Monday Notebooks" (31)

  1. After reading all these comments, I’ve decided I need some more notebooks, or actually, I just need to start using some of the pretty ones I have to just write whatever I need in them!

  2. Oh wow! You are good. I usually write things down on scraps of paper and promptly lose them :-/

  3. I like to have different notebooks for different things. One for knitting and craft projects, one for blog notes, one for home decor (where I collect swatches and ideas when a room is being decorated) one for Christmas (gift lists bought and received, to do lists) plus one for everything else!

  4. Interesting to see how other people use their notebooks – mine are about as random as this! πŸ™‚

  5. I’m not sure there is anything of interest in my notebooks. I’ve been journaling for years and years. I write every night and I do morning pages that go into a yearly spiral notebook. I do love looking back at the some of the drivel that is in them. Lots of little notes to myself in other notebooks. I have LOTS of notebooks but very few pretty like yours.

  6. I like the notebook cover, I think it’s a camel πŸ™‚ I have a notepad here by the pc, it’s actually a shorthand pad spiral bound at the top. I only write on one side of each page then when I get to the end just turn it over and go back the other way. It mainly contains the individual numbers of the photos I intend using for various blog posts and would be complete gobbledegook to anyone trying to understand it πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes I know about the photo numbers- I have them dotted about the place but tend to use scrap paper for them, and when incomprehensible throw them away. Your notebook sounds very well organised.

  7. Cathy, for the Lumberjack Cake, if you simply can’t get the moist shredded coconut, then get desiccated, add a teaspoon of icing sugar, a teaspoon of coconut oil if you have it, and two tablespoons of hot water. Let it stand for an hour. The dry coconut should take up the hot water and oil and become more like the shredded stuff we can get here.
    I have notebooks everywhere too. Mostly mine are for working out quilt maths, writing To Do lists and jotting down details of things I want to make, but I also have a commonplace book, which is where I write stuff like the recipe for corned beef cooking liquid, how to clean silver using baking soda and aluminium foil, the ingredients I use for whitening dingy whites, bits of poetry I like, quotations, conversion tables for wet and dry ingredients. I have bookmarks for the pages I use the most!

    • Thanks for the tip on the coconut- having problems with finding rye flour for the gingerbread too. I love the sound of your notebook, it sounds wonderful, and don’t these notebooks say a lot about us as individuals.

  8. I love a fresh new notebook but I can’t keep it up. Do you remember when you were at school and starting a brand new exercise book? Were you like me and pledged to keep it beautifully neat? Did it last for a couple of days and then you reverted back to doodling your name entwined with your current crush in a heart and play hangman with whoever was sitting next to you? Or was that just me?

  9. I do have some notebooks though I’m terrible for starting lots of different ones instead of carrying on with one. I like writing lists too though. My maiden name was Lister coincidentally. X

  10. Like the notebook cover. I have notebooks but I often write stuff on scraps of paper that are lying around. Having been given a small notebook though, I am using it for notes on what I am knitting or crocheting, which can be sort of handy with so many projects on the go at once, if I forget which hook size I was using for instance. You sound very organised.

    • The problem with scraps of paper is I loose them- I certainly have them for reminders and also to keep tally of rows in patterns I am following. I am organised in a disorganised way- as I have many notebooks…more next week.

  11. Love this, notebooks are fascinating. I think mine mostly include lists of books to read, badly drawn plans of the garden and ideas for blog posts. ☺️

    • Our notebooks say so much about us as people don’t they. I don’t think I have ever attempted to draw my garden, might explain why it always looks an eclectic mix.

  12. Ohhh, this is so cute!! I love the happy alpaca!! I know about making lists about books to read and books to borrow and all … Also lists of books who would make good gifts (and for whom). Thank you for sharing with us! (I hope you get back on your European tour. πŸ˜‰ )

    • I never thought to write a list of books to give- what a grand idea. I must admit that keeping lists of tbr means I have read some very good books indeed. Now I know where I wrote the European authors list I may go back to my challenge.

  13. I love this! I love how random notebooks can be. I had a good laugh at the disastrous poached eggs and the change of heart about the European Reading Tour!

    But new wool! And garden ideas! I think I’m about to start a whole separate notebook for my garden and I can’t wait!!

    Thanks for joining the linkup this week – this is such a lovely post πŸ™‚

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