Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


Old Bossy Boots himself.  Finally good to go…

I feel a real sense of achievement- the straw round his legs and hands caused me real problems, I fear my hands aren’t as nimble as they once were.

His straw hair caused no problems so I don’t understand this.  I rather like his hat detail.. the little mouse.

By the way his name he tells me is Wesley and he is not a Bossy Boots. I beg to differ on that point.

Here he is with the rather loved original scarecrow that provided comfort to my sons for about 30 years.

One day Wesley will have been stretched to the same height as Sammy Scarecrow.

What’s that Wesley- Oh no you won’t? I rather hope you will be.

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  1. He’s wonderful! Good afternoon Wesley.

  2. Fabulous. Well done on a splendid finish!

  3. He looks just wonderful! And I hope that he is loved as much as the original too 🙂

  4. Joanne S said:

    How sweet the very loved original!

  5. A mouse, a robin, this guy is full of surprises! He is quite handsome!

  6. A very handsome chap.

  7. Wesley is fantastic! And all that detail – I particularly love the mouse x

  8. Wesley is a perfect name for a scarecrow and he’s just adorable. I love all the details including the mouse on his cap. Just perfect.

  9. He has very firm opinions, that Wesley, but I’m glad he’s named at last. Let’s hope that same firmness extends to his attachments. I can well believe that a Wesley would be very steadfast and loyal, and clearly the wild things think he’s kind 🙂

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Fabulous. Love the hat detail too.

  11. Wesley eh? How did you come up with that then?

  12. A handsome fellow who seems to have a fine collection of friends already. I’m sure he will fulfill his job admirably!

  13. Well done you! Once Wesley is filled with hugs, he’ll be ready for his own proper mission dispensing them, won’t he?

  14. So adorable. I think he will be just as loved as the previous one. Great job!

  15. claire93 said:

    well done Cathy! Wesley is a very handsome scarecrow and I’m sure he’s a very friendly one too, since he’s happy to be friends with the robin on his shoulder, the mouse on his hat, and the ladybird on his boot ^^

  16. Wesley looks very dapper. ☺️

  17. He is so cute!! Following along has been so much fun 🙂

  18. I’ve been waiting to see the scarecrow finished before commenting. A job well done, he’s lovely and I like his name. I also love how you used Sammy to bring comfort to your sons when they were young and not well, I think it’s a great idea 🙂

  19. Wonderful Wesley, maybe he will cheer up now that he has his name. Hope so for your sake!
    What a fabulous link with Sammy and all the memories he holds. He looks such a kindly soul – did you make Sammy all those years ago?

    • No I bought Sammy through a friend whose neighbour knitted them for £4 each. I loved him so much I kept him, but when the boys were poorly he went to them as I had filled him up with hugs, so when they were in bed getting better they had hugs from him when I was busy with chores. It worked. I always wanted to knit one myself and well lets say I have had the pattern a very long time indeed.

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