Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

The weather was a bit damp and certainly very windy yesterday when we visited Barbury Castle.

It’s an iron age hill fort ( not a castle at all) just South of Swindon on the Wessex Downs, part of a chain of such sites that run along the path known as the Ridgeway.

The views were incredible of the surrounding countryside.

Home is somewhere under that bank of distant clouds.

I loved being up there in spite of the weather- the wild flowers, the sound of sky larks, My grand-daughter was fascinated by the beetle we spotted and the slugs which had come out in the rain. But by golly it was blowy

We thought the kite flier might take off!

Can’t wait to go back on a sunny day and walk right round the site, but after 50 minutes people were cold and we returned to the car park.

Cobwebs well and truly blown away. So good to get out.

Love to know about your wind- blown walks.


Comments on: "Blowing Away the Cobwebs." (40)

  1. Sounds like the effect thing to do right now

  2. Even if overcast, the walk sounds wonderful!

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    You could see why it would be great place for a castle. Yes we too enjoyed a very windy walk today too. More like autumn than summerπŸ™‚

  4. Great to see you getting away from the town. We certainly know a thing or two about windy walks here πŸ™‚ This summer seems a lot windier than usual 😦

  5. Such gorgeous views–thanks so much for showing wide open spaces with no people in most of them. It’s great they still exist!

  6. Lovely views and sounds like a fun walk πŸ™‚

  7. What a wonderful way to “blow off the stink” as we say here, after being trapped to long in one situation. You did it literally with the wind! πŸ˜‰ Sometimes a change of scenery and a child’s perspective can freshen even a stale mood. I love that your granddaughter was fascinated by the bugs. That’s as real as it gets for children. We don’t get much wind here and I don’t walk in it if we are windy. I’m glad you had a lovely outing. My daughter and I walked an almost empty park on Thursday while we waited to hear how my sister’s surgery went. It helps so much.

    • Sometimes being outside whatever the weather is what we need most for mental well- being. Being up high hearing the birds, feeling the wind and rain really did me so much good. I am not a natural Townie.

      • I’m with you there. I like a town close by but prefer to live outside of it where I have more natural surroundings. That does help more than anything else.

  8. I love the sound of sky larks and meadow pippits. Just beautiful. We have had a couple of blowy but also rainy days up north recently. X

  9. Love the rolling downs – so different to the wild moorland up here. We certainly got blown about a bit on our walks and rained on. Hoping for better weather in Scotland.

    • I will miss the North York Moors I know- I can see that in future years I will want an August break there. I was delighted to see a small patch of bell heather here.

  10. Glorious day for you! How wonderful to have a nice windy day, but sorry little folk got cold. Here’s hoping you get back there soon, on a perfect sunny day!
    (I agree with your thoughts on slugs. πŸ˜–)

  11. Cool and windy sounds really good to me right now. We had .4 inch of rain in June with 3-4 days in the 90’s each week, and it looks to continue that way for awhile. I would love a good steady rain and cooling wind!

    • Sometimes it is just good to feel the rougher elements of wind and rain- I think I enjoyed this weather more than most!

  12. claire93 said:

    I’d quite like to go on a walk and get blown away at the moment. It’s stifingly hot here.

  13. Wonderful! Looks very dramatic and atmospheric, bet it looks totally different in the sunshine – I do love living in a country where the landscape is transformed by the weather and changing seasons. Wind is my favourite weather. ☺️ X

    • It really felt as if my cobwebs were being blown away. I felt energised up there, the views will be lovely on a sunny day.

  14. You’re in my countryside; I was raised in Newbury and went to college in Cheltenham, so I know exactly the landscape you’re talking about! Don’t forget to let me have your new address!

    • We are looking forward to seeing more of this county of Wiltshire. Cheltenham is not far away and is a lovely town or is it a city now. I hope you will enjoy my posts as we explore the area.

      • My grandmother was a ‘Moonraker’, a Wiltshire woman from Calne. Don’t forget to visit the Polly Tearooms in Marlborough; legendary cakes and cream teas (or will be once they open again, I imagine it’ll be takeaway only just now: https://www.thepollytearooms.com). We used to go there for end of school holiday treat teas before the start of term.
        I look forward to huge nostalgia trips πŸ˜‰

  15. Those wide open views! So refreshing.

    • I cannot describe how I felt to be up there- the view, the flowers, the skylarks- I felt like the animals let out for the first time in Spring- it was simply joyous after boxes, storage units, furniture shops, loo roll holders, curtain poles, lamp shades…

  16. It sounds like great weather to do a walk in (provided you don’t freeze). I think we might have similar weather here today – super windy and damp, but a little warm. I’ll see whether we go out today, but I hope so!

    • It was so good to be out- I quite like wind- today is much nicer, I have just had an hour and a half in the garden.

  17. Lovely you were able to get out and about – and with the family too. Shame about the wind and slugs but no doubt you’ll revisit on a nicer day and have a completely different experience.

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