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Scrap Happy July- 2020

As I unpacked the horror of my stashes became all too apparent from yarn to fabric to paper. I have them in abundance. Where to put it all was the question, and the solution of course is to use it.

The Scarecrow ( see knit and natter) is using up a goodly amount but only in small bits. So I was delighted to discover a lady in town via Facebook visits several Care Homes as she goes to entertain the residents, and has come up with a scheme to further cheer up people. She appealed for handmade bird tables and lap blankets.Say no more- one lap blanket under construction.

Probably don’t need any more pink squares.

And then there was the fabric… I managed somehow to sew some dresses for Little Miss F when she was just a dot, so I decided to use the scraps from them and some toys I made her to make her a fabric box.

Six sides completed- now to line them and stitch together to make a box.

I’m sorry that all I have is half done things this month, but at least I may have some finishes soon to write about. Please pop over to Kate’s blog for some links to other Scrap Happy posts- link here

Comments on: "Scrap Happy July- 2020" (40)

  1. Youโ€™re doing something which is better than doing nothing!

  2. Joanne S said:

    What is a hand-made bird table? Your scraps are rather pretty, so the end product is going to look wonderful.

    • A bird table is one you put in the garden to feed wild birds- a hand made one is made by hand at home rather than mass produced in a factory in some far flung country.

  3. When I unpacked the truth of the volume of my stash came out too! Your post made me smile!

  4. Your projects in progress are looking wonderful! Kudos to you for finding ways to use up stash. We can’t always have finishes. Works in progress are wonderful to see, too.

    • The problem with multiple projects at once can be a dirth of completed items then a flush of them. Thanks for the encouragement for works in progess.

  5. Both of these projects are quite lovely, Cathy, and how nice to reduce your stash of scraps too!

  6. These will be lovely when completed, and how wonderful you can donate entire blankets for others to enjoy!

  7. Moving and getting any scrappiness done is great going. Well done on the lap blanket squares. Love the fabric from the dresses – the box is going to be gorgeous.

    • I hope she will like that it is very personal to her. I am thrilled to have been able to volunteer for something local.

  8. You are making some wonderful things with your scraps! Love the fabric bits for the box, and the lap blanket is going to be so lovely and cheery!

  9. I canโ€™t wait to see the finished blanket and box! You have next months projects already started;)โค๏ธ

  10. Lovely in-progress projects…both recipients will be glad!

  11. I look forward to seeing those finishes!

  12. Nothing wrong with progress reporting for ScrapHappy. Just do make sure we see that lovely box finished, and the lap rug in use, ideally! One of these days I’m going to have to take my blue scrap box and just use everything in it. Not sure how I came to have such an outsize amount of blues, but there it is… Of course, my teal collection is also massive, but I have an excuse for that, and a way to use them up too.

  13. The box looks as if it will be so beautiful. So hard to decide which piece I like best.

  14. claire93 said:

    lots of lovely squares there, Cathy, both crocheted and fabric!

  15. I’m impressed you’ve been able to do anything creative this month.
    The little box is going to be so pretty.
    I heed your warning about excess stash. I’m thinking I need to get shot of it at this end rather than drag it all with us. I won’t have the room I have now anyway. I can’t possibly use it all so I might have to share it out amongst like minded friends or do some de-stash sales online.

    • It’s when you empty box after box onto a double bed and realise jst what you have done, and that of course after I thought I had destashed- certainly lots had gone to charity shops but not enough.And what I did I have left is mostly for things i want to make, so make them and then use the scraps. goodluck with that house move- ours was hard enough but you are moving countries. When my brother cam back from Cyprus he had shipping containers full of stuff! and four dogs!

  16. This is BRILLIANT!! I’m sure both will be very much loved. I’ll have to contact the senior residence again to ask whether I can bring parts of my stash over now, so that will be out of the way, too, but if you can MAKE something, that’s great, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It seems that places are accepting yarn donations etc again. So love the idea of cheering up care homes- I do it because when my Dad was in the hospice he had a handmade quilt on his bed and it made me a little weepy to see the love that went into it for someone at the end of their life.

  17. You are off and running with your stash busting Cathy! I’m excited to see the fabric box, looks wonderful so far.

  18. Putting your scraps to great use! Nothing nicer than a crocheted blankie in the winter ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I need to finish knitting the scarecrow which will free up a lot more stash and then I can complete the lap blanket so that it can go off to a care home while there is time for someone to use it in their garden in the late Summer.

      • But it will still be very useful in the winter! I think it’s an all-rounder, and it’s going to be very pretty. I have one similar that my now late friend Doreen gave me, it lives on the back of the chair at my desk and I use it when I’m on the pc at night in winter (i.e. now) ๐Ÿ™‚

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