Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

The Forlorn Patch

Otherwise known as the garden. I waited to see if anything flowered, and yes there has been colour.

No idea what this is.

We think that may be a cosmos.

This appeared in what purports to be a rockery, it may even have a name.

Miss F and I planted some seeds in the stone urn we brought from our old house, some germinated, and I have since thined them out, who knows there may be flowers.

I started to use the bird table that had been left in the trees, the magpies and pigeons loved it, but I have also seen the odd blackbird, thrush, sparrow, robin and great tit, oh and the resident


who says Thank you very much Missus

One full belly!

I think I shall buy some bulbs….



Comments on: "The Forlorn Patch" (38)

  1. We’ve got the same Japanese anemone – lovely aren’t they?

  2. Great photos of your flowers. I especially like the cosmos as I have never seen them before. Thank you for posting this piece.

  3. Don’t know how I missed this post. Intriguing to see what comes up in a new garden. It willl be fun watching it develop.

  4. I’m a bit late but you have Valerian, Anemone and sedum in your garden! 😃If you don’t want the bullies and squirrel bossing the bird table perhaps you could put large hole chicken wire around it? The little birds could get through still.

  5. Thank you for the tour, First Summer, of your garden, including wildlife.
    It’s going to be interesting to see what ideas come to you, and to see how this gets transformed!

  6. I agree with the identification: valerian, Japanese anemone and sedum!

  7. The first photo looks like milkweed to me….loved by butterflies and bees.

  8. Oh well a little is better than nothing. I’m not a squirrel fan. I have 2 RSPB bird feeders that only left the smaller birds feed from them and definitely not squirrels.

  9. claire93 said:

    ps – we’ve got red squirrels in our neck of the woods who like to goad the cats ^^

  10. claire93 said:

    I know nothing about flowers, so am pleased other readers were able to identify them for you. I’d be more interested in watching the squirrel’s antics ^^

  11. Lovely flowers! Glad the birds and your friendly neighborhood squirrel have found your bird table 🙂

  12. I’ve got Valerian everywhere – which sounds like a medical complaint – it’s pretty but it goes berserk!
    Your squirrel will thank you even more for crocus and tulip bulbs. 🐿

  13. Your third photo looks like some sort of sedum growing amoung a heather. The heather reminds me a bit of one I had once that was green in summer and went red in winter. Can’t remember it’s name though.

  14. As someone mentioned I think the 2nd photo is of Japanese anemone also called Japanese Windflower. Lovely to see when blowing around in clumps Semi shade – likes a little water. Wish I could grow them, have tried but they don’t like me/my garden 😢

  15. I know nothing nothing about kinds of flowers but I know they are pretty. That’s what matters most. The abundance of nature there should help lift everyone’s spirits.

  16. I did not know what the flowers were but enjoyed finding out in the comments! Too bad the valerian is invasive – it looks so pretty!

  17. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I think your lovely pink flower you think is cosmos in fact Japanese anemone. It is a perennial and will come back each year, and bees love it. You will have to get a squirrel proof feeder I think:) Cute though.

  18. The pink flowers in the first shot look very pretty and the squirrel looks cute 🙂

    • The squirrel is quite a character, launches himslef onto branches that don’t support his weight, and ends up crashng about.

  19. Yes, it’s valerian….very invasive!. It will get everywhere.Good luck with your new house!

  20. That first one is valerian. Very useful herbal remedy if you can’t sleep!

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