Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I know we thought it a good idea to wait a while to see what came up , but when all we got was three flowers in as many  months,

It was time to call in the pros in the form of Wannabe smallholders

Meet Tessa and dog

and partner who took a birds eye view

with a drone of said forlorn patch, and the work began

No more apology of a rockery- under which was found, an electric cable, a mysterious

green pipe- water feature maybe- a black plastic sheet under which I kid you not , decking, yes wooden decking, all no doubt buried when the extension was built.

Conifers gone

Tree stumps gone

And the start of foundations for a greenhouse… more to come next week.

I wondered what things others may have found buried in their gardens. i wonder what else will be found here.



Comments on: "Fettling the forlorn patch # 1" (52)

  1. When I saw you were at Part 3, I figured it was time to catch up from the start. How exciting – you are going to have a lovely garden!

  2. It will be interesting to see how your garden transformation develops.

    I found a crisp packet from the year the house was built, so presumably left by the builders. On another occasion I found a plastic bag contain what was possibly ossified food. That was gross.

    Anyway, I hope you don’t find the like as your work continues, Cathy.

  3. I think you gave it long enough. We unearthed some rather haphazard stones of various sizes from quite small to 2 ft wide that were hard standing from an old garage. I also dug up a very pretty yellow marble the other day that someone before us must have lost.

  4. Exciting progress!

  5. What an exciting post! My garden has been sorely neglect d for the last 5 years. Now that I am retired, I am contemplating how to get it sorted out so it will be ready for next season. Now I’m thinking I definitely need a greenhouse.

  6. WOW. They really buried all their trash in there?!? It’s so good that you could call in professional gardeners and the place will look really pretty (I’m looking forward to seeing the greenhouse!!).

    A schoolfriend of ours once tod Philipp that when his family moved into their new house, they found an unmarked grave at the back of their garden where the previous family had buried the family dog (that’s illegal here).

    • OMG- that was mean not to mention it- my Dad buried his dogs in the garden if he could. I didn’t bury my pets apart from allowing the children to bury guinea pigs.

      • I think a lot of people are actually doing it, and if you do it secretly, that is cool, but … yeah, that made for quite an eventful afternoon, I can imagine! 😉

        • The first occassion I was at work and my 19 year old son took charge- I explained over the phone where to find a shoebox, how big to dig the hole and where in the garden- by a fence under a fruit tree. Middle son who owned said guinea pig made up a service and youngest son was chief mourner- i particapted from work! Few months later the other one died- think they were 7 and 8 respectively- by which time middle son- 16 yrs old did the burial by himself- I was still on the other end of the phone- I got home just as he’d built a pyre of hutch etc!

  7. An exciting phase of making a garden but not for the work shy! Hard graft will be rewarded.

  8. Oh, W.O.W. ! ! !
    Can’t believe what you’re finding – and am so glad you found folks who could help so enthusiastically! Well done, everyone! 👏 👍🏼
    Eager to hear the next installment.

    • I’m looking forward to the tranformation- it’s been a bit depressing living with it.

      • Umm, yes, I guess so. Perhaps that explains why the landscaping surrounding me isn’t more uplifting. Took a peek at the web site you included, and they look just perfect for your project!

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Exciting times – it looks like you really have a blank canvas now:)

  10. Glad you are getting started on your garden x

  11. A greenhouse?! Crazy stuff they found under there…at least no bodies like in some of those mysteries we read! Year round veggies and flowers, here you come!

  12. How exciting! I’m in need as well but it’s out of the question so I’ll plod along. We will be looking forward to updates. 😉

  13. I rather liked the very bright green conifer but it looks like you wanted a blank canvas to work with. The house we have made an offer on has a very established garden but there’s a rather large pond that might have to be filled in – or at least made smaller.

    • A house, Lynn? Fingers crossed!!

      • Yes, keep ’em crossed please Kathy – the wheels move slowly in the U.K housing market and the road is fraught with pitfalls.

    • I miss our pond so much, loved the frogs and newts- According to the new owner he thinks he found great crested newts. Current garden is too small for a pond. Hope the purchase goes through without a hitch and do ask solicitor to include a Covid clause.

      • What’s a Covid clause?

        • It states what will happen in the event say of another Lockdown between exchange and completion, or what would happen if one party had to isolate due to getting covid. Normally if you can’t complete when you say you will you are in breach of contract and can be sued for damages. That’s why when we got stuck we had an agonising two weeks when the lawyers thrashed it out between them.

  14. We live next door to a churchyard and occasionally find the odd human bone…badgers excavated under part of the graveyard a number of years ago as their sett was very close by.
    A recent find is a flattened pudding spoon! Broken bits of pottery is often found. A silver thimble that was made in Birmingham and we think it Victorian.
    Enjoy the creation of your garden Cathy…how exciting 🌼🌾🌻🌹

    • A silver thimble sounds like a nice find, but human bones, oh dear. What do you do with them?

      • As its just an odd bone here and there we respectfully bury them the other side of the hedge in the churchyard. There are animal bones around too so it can be a bit confusing at times.

  15. Very exciting! You’re going to be so thrilled with the results. I started doing some new things in my old house in Mowbray, found an incredible assortment hiding under hedges and buried under the ground – marbles, a Barbie doll’s leg, ceramics, old plant holders, a Victorian iron foot scraper, beads, the list just goes on. It was like a treasure trove but without decent treasure.

  16. A clean slate sounds like a good idea. Exciting times ahead.

  17. Good to see you have help; redoing a garden is a big job. When I dug down into the only flower bed my present garden had when I moved in, because nothing grew very well in it, I found all sorts of rubble under a thin coating of fine soil. Removal of rubble and adding of compost from my then compost bin helped enormously!

  18. A blank canvas – excited to see what you’ve got planned. 😊

  19. Wow – Amazing finds!!

    I can’t wait to see what you end up doing 🙂

  20. Ooh, wish I could get them round Down Under. I have a back yard that needs some stronger, younger backs and the will to make my ideas happen!

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