Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

My DIL Mrs M posted on you know what a lovely photo of Toddler J and herself at a lavender farm. I was consumed with envy, our forlorn patch, massive lavender bushes in neighbours gardens with unpicked lavender, missing the lavender farm in Yorkshire etc etc.

Other DIL Mrs T told me of the Cotswold lavender farm. I googled it- only one week before it closed for harvesting- couldn’t face the crowds- so decided to do the next best thing- online shopping.

Had a rummage

Fabric-yes, ribbon-yes ( the fabric is scraps that came from goodness knows where but does include some of the fabric I used for Mr J and Mrs M’s wedding bunting, and the ribbon was rescued by Mr E from a skip- he worked once for a chap who just couldn’t stop trying new ventures- the ribbon belonged to the era when he fancied making swimwear, until he discovered software, as you do…well he did, I don’t).

I’d not tried scary sewing machine since the move when the removal men had left the box wrong end up- so I gave myself a talking too, and tested it- perfectly ok!

And bingo

Lots of lavender bags for the wardrobes- inheriting built in wardrobes when you move is all well and good but they don’t smell right- especially if shoes have been in them…

Aside… a relative proudly once showed me her built in wardrobe- it stank of her husband’s trainers and was perfectly horrid… just saying, don’t keep old shoes in wardrobes.

I had enough lavender left over to fill the two ceramic pomanders my Mum had given me many moons ago. Now she is no longer with us, the gifts she gave mean so much. they still had lavender in them, so I emptied that into a bowl which I put on the cloakroom window sill- waste not, want not…

I also bought edible lavender

Oh yum!- the flour, butter eggs etc were all leftover from previous cooking, so you could argue that these are scrap happy biscuits!

The grandchildren loved them.

Let me know if you go and sniff inside your wardrobes now, just to check!

Joining with Kate  for Scrap Happy Day, do pop over for lots of other ideas of what to do with your scraps, doesn’t have to be fabric or wool, can be wood, or paper or flour and eggs….


Comments on: "Scrap Happy Day- August 2020" (50)

  1. I love making lavender bags. Never had edible lavender – although I used to love parma violets – does it taste anything like them?

  2. The lavender sachets are wonderful. I will have to remember that the next time I go to the lavender festival. I have drank lavender lemonade and did not care for it at all. I passed on the lavender ice cream. Your lavender biscuits look delicious and I would try one 😉

  3. I’ve made lavender biscuits. They are good. Good Luck with smell hiding.

  4. Susan Nixon said:

    I love the idea of scrappy cookies! =) The lavender sachets are terrific, and I suspect they smell much more wonderful than any I’ve ever had with that fresh lavender.

  5. Love your sachets! It reminds me of my mom…she bought Yardley’s old English lavender soap and had it in all her drawers. It is a wonderful scent!

  6. claire93 said:

    sorry to hear you actually had to buy lavender ^^ but those lavender bags looks very pretty.
    Maybe, when you start working in the new garden, lavender should be on your list of plants to put in?

  7. […] once I’m working with scraps and remembering to get something posted. Am joining up with Kate, Cathy, and other scrap-happy […]

  8. beautiful lavender bags in such soft colours and patterns. I used to make bags from scraps of handwoven but haven’t done so in years. Maybe I should get on with it, lots of lavender growing in the garden needing picking, you’ve inspired me.

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Wonderful. I can smell those lavender pouches from here.

  10. Good for you for finding all necessities and getting on with the project! Those biscuits look delicious! Haven’t had problems with male smellies for decades, and quite enjoy the freedom. 😆

    Strangely, I never cared much for lavender, so have sandalwood in my walk-in closet. I leave the door open so air circulates, and keep some kind of stuff in containers so mildew doesn’t creep in. (Damp can be a problem in central and eastern states, both north & south. Apartment leases have clauses. 🙄)

  11. That was very scrappy of you to make all those sachets with leftover fabric. I love the ideas everyone has posted here. We love lavender and have had the lemonade and scones with it. I grow edible lavender and you can put it in most things. I have a sleep mask with some in it and if you gently crush old lavender, it will smell good again. I need to get busy now. I’ve been inspired. Stay well.

  12. I did lavender bags for the Cword fair last year and they sold well. People still like them. I have little pads of wadding covered in fabric that I regularly sprinkle with essential oils to keep the moths away but the odd lavender bag does sneak in too. 😊

  13. Sniff, sniff…smells good at your house! Pass me one of those biscuits please! Great use of lavender 🙂

  14. gillyflower said:

    Mmm, I can just smell all that lavender from here! How perfect is that lattice fabric for the sachets?!

  15. I know what you mean about the gifts from beloveds who have died, the pomander balls are special! Lovely sachets too, with such pretty cloth.

  16. Your lavender bags look very pretty, certainly a great way to use up some left over material scraps 🙂

  17. You are so funny! I’ve noted that I should never put my stinky shoes in a built-in wardrobe. But of course, lavender never hurts anything!!

    What lovely projects to share! And the cookies look amazing!

  18. That is PERFECT!!! Our lavender on the balcony finallybloomed, and we already harvested a little bit of of …It has been very humid over the last week (bah!), but once it’s dry again, I’ll snip the stems and will try to make some new bags of m yown. 🙂

  19. The smelly shoe tips may well come out handy when I empty out my daughter’s wardrobe. She had a slide out shoe holding gizmo in the bottom and has left all her old trainers, etc. still on there.

  20. Great ideas, love your lavender bags as well as the ceramic pomanders. Haven’t seen any of those for years. Stinky shoes – bicarb of soda also works, in case you run out of lavender: sprinkle inside liberally, leave overnight, then shake out the next morning. Smell be gone! 🙂

  21. I think you should publish the recipe for ScrapHappy Biscuits with Leftover Lavender! For anyone with a stink boot/shoe problem, make a couple of small cylindrical lavender bags. Join them with a ribbon or piece of cord about a foot (30cm) long. Put one bag into one stinky shoe and the other in the other one. Problem solved. I used to sell them, under the name BootBuddies. They were very popular! You can also do it with mint or lemon balm (melissa).

    • Boot Buddies, I love the idea. I keep my shoes in their boxes, being a sad person, Mr E’s are kept wherever he takes them off, so are mostly lost if not on his feet. I’ll find the recipe for the biscuits.

  22. I laughed out loud at the smelly feet references! You can eat lavender straight from a bush and when I was doing such things I made a delicious pavlova type of thing with a few lavender flowers (be sparing, it can be very strong) left in some whipped cream overnight, which I then mixed with natural yogurt – mmmm delicious.
    Lavender in homemade lemonade is lovely too,
    Almost enough to get me cooking again …. almost, but not quite, I have twinchies to think about.
    I bet your buns were delish!!!!

  23. What a fab idea, we have some healthy looking lavender in the garden maybe I should dry a bit! The shoes in wardrobes thing didn’t occur to me…. now I’m a bit scared to sniff at the hubby’s end! 😷😂😂

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