Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

The Forlorn Garden.

It’s our garden- I think at one time it was probably a loved garden but not anymore. It’s not a romantic neglected garden just a bit of a sad one.

Closer up to the left hand side

a half hearted attempt for a rockery- more weeds now than anything else.

Behind those conifers someone decapitated what I think was a silver birch and then just left the trunk.

Even the summer house with it’s wonky bit needs some TLC as do the fences.

Really in need of love. The garden receives direct sunshine all day, this the only bit of shade.

In the front there is artificial grass, oh dear. Our shared drive has trees the other side of the fence which apparently belong to the Council but with which they can afford to do nothing.

Oh dear again. The neighbour and I have started to tackle our side of the fence.

A little and often will help. The only regular visitors to the garden are two fat pigeons and two magpies , but at sometime someone put up this bird table.

I have seen blackbirds, a robin and a thrush eating berries from one of the trees, so I have decided that my wildlife project for this year should be to attract and help the birds, oh and maybe even the squirrel I saw on the neighbours garage roof. So I have bought some wild bird food which at least the magpie has found, and I sewed a packet of wildflower seed beneath the table and planted the few bluebell bulbs I brought here from Yorkshire- they may take.

Wish me luck. I should add that Mr E has big plans for the back garden which basically reads Start Again. Wish us both luck. I wondered has anyone else had to start a garden anew before- any tips please?



Comments on: "The Forlorn Garden." (36)

  1. A nice blank canvas to tinker with! I agree about pots. I’m sure you could get some underway for autumn and Christmas already.

  2. Oh you’ve got your work cut out for you, but I bet it will all look beautiful with a bit of love and effort!

  3. Good luck! I am sure you will bring that garden back to its former glory!

  4. Perhaps a few trees and shrubs? Have you thought about a pond? Definitely agree on feeding the birds, lots of different seeds to attract different species. I am sure you will have many more feathered friends come winter. Good luck! I look forward to see what you do with the space xx

    • I would love a little pond, not the enormous one we had in the last two houses. I wonder if there any frogs/newts around?

  5. That’s exciting! Planning all the plants and beds will be fun.

  6. At least you won’t be bored!!

  7. Your garden can use some love, it’s true, but you will do great things with it!

  8. I would make a map and lust the things you know are there, and make another one of things you would like. I’m thinking a pergola on the patio would make some shade, and maybe an ivy or clematis or even grape vine to enhance the shade? Definitely a corner of daffodils somewhere!

  9. It’s a lot of bare space to look at for a whole year, especially when you’re itching to get out there and make something beautiful happen. To relieve the unrelieved green nothingness, how about some large pots or tubs with colourful things happening in them (trees, shrubs, bulbs, etc), which you can move around to experiment with how they look from different windows. Once you have an idea how the garden behaves all year round, you can decide on permanent homes and start marking out your various areas for trees, shrubs, beds, seating, paths, etc, transplanting the pot contents into the ground to start your lovely oasis.

    • That’s a good idea about the pots- at the moment things are where the removal chaps put them the day we moved in. We will need some help with the heavy stuff that needs to be done- tree and stump removal but we need to plan for some shade- the neighbour to the back of us has bamboo in pots for shade.

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Good luck. It looks more or less a blank canvas.

  11. Artificial grass – oh dear. It does all look rather unloved, but at least you don’t have a jungle to beat back. This time next year I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  12. Good luck!. I agree with waiting to see how you use the space and to see what comes up there might be bulbs in the spring.
    I bet you want a pond, and somewhere to sit.
    Maybe buy some fairly cheap, lightwieght fold away table and chairs and try them out in different places and decide what you would like to look at from where you sit. Oh – and what you want to see from the windows of the house.
    A nice project to have.

    • Well if we can make half as good a job as you have in that border of yours I will be thrilled. Good advice about sitting in different places- I am quite good at sitting less good at gardening.

      • 🙂 hurray for sitting in the garden! my gardening skills amount to buying in good top soil, then sprinkling seeds randomly and seeing what comes up, add a few plants from the market and those given to me by friends and there you have it! Happy to send you some seeds when you are ready – maybe a few large pots on castors to begin with.

  13. Good luck!! That is an honorable deed (and one that is much needed), maybe you can start small and plant some big bushes that will provide some shade? (Like, I don’t know, a butterfly bush?)

    • There are butterfly bushes in two of the neighbours gardens and what looks like the stump of one behind the summer house so clearly they flourish. In the front I really like the idea of lavender which I have rarely been able to grow successfully.

      • Lavender would be great as well, especially since you get so much sun!! It would be wonderful, maybe you can plant herbs in general? (I sometimes think they are “easier” and less work)

  14. Well, that will keep you busy! But what a nice pursuit, a little at a time. Love the summerhouse!

  15. claire93 said:

    I’m not a gardener (I leave that to the husband) but I agree with Rainbow Junkie, to wait 12 months and see what the garden looks like during different seasons before you decide what to do.

    • We viewed in January- there s no sign of Spring bulbs and I think the rockery may have looked better in April which we didn’t see. The question is where to put some deep beds for veggies and a greenhouse.

  16. I think they say with a new garden to wait a year and see what comes up. Lots of possibilities though to make it your own.

    • At dinner time last night I suddenly spotted that what I thought was a weed had produced flowers so your advice is clearly good.

  17. That’s pretty much what my garden was like when I moved in! Just take your time to work out what you want in your garden and how much time you want to spend on it. Enjoy the blank canvas 🙂 I find the birds use the hanging feeders much more than the covered table, sunflower hearts seem to be everyone’s favourite!

    • Thank you Margaret, your garden is so gorgeous so your comment that you started from something like this is so encouraging. Thanks also for the tip about the sunflower hearts.

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