Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

St Andrew’s church.

Swindon is one of those towns which has grown and grown and grown. We have moved to an area known as St Andrew’s Ridge, once open fields and part of the parish of Blunsden village. The open space below our home is open purely because it is the site of Roman remains. You can’t go far in Wiltshire without coming across old religious sites- I mean Stonehenge, Avebury- and here on the hill in front of us was a sacred spring, which in due course the Romans built some temple like structure- I have still to investigate further.

A bit of internet research told me our local church is called St Andrews, and wasn’t too far to walk. So I set off down one of the many footpaths that meander between houses.

Open spaces like the one on the left are plentiful, as are shrubs and trees for birds and squirrels. After a while I emerged onto

Lady Lane- proper countryside- the road has been closed to traffic which was using it as a rat run. I headed uphill, to yet another housing development underway then down the wonderfully named Tadpole Lane.

To the left was an unmade road leading to the church.

Oh my, a nooky little road going down to the sweetest of little churches.

With a view across to an old Abbey, now in private hands as a retirement home and caravan park.

The back of the church had a bench

where I enjoyed the view

Yes, here on the outskirts of a modern sprawling and not too attractive town is a village church with rural views. I couldn’t go in the church in these horrid times, but had an explore of the churchyard.

Rather elaborate headstone,

an interesting gate to somewhere,

a bit of rambling ground- couldn’t tell if it was part of the graveyard- no graves and accessed from a side gate. Now I couldn’t as I say go in the church but it’s old, as you can tell from the list of vicars in the porch.

That’s it 1299 the first one. I can’t find much about the church on the internet but here’s a link to some interior photos.


I think I shall spend many a time on that bench with that view. Love to know if anyone else has a favourite bench with a view.


Comments on: "St Andrew’s church." (32)

  1. Wonderful photos from your walk! I could imagine walking in the tree covered path!

  2. That history of the pastors is fascinating! What a gem to have in your neighborhood. Happy exploring!

    • I don’t know that I have ever seen such a long list like that before. I am so glad that the little church is within walking distance.

  3. This place is lovely! I imagine the freshness there. A bench with that view is priceless!

  4. What a lovely walk. I was supposed to be traveling to Scotland next month. I will hope for a rescheduling of that trip ne t summer.

    • What a shame about Scotland. The poblem with all holidays is not only can you go when the time comes, but will you be able to get home, will you have to self-isolate, and of course what might you catch? Next year sounds like a better plan.

  5. That is a lovely walk and what a beautiful church!

  6. Oh you are so lucky! So much to explore … and that gate!! My favourite bench overlooks a small bay at our cottage. My brother built the bench to replace one (long gone) that our grandmother was photographed on decades ago; it was her favourite seat. It looks out to the lake; on the other side of the bay (only metres away) is a lighthouse. It’s secluded and so peaceful!

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    What a lovely church. I too love the name Tadpole Lane. It sounds like it should belong in a children’s story. Wonder if there is a pond close by?

  8. A nice local walk with a lovely little church, and I love the name of Tadpole Lane šŸ™‚

  9. Lovely walk, thank you. I do love a gate that looks like it leads somewhere interesting. Never seen a church with a red roof and I love the list of vicars. I wonder if we have a vicar list somewhere here for our church and how far it goes back if they do?

    • A lot of churches do have names of vicars- I liked that it was in the porch and not inside as many are. Secret gates are just wonderful.

  10. What a great exploration of your local area and fascinating church. Will be good when you can go inside and see more.

  11. claire93 said:

    I really enjoyed the walk with you, Cathy, especially Tadpole Lane ^^
    How amazing that they kept a list of all (or most) previous vicars of the St Andrew’s Church. Johannes seems to have been a popular Christian name way back then. And 1299 – my word, that Church has seen some history!

  12. Fancy that! I lived in Castle Eaton for a while šŸ˜Š
    You have such a lovely walk. At the moment my favourite bench seat with a view is at Dunster beach,; it marks the halfway point of my 3 mile morning walk with Alfie.

  13. What a lovely little church, and such a nice walk for you to take! As I’ve enjoyed coming with you, I also took a look at the additional photos. Quite nice to see it being used, especially during holidays. Does the clock still chime the hours? Or at least continue to tell time, “noise” being defined as it might be these days. Thank you so much for taking us along!

    • The clock wasn’t going, which is a shame. Church bells have been silent too which is a great shame, but I gather some ringers are now back. It was a real joy to me to find this was our local church.

  14. What a lovely walk, enjoy exploring your new home x

  15. Such a pretty walk and church, and that fascinatingly long list of rectors – not something you’d find anywhere in my vicinity !

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