Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Castle Eaton Scarecrows

We went on a scarecrow trail at the nearby village of Castle Eaton. Fund raising for a local charity which enables people with mental ill health to access helpful and healing activities- link here-

The Potager Garden

So off we went

The theme was Key workers. These are my favourites- 26 in total, 27 had gone holiday- think he was my grandson’s favourite because he likes holidays, but no sign of him anywhere. I didn’t take pics of all 26 you’ll be pleased to know.

Who doesn’t love a parcel.

A quick bevy?

Recycling robot- ingenious!

Outside this gorgeous farm we found

and in this Long Row of cottages

the long arm of the law.

Comments on: "Castle Eaton Scarecrows" (33)

  1. Oh my goodness – how creative! Love the scarecrows and the recycling robot was brilliant!

  2. I do love scarecrows. Not seen many here lately – but suspect that’s down to flippin covid in one way or another 😦

  3. Brilliant! I’ve missed the Scarecrow Festival near us in Rennington this year (I think it was another COVID casualty) so great to see your photos.

  4. That is great! People were so imaginative about it, and what a great charity as well!

  5. How fun! My kids would love this!

  6. The nurse is my favourite, they’ve made her pose rather realistic and the lippy is magnificent!

  7. What fun! Wish you had posted a few more as they are so ingeniously constructed.

  8. How whimsical – and what a great cause!

  9. What a fabulous fundraiser!

  10. That looks like a lot of fun. I like the glam rock road worker.

  11. Looks a lot of fun and so creative with different ways of making them.

  12. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Wonderfully creative

  13. These are brilliant, and for a good cause too. I particularly like the first one, it looks so lifelike – if they are all as good as these I would have taken pics of all twenty six! I like the farmhouse too, it looks very pretty 🙂

    • They were all very good, but we were in a family group and it wasn’t possible with them and other families on the trail too. I supose I could go again…

  14. lol I love how some of them are masked . . . obviously trying to fool you into thinking they’re real people!

    • You mean they probably aren’t?

      • I love all of this, the scarecrows and the banter. Thanks for sharing.

        • I am happy that you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading.

          • Thanks for posting such a positive thing. I had a scarecrow out near the runner beans, but sadly when it fell over I gave up. Perhaps today (seeing as I’m not back to work until tomorrow) I will make it stand up again in a different part of the garden. No one can see it apart from myself, but maybe the wildlife would like another peep.

            • p.s. I just did one of those searches on Google and found an image from the event of a dustbin, dressed as a dustman and that’s given me ideas. See what happens when one thing leads to another? For it is actually dustbin day today and I’ve a cunning plan (in the voice of Baldrick, from Blackadder). 😜 🤪

            • A cunning plan is a good way to start- good luck with the newly placed scarecrow!

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