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Knit and Natter Friday

Despite the restrictions on normality, I am finding plenty of things to do and enjoy. I completed the crochet granny square lap blanket I was making in response to the request for some for local care homes. Having unearthed a larger than expected stash of yarn I was happy to make one. Now apparently one care home has said please could they have some single sized blankets-can you guess what I am crocheting now?

Duly delivered a week ago, and it just so happened that it was near my new favourite spot… that hill fort!

Next to a water trough, you can’t beat a good gate photo in my opinion.

And also spotted on the walk this caterpillar which to my mind looks just like the Hungry Caterpillar, but whether he will be a beautiful butterfly or a horrible moth I don’t know- hoping someone might know.

Our son suggested we join them for a family walk to the Cotswold Water Park. Now I have seen the sign for this park on numerous occasions, including when we lived in Oxfordshire for nine years. I had wrongly, it turns out, assumed it was a theme park. I feel very silly indeed. It’s lakes and walks and canal paths and loveliness.

We parked at Neigh Bridge and walked round the lake – twice- once clockwise and once anti-clockwise, because we’d paid for the car park.

As you do- well we did.

I took this pic for Yarn Along but to date there hasn’t been one this month- I can always edit this later if needed. Th elink has come up just as I posted this – Yarn Along can be found

Yarn Along {August}

The book was lent to me by the same son, and the knitting…….well

When I unpacked I unearthed the yarn and pattern for something I had totally and I mean completely and absolutely forgotten about , and it’s really quite a nice colour, and for once it is for me.

Not quite sure what the next month will bring, well none of us do. We had the grandchildren round fot a bit this week. Master T said I always find a positve side to everything his Daddy says so. Now I think if that’s true I am very lucky, and I will look for more silver linings this week.

Have you had any silver linings in your week- love to know.

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (55)

  1. Beautiful blanket! Lovely pictures on your walk. I feel the need to go to a lake soon.
    Silver lining…we think we may have a leak in the roof. Our kitchen ceiling has the look of maybe some water getting in. So we called a roofer the week before last. They said it would be 4-6 weeks before they could get out to us. But they ended up coming last week. And good thing, too. When the roofer was on the roof, he said he smelled natural gas. What?? The only thing going through the chimney is the water heater. So we called the gas company and sure enough, gas leak. So the gas to the water heater was turned off and we called several plumbers. Now a week later, we are finally getting a new water heater today. So, the silver lining for us is that the roofer came out when he did and not 4-6 weeks later. Very thankful.

  2. Cathy W. said:

    I loved your opening statement…”despite the restrictions on normality….”.
    But we carry on, the human spirit must remain tenacious in what is truly important.
    Your afghan of many colors would brighten a life for sure. I like that you are doing that!
    Like your name too😊

    • We have Cathy’s must stick together! I believe in making the best of things, better than fearing what might happen next. Thank you for your kind comment.

  3. That crochet blanket is wonderful, as are the photos of the nature around you!

  4. I know, it’s Sunday now, and I am late, late, late to the party! 🙂 My silver lining… DH is up in the night struggling to breathe, BUT now it is because his sinuses are draining, so I think we might finally be heading towards normal, so I’ll call that my silver lining!
    Your blanket is lovely, use up those leftovers, and its beautiful too. I think your personal knitting project looks gorgeous, what a nice surprise to unpack! I am lovely your posts about exploring your new neighborhood!

  5. The water park looks lovely – you are finding so many nice places to ramble and explore in your new home area! Love your blanket – very cheery and cozy looking. I know the recipient will love it 🙂

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    The water park looks like a lovely place for a walk. Happy knitting.

  7. Have you started Tombland yet? I found it an interesting read from a historical point of view.

    Your walk looks great. I’ll note the location because it could be a good meet up point for various friends and family.

  8. What a lovely discovery! I bet it’s busy in this heat.
    Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar, I have plenty of photos of the actual moth on my blog and instagram but from last year. We’ve new neighbours with young kids and no curtains and the trap is a bit bright!

    • Well I hope the caterpillar finds somewhere safe- good to know what it was. Hope the neighbours get curtains up soon- it took us a little while as we had to source curtain rails too, reviuos owner had blinds- and as we were still in lockdown it was hard.

  9. I would also have assumed that the water park was one with slides and things, and I love how you went round the lake twice because you’d paid to park – well, you’ve got to get your money’s worth haven’t you?! 🙂

    • Absolutely have to have your monies worth, and of course places do look different from different directions. There were a number of families- multi generational having picnics- with social distance, so that was lovely to see.

  10. You are finding so many lovely attractions around your new home! I love the colour of your new knitting project – like mulberries, or the deep purple asters of August and September. I don’t know if it’s a silver lining, but this week I used a grocery delivery service for the first time, for my mother, who is unable to go shopping for herself (and should stay away from stores anyway), and for myself. My goodness, but it was so easy! Going out wherever there are other people feels like running the gauntlet, so having my shopping delivered is ideal. Don’t know why I didn’t get on this sooner!

    • I am so glad that the home delivery worked well for you both- that is a silver lining. I go to the supermarket once a week, but we have gone over to home deliveries for everything else, anything to avoid the wearing of the mask!
      You have described the colour of the yarn exactly- it reminds me of the colour of heather , which I am reallly missing from our walks we had in Yorkshire, probably why I decided to do this project next. However you are right there are a huge amont of places to go too- the hard part is finding the less popular ones now everyone is staycationing.
      Wonder what the weekend will bring for us all?

  11. That looks like a lovely water park – shame you couldn’t go down a slide into the lake though 🤣
    I had a silver lining moment when I got a viewing on our house booked for today. Having re-done housework for two days so everything was looking lovely, I topped it all up this morning in hell fire heat, and they arrived, bemasked, begloved, disinfected and……. with a dog! Only in France.
    I doubt she’ll make an offer either although, if she does, that will be another silver lining moment.

    • I so hope she does say yes to the house, so you can get going. I feel for you with the housework tidy stuff. I just used to splash bleach around a lot!
      There were notices everywhere on the rules of the park- No Swimming- three lots of young people swimming- No BBQs- one BBQ, young couple, Dogs on leads- one dog off lead young woman! And then we wonder why young people are the super spreaders of Covid- either they can’t read or they think it dosn’t meant them!

    • claire93 said:

      whoever heard of taking a dog to visit a house? even in France!!!

  12. I would also have assumed it was some kind of theme park probably with something that we call foofee slides here, so you’re not alone! It looks very beautiful.
    What are you knitting for yourself? I managed to finish knitting a jersey for a 3-year old this week, after dawdling for months, but I just know I couldn’t undertake anything adult-size…

  13. Some moths are beautiful. Like the scarlet tiger moth I photographed once.

  14. I like the colour of your new knitting project – apart from slippers and fingerless mittens I can’t remember the last time I knit something for myself. Big people things (as in adults) need lots of stitches….I get fed up by the time I get to the end of the row. Looking forward to seeing whatever it is though.

    • It’s got no sleeves, just a front and back, but 4 inches of ribbing which seems to take forever. I love the colour of my yarn, enough to keep me motivated!

  15. I love all your pictures. I laughed out loud at the water park thing – isn’t it funny how we can make those kinds of assumptions? enjoy your weekend!

    • My son roared with laughter too when he heard my re-action to the suggestion! I did feel silly. Hopefully some walks and some crafting this weekend. You too have a good one.

  16. claire93 said:

    crafting time and family time – sounds like two good reasons to smile ^^

  17. So many good things! I like a good gate too, the noisier the better 😉

    Silver linings: I am still enjoying my extended creative retreat (aka Lockdown), and walking with local friends and family in this glorious weather.

  18. Interesting caterpillar. If you have a smart phone there is an app you can put on which should tell you what the caterpillar is. It’s called i naturalist. X

  19. You are going to make someone very happy when they get that blanket!

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