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Knit and Natter Friday

I thought I might have a bit of a knit and natter this week,  a little normality now the unpacking is done. I was somewhat surprised as the boxes emptied by just how much yarn there was- I’d used it to fill up boxes of other things as I’d done the packing and it was really only as I unpacked and placed this yarn on the guest bed that the extent of the stash became apparent. The time had come to fulfill a long held ambition to knit the Scarecrow.

I encountered the knitted scarecrow some 30 odd years ago, as a young Mum, in a friends house. One of her neighbours knitted these toys and for the sum of £4 one could be mine. I was smitten, and in due course one came home with me. He was and is still much loved and when one of the boys became unwell he would be theirs for as long as needed, as I had filled him up with hugs. When better he would come back to me to be re-filled with hugs ready for the next person who needed him. My way of explaining that he was and still is mine….

I thought it would be rather good if I could knit one myself, and so in 1994 I was thrilled to find the pattern in a book I bought by Jean Greenhowe.

And so the ambition lingered, other things were knitted from the book, but never the scarecrow. Until now.

Lots of yarn is needed as you can see but when you have a big stash of leftover yarn there is no problem. Last night I worked jolly hard and stitched up these bits and bobs and now he currently looks like this.

Pretty ‘armless hey. Next job is his arms and jacket and then time for some real fun.

I wonder does anyone else have something they always meant  to knit/make that somehow always got pushed to the bottom of the list? If so what and why has it never made it to the top of the to be done?

So that’s my weekend taken care of- what are you making now?

Be happy,



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (46)

  1. Oh my Dog that took me back! I did him back in the day 😄 I did the Nativity 4 times too. I’m always a little sad at Christmas that I left our set with a past life. Perhaps I should make a new set for my present life. 🤔🥰

    • Oh and the stockings! I did her Santa and snowman stockings when mine were little. And all the tree decorations. I’ve really gone back 30 years!! 😢🥰🥰

      • I’ve done that staocking too, and the humpty dumptys and many of the little toys and the Christmas tree decorations- the patterns are so clear and well written, they are a joy to follow.

  2. What a lovely story. I wonder if the the ‘not getting around to’ was about being a little afraid to make him? Not far to go now. Look forward to seeing him finished.

  3. Brilliant! Love the recharging with hugs. It made me think of the magic ointment we used when our children were small. It was so magic it was invisible but if I mimed taking the pot out of my pocket, unscrewing the lid and applying it, it somehow took the pain away from grazed knees and other aches and pains.

  4. What a cutie – he’s not going to scare any crows away!

  5. Oh my gosh – that is adorable! Yes, I definitely have things that I keep wanting to make and just never quite get them made.

  6. My mum made one of these many years ago and gave it to her great granddaughter. It was much loved.

  7. What a great hug deliverer he makes; and such a great story behind it!

  8. I love that he is filled with hugs – does he have a name?

  9. BRAVA! BRAVA!! Well done, you!!!
    He’s charming, as is his history.
    I’ve just done a skirt from a fabric that’s been in The Collection for about 20 years… does that count?

  10. Cute of you to finish an old project. I recently resurrected and used half a project – some textured squares I’d made more than 10 years ago as I practiced stitches. It made it as a dollies blanket and is already loved by my great niece. It was very rewarding to make something of ‘something’ I found in an old project bag. Have fun!

  11. What a wonderful and sweet story. The healing scarecrow 🙂 Love it. And your new scarecrow is looking so sweet! I bet it feels wonderful to tackle a project that has been on your to do list for a long time. Great job!

    • It was a great way to find out how poorly my sons felt especially as they got older, if they said yes to him in later teen years I knew they were really ill. And what’s more he could work miracles pretty fast.

  12. Wow – talking about revisiting a project again – like 26 year or something later – cool! Great way to use your stash of leftover yarn!

  13. Jean Greenhouse does create such fun patterns. Look forward to seeing him with arms. He already looks pretty good.

    • The interesting thing is he is slightly different from the one I bought all those years ago. He will be better with arms though. I like Jean Greenhouse’s patterns a lot, clear detailed and they totally work.

  14. I have three started but not completed projects. Two are just plain hard, one is messy. Every time I look at them all I can see is how much needs to be done and how long it will take to progress/fix. I really should promote one of them to a slightly higher position up the queue, shouldn’t it?

  15. Cathy, that is the cutest scarecrow that I’ve ever seen. I love it!

    • Thank you Katie. My grandson saw him and I mentioned that he still needed arms to which I was told in no uncertain terms he needed a stick! Children are so great they just say it is how it is.

  16. I really love the idea of him being loaned out for comfort when needed then returned to you to be refilled with hugs in between times 🙂

  17. claire93 said:

    scarecrow is going to be adorable and ever so cuddly!

  18. I love the hugs refill! X

    • It worked too- even for for much older teenagers who had glandular fever when they first left home and returned to the nest for a short while.

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