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Fabric box

At last- a finish, my latest fabric box, this time featuring the materials left over from the little dresses and toys  I made Miss F when she was Little Miss F.

In detail

The front- pink flamingo skirt- still in use apparently.

And the lid- so pretty I used one big scrap.

I love making these boxes so much- very calming. And we all need a little calm- I wonder what brings everyone else a little peace? Do tell please.


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  1. Joanne S said:

    I find these fabric boxes fascinating. What a lucky recipient!

  2. It’s gorgeous, and so full of memories.

  3. I really love this, especially the way you’ve incorporated special fabric. Now I want to make one too!

  4. That box is just wonderful! What a great idea, and the fabrics and accent stitches really add to it!

  5. It’s lovely, the perfect treasure-box for a young girl. And so perfectly made for her, with all those fabrics from her past life.

    • Since we moved she has discovered the delights of my dressing table and the numerous boxes full of beads etc- she made herself quite at home on Sunday- plonked in the middle of the bed crossed legged, and looking at the contents- we seem to have to put on a lot of them. Time she had her own special box.

  6. What a lovely ‘girly gift’ for Miss F, do you think she’ll recognise all the fabrics or will her mum jog her memory (perhaps with photos of her wearing….whatever)
    Just curious about what you used for backing to strengthen the sides. Years ago I made something similar using thin plastic but wondered if thin cardboard (cereal boxes) would work of would it collapse.

    • This has plastic canvas, then wadding/batting then the fabric pieces, then lined and sewn together. I have made boxes with card and after 20 years they are still fine and dandy. I will do a post about them.

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:


  8. So pretty. how big is it? I’ve said it a million times that cross stitch brings me calm, so you probably don’t need telling that. I also find quilting, painting, gardening and sitting in the garden in the sunshine calming and, of course, hanging out on the settee with Harry 🙂

    • Approx 6inches square- the stiffener is plastic canvas- precut from Hobbycraft. Harry cuddles must be the best- dogs keep you so grounded, they have such excellent body clocks for walks and dinners! Walking and weeding also help me no end, plus a phone call to a son.

  9. Definitely sewing, and the piano. My two stress busters for certain.

  10. Really pretty Cathy. I’m not in a ‘calming down’ state of mind at the moment to be honest and my workroom, where i would normally embrace the calm, has to be kept tidy at all times in case of viewings. However, I have just finished a rather nice jumpsuit and another two masks (mandatory in all indoor public spaces from today here in France) so, as long as I tidy up after myself it is still possible to grab a bit of crafting time.

    • I know what you are going through- the constant clearing up and can you get more hidden in cupboards without it falling out on a potential buyer when they want to see inside.Keeping my fingers crossed for you to find a buyer and a new home for you too, especially as there is a stamp duty holiday right now in the UK, which of course we missed!

  11. Stitching is definitely calming – I don’t know why I don’t it more often. I did however get my needle, thread and fabric out yesterday to make a couple of face masks.

  12. Glad to see the fairies got put on the top of the box. Not quite original Flower Fairies but obviously based on that style.

  13. I LOVE the box! It’s just adorable! Miss F will surely love it too. I’m doing a lot of hand embroidery these warm days so I stay cool and still get something done. I’m going to have to figure out how to make one of those boxes. I have plenty of fabric to use. 😉

    • The secret is plastic canvas, then some wadding then the fabric pieces , stitch then line with inner fabric, use button hole stitch round the sides then button hole stitch to join the squares. I have seen stiff canvas fabric used instead of the plasric canvas- I use 6 inch pre-cut squares.

      • Thanks for the tips, Cathy. Wouldn’t you know I gave away all of my mother’s plastic canvas but I think I have something else that might work. Now I would actually have to move to do anything.

  14. This is adorable! Congrats on finishing!

    My morning prayer & theology reading brings me peace.

  15. Listening to music

  16. It looks very pretty, and I love the fairy fabric 🙂

  17. So pretty. Is the box a present for Miss F?
    Slow, mind-free stitching certainly brings me calm.
    I also find watering the garden in the early evening supremely relaxing, especially after a hot day.

    • Yes it will be- she is very fond of beads and brooches so I shall get some as part of her birthday present in the Autumn. Watering is a nice way to calm down- I water my three tubs in the morning before the sun gets on them. A nice calm way to start the day and lay cunning plans.

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