Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Exploring Swindon-2

Town Gardens are  formal gardens built at the time of Queen Victoria and located in an old quarry. More info here On a wet weekend we went to explore guided by the family.

Ideal paths for pushchairs, scooters and wheelchairs with plenty of shade and things of interest.

Like an aviary

with budgies and

pond with fish and fountain- just missed the dog who dived straight in to rescue his ball.

Bandstand- no bands this year because of you know flippin’ what.

No light refreshments either for the same reason. I loved that this building used to belong to the railway and was taken round for exhibitions.

Finally- Spot the Grandchildren. I think we will be back….

Hope you all have a good weekend- extra long for us as it’s a bank holiday on Monday- not that it makes any difference when you are retired. Hope you have something nice lined up, and please tell me your plans.

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  1. This looks like a really nice place, I like the first photo with the flowers beds and love the cute budgies 🙂

  2. What a great place to go – child in trees always makes a walk a good one.
    Bank Holidays don’t make much difference to me, except I have to remember not to venture out as the place will be heaving with cars heading for the coast.
    For me it is mostly a gardening weekend – lovely! 🙂
    Have a good one.

  3. What an awesome park! Thank you for sharing these pictures 🙂

  4. Oh how beautiful! Yes, I know flippin what. 🙂 You made me laugh with that. Kids in trees means they are normal and enjoying. What a happy scene.

  5. Monday isn’t a holiday here, but I do have a friend coming for coffee in the morning. This gives me the perfect excuse to make a complicated vanilla cake today, which the recipe promises faithfully will still be perfectly fine the next day. Have you been to the National Arboretum at Westonbirt? I’d love to see something about that…

    • We went to Westonbirt a couple of years ago over the October half term, it was spectacular, thanks for reminding me- we must go there for sure. I bet your cake will be delicious and glad you have a visitor to look forward too, xx

  6. Lovely garden! Looks like a nice visit 🙂

  7. claire93 said:

    sounds like another great day out!

  8. Someone is having a lovely day. That big happy smile!

  9. Love these photos and that you are getting to spend so much more time with your grands, what a gift! This weekend I am finishing my deep clean before piano lessons begin on Monday. I have to wipe down the furniture in the living room yet and lemon oil the pianos, then I can finish our bedroom and got to the sewing room. I have multiple projects making a hug mess in there, so I think I’ll see about finishing them THEN do the deep clean! 🙂 I am momentarily caught up in the garden, and today will be too hot to can, so I think lots of progress will be made, maybe even a finish and a catch up by tonight!

  10. Your adventure thru the garden looks to be lots of fun. Aren’t Grandkids wonderful?

  11. You have done a lot of exploring lately. One of the plus points of moving to a new area is discovering all the things it has to offer. Lovely to see you having so much time with grandchildren.

    • We have been lucky to have lots of good weather that has enabled all the outside walks etc with family, and to go to new places.

  12. You are continuing to disabuse me of my previous notions about Swindon.
    I have made a pledge, being that Mr. T. is in the U.K. at the moment (in quarantine!), to make a start on clearing out some of the stuff in my workroom. I will start with things I never do any more like all the rubber stamps I have. Plus, all the odds and sods balls of wool which I will offer to people I know who make blankets for charity etc. Maybe even some fabric I’ve fallen out of love with. I think moving too much stash with us will not be practical.
    If I do it whilst listening to a good audio book, the task shouldn’t seem too tiresome. I’ve just started listening to a book called ‘The Hoarder’ by Jess Kidd. The narrator has a lovely, soft Irish accent and I’m really liking the story so far, three chapters in.

    • I continue to disabuse myself of negative thoughts about Swindon- when we used to visit the family all I could see were dual carriageways and out of town shops- I’m learning that behind the trees lining the roads are hidden gems.
      I think you will do well to shed some surplus things- it has caused us no end of storage issues and accusations of who has still got too much stuff. Not me obviously! The main thing we still have too much of is spare bedding and towels- all perfectly good but no longer needed for visitors because they can now go home to their own beds.
      Good luck with all your tasks ahead.

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