Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Now we are six months and over into the year I thought it was time for a review of the Gonna do list for 2020, written of course pre- Covid 19 and pre the house move. Some things are certainly not going to happen.

1- Read my way across Europe – well I managed 5 countires before the library closed- now waiting for the one here to open so I join and read a few more European authors. Russia, Hungary, Ireland, Finland and Sweden ticked off- where next I wonder.

2 Visit the Eden Project- doubt this can happen in 2020- one to carry over till 2021.

3 Knit a scarecrow- currently on the needles.

4 Knit the Dickensian mice- coming up later in the year.

5 Knit socks- ditto

6 Unspecified wildlife project- again probably hard to do with volunteering opportunites lacking. Last month- June was Go Wild month and I was just otherwise occupied, or that would have done nicely. My priority wildlife wise is to site my bird table and encourage the birds to it ready for Winter. The only visitors we have at the moment are wood pigeons and magpies. Our garden is much smaller than our last one and is currently a very sorry affair. Meantime I have decided to read nature/countryside books in July and increase my understanding and enhance my enjoyment. More in this months book review.

7 Make a junk journal- one for the darker months.

8 Make a football quilt for my grandson- on the to finish pile.

9 Finish the rail fence quilt- zero progress

10 Complete the stitchbook project- currently lagging three/ soon to be four months behind.

11 Complete any UFO- achieved with the fabric box, since then I have made another.

12- Make a piece of Art-… really?

13- Visit an Art gallery- Managed the Woodend gallery in Scarborough in January.

14- Visit Filey- locked down before I could do this, and now we have moved away- that’s life.

15 Do a five + mile walk- still to do

16 Go to the cinema- David Copperfield in January

17 Go to see a play- not likely in 2020 now.

18 Pick strawberries- maybe this will be possible without having to pre-book a slot one day.

19 Start to write my family history- underway

20 Do the Garden Bird count- done in January.

Some things are well and truly not going to happen- the Eden Project, Filey and theatre for sure. Some are still very doable, and will help me concentrate a bit, and resist temptation to dream up new ideas.

I wonder how everyone else is doing with their plans for this year, we have all had to make huge adjustments haven’t we.

Love to hear how you have managed through these times and the changes made to plans.



Comments on: "Gonna Do – Gonna don’t" (40)

  1. I am drifting quite happily through the days and with no goals I seem to be getting quite. few projects finished. I feel like I am on a semi-permanent craft retreat and I am loving it.
    I am full of admiration for what you have achieved. πŸ™‚

  2. You have completed an impressive amount on your list in spite of life throwing you curve balls in every direction. I don’t make yearly plans for obvious reasons. πŸ˜‰ I do daily lists and some days are just right offs. Like today as I waited much longer than I was told for a repair man. I used the time to vacuum and clean, then do some hand embroidery. I make up a list each day and do as much as possible with my walk being at the top of the list. You are quite the trooper to get all that done.

    • I think I used my time quite well until the move was scheduled to happen- not happening then happening took at least 10 weeks. I felt recently that I just needed to re-focus and remember why I thought to do some things, things that had just fallen by the wayside.
      The last couple of weeks I have tried to do draw up a schedule of weekly tasks and then each day figure out what can be done, usually based around the weather, then set about them. All part of the settling down.

  3. Considering the limits you’ve done well.
    I hadn’t really considered any plans other than get on with learning the golf properly (back underway now), make more of an effort with my art group (not really happening for me though some are managing to SD meet), and some exhibitions through the art group and West Country Embroiderers (all cancelled).

    • It’s been really sad that so many wonderful events have been cancelled. I don’t mean the big ones although that is sad, but the ones for little groups such as local art groups. Really looking forward to these exhibitions to happen again.

      • Me too as after 18 months of burn out I was just getting up and ready to be at it again!! πŸ™„πŸ˜„

  4. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Considering the circumstances you are doing very well. I would recommend Dave Goulson’s book ‘the garden jungle’ as wildlife gardening book to read. He covers so much and though he is a professor I find his style very engaging and easy to read.

  5. Any of your theatres doing things online now? There are some over here… Just a thought. πŸ˜‰

  6. You have achieved a lot, give how much upheaval there has been this year! My to-do list is mostly around knitting – I am mostly on track, but not entirely.

  7. I like your Gonna Do list – even if COVID said “nope you are not gonna do” you still got a lot done πŸ™‚

  8. I think you’ve done brilliantly well, considering the alarms, distractions and drudgery that selling up and moving on entail. You now have a whole range of new places to substitute for FIley, all within easy distance. Why not look at the possibilities of open-air theatre? Does the library have online lending? If you want a reading recommendation for Denmark, try Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow by Peter HΓΈeg. It’s one of my favourite books.
    I don’t make plans because life inevitably tips them over, but I am getting things done slowly, interrupted by bouts of poor health. Mouse is keeping me active, though, and I’ve reached one of my goals there, which is to slow raise the distance we walk each day. Despite the back we’re now up to 4+km a day, which is really helping my back and reducing my waist πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for reminding me of the book- I had huge lists of to read books at my old library- I’ve not cancelled that ticket so that I can copy it over as and when.
      Open air theatres sound a nice idea- if the weather permits.
      I need to get regular walks back in my life now- especially as there are no more boxes to heft and empty.
      It was good to look at this list again, and give myself a focus. I have a bad habit of creating WIPs, UFOs and NYSs1

  9. I think you’re doing prettywell, all things considered! I keep telling myself we’re only half way through the year when I look at my list πŸ™‚

    • It’s a question of being flexible as much as anything, and none of my gonna do’s matter if they don’t happen!

  10. My big plans were of the maybe variety, so nothing set in stone, and therefore, no major disappointments. We have had some expenses of the nasty variety this year, so have kept a tight leash on everything until we see how things go. It has been a good challenge to make do and repurpose, and the sky is starting to brighten a bit, so I just keep moving and counting my blessings!

    • Important to keep the real things that matter and life in perspective. Things will always need maintainence and repair, and money is needed- we all need a rainy day fund. hope the rest of 2020 allows you to do nice things.

  11. I think you’ve achieved a fair number. Most of my plans for the year are either postponed or cancelled altogether, hoping the 2nd half of 2020 is less turbulent than the first! X

    • It has been sad with so many things cancelled, and plans postponed. I hope you get to do nice things in the rest of the year.

  12. Sounds as if you’ve got a fair bit done – given the covid situation and that you’ve also moved this year. What about doing something like the garden butterfly survey for butterfly conservation as your wildlife project?

  13. Well you were going to be busy πŸ˜‰
    I am doing housework – 😱 – like a woman possessed as I’ve got estate agents coming round for the next three days. All other plans have been knocked into a cocked hat as i’m sure you will understand.

    • Oh my days- yes I know just what you mean- and cupboards stuffed to over capacity. I know I thought we had a lot of things but oh boy did we see some houses with even more- double garages filled to the rafters! Good luck, hope you find the right buyer quickly- would you believe we only had two viewings and both offered.

  14. claire93 said:

    yes, quite a few things not happening for us this year too.

  15. There are so many things I’d like to do and normally would do at home, but this seemingly neverending brutal heatwave we’re having (no AC; the apartment block is a furnace) has put a halt to everything except sitting in front of three fans (not the cheering, hand-clapping kind), spritzing myself with water, and trying not to lose it completely. (Well, that’s not true – I’ve been doing some reading and a little stitching project, but even that can be unbearable.) Another week of this – with even hotter days – is predicted. Not a happy camper at the moment!

    • Oh my that sounds unbearable- I wilt in the heat, and reading becomes the only thing I can do- I seem to have started to take little on-line courses in August- I wonder if the same will happen this year- this house is lovely and cool.

      • I’m glad you’re staying cool. Currently I’m reading The Fortune Teller by Gwendolyn Womack, an intriguing novel about the origins of the Tarot, with a modern-day thriller thrown in for good measure!

  16. I don’t normally do much planning but this year was different and I had planned big clear out for the Spring but with Charity shops shut and Recycling Centre shut and myself avoiding unnecessary encounters I am leaving this till next year. Also two crochet learning weekends away that didn’t and won’t happen. Knitting and crochet to-do list filling up as usual though. πŸ™‚

    • The big Spring Clean may have happened but I think a lot of people now have piles of things for the charity shops. We dealt with most things before we moved, with a skip and trips to charity shops in February, but even so i left a little box behind and asked the new owner to take it when he could. When we got here there were some old curtains and curtain poles for us to take to the tip that the previous owner couldn’t take. We have been able to take a car boot full to the tip here- the said curtains and some of the boxes and we have another slot booked for later in the month for the rest. I also have some things which I’d like to take to a charity shop, if only they would open.
      What a shame about your weekends away, but best to be safe and not sorry. I have started to get emails about Christmas crafting supplies now- how time flies.

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