Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


I thought it would take till the end of June to unpack my belongings- I was just 1 1/2 days out. The last box was emptied this morning- mostly ornaments but right at the bottom yet another ” Not started project” with all the materials and thread ready to go. I think I assembled the necessary in January 2019 just as we embarked on the Let’s Move House scheme. It’s been nice to be reminded of all the things I had squirreled away- only one kinitting project (not yet started) that I had totally forgotten about, so not too be bad. But realisation that I have enough projects in the offing to keep me going for quite a lot of years.

Most things have found a home, but probably not quite where they will remain. I was looking for a pen in the kitchen a couple of days ago, and wondered why there wasn’t a pot of them. A day later I realised there was- on the window cill, but it was clearly the wrong place for them, so I moved it to where I had first looked. I expect that will happen quite a lot.

Apparently it is perfectly fine for the removal company have two chaps work with us for three days and travel 270 miles, but not ok for them to come and collect all the empty boxes because of Covid 19, from the garage. We managed to get a slot at the tip to dispose of them tomorrow, so now the car boot is full of boxes. We have had to book another slot for the rest of them in two weeks time. Anyone see the logic in this?

The cooker and I are getting on ok now. I even figured out how to turn the oven temperature down. Only took five weeks. Still to master the grill, and to bake the first cake, but hey getting there. Just wish the previous owner had left the manual.

Father’s Day was good- middle son and family came and we had a garden picnic at the right social distance.

Oldest son’s birthday is today, so wonderful that we will be seeing him tonight in his garden.

These visits are the reason we moved.

So now it really feels like home- by no means perfect- still need some more curtains and lamp shades, but certainly home. I have even found myself a hairdresser- roll on 22 July.

I’ll be honest moving house in your 60s in Lockdown with a husband with less than perfect health was a challenge, but so worth doing.

I’m hoping to get out and about with my camera and explore the area now, and get back to crafting and normal blogging.

So I’ll keep washing my hands and sploshing the bleach,

Take care,


PS I lost 8lbs whilst moving house- all that lifting- got to be good.


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  1. Joanne S said:

    Again, congrats on your new home! Yay! Finally!

  2. ❤️ well done both. Xx

  3. Fabulous that you’re ‘home’.

  4. Sounds like you are finding your steps and snuggling into your new home. I suppose things will be moved around until they find their perfect place. Have you tried looking on the internet, under the company website for maybe an online manual for your stove?

    You really made your move all work out with so many things going on. Kudos to you for a successful move. Now to enjoy all of your hard work.

    • We found an online manual which got me going ok, thanks, but it’s a nuisance to have to keep going online to refer to it. I’m not a fan of things on-line like that. If I use a recipe or pattern from the internet I always print it out- paper rules!

  5. It always takes a while to get settled in 🙂

  6. Steph said:

    Congratulations! You have done so well. Unpacking always takes me many months.

    • I have some things that have just gone into cupboards which need sifting through before I just get used to them being there.

  7. First of all, congrats and hurrah for being unpacked, next so happy you are enjoying your family 😍, next, have those boys come get their stuff 😆, a museum or university library might be interested in the teacher training materials. We have a thing called Craig’s list here; you can put up things for free and things for sale, anything like that where you live? Some one else may be moving and would take your boxes away from the garage.
    How much fun it must have been to discover those crafty kits all ready for you! Enjoy getting comfy in your new digs!

    • Thank you, I wonder if a college or museum might be interested as Mum wrote them during post -war construction in a large city, thank you for the idea. Looking forward to getting stuck into some serious crafting now.

  8. I think I will plan on moving at least 4 more times so I get the weight off that I need to if that’s what it takes. 😉 I put a free ad on Offer Up for my used boxes. Most went to the next person who needed to move and couldn’t afford the cartons. I found many that way too. Nothing goes to the landfill that way. I’m glad you are figuring out your cooker. I have all the appliance instructions in a folder from the previous owner. Shame on them for not leaving them for you. These will be left for the next owner. You have done an impressive amount of work in one month. Took me much longer but then as soon as I had things where I wanted them, someone else would move in with me ( for a short time) like 6 months or 1 1/2 years. Now my daughter is here permanently. Nothing is where I wanted it. ;/ You’ll find a place for everything soon. I get why you moved. Family close by is everything.

    • Our neighbour took some boxes as he was having a clear out, but with Lockdown there has been a three month period with few house moves, so I guess no demand at present for boxes.
      We have a fridge and a bookcase surplus to our need which we will offer out at some point. Good to help others if we can.
      Merging two households must be hard- my Mum’s solution when she remarried was to send me lots of furniture as we had also just married and were setting up a new home.

      • My daughter donated almost everything in her apartment except the bedroom furniture. I gave away what was in the room already. Most of her kitchen ware went as she will be inheriting mine anyway. We have been very creative about the merge. My son had most of his things in storage until he moved back in with his ex-wife. They are swimming in stuff now. 😉 I think we, (Americans) gather more than any other country in the world. I keep giving stuff away but somehow the house is never empty. 😉 I’m glad you are seeing daylight now that the unpacking is done. Now you can enjoy your summer a bit.

  9. I still have some unpacked boxes, mainly because what’s in them is not vital to a comfortable life, but I’m still not happy about chucking out the contents. We have to *pay* to take things to the tip, yet another reason… I do admire your energy and industry in getting as far ahead as you have, and I’m so glad it’s all been worthwhile in terms of having the family closer.

    • Had we not been in Lockdown I think we would have seen more family and gone places, but as we are we have worked hard on the unpacking. We still have boxes of things to take to two sons of their teenage life- for example photo montages of their uni days with everyone looking the worse for wear!
      I can’t just throw things away. We used to have an enormous airing cupboard now we don’t, and I have a lot of good bed linen and towels that really are surplus to requirement- surely someone needs them. Thinking cap must be used.

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Well done on getting that last box emptied. I think there are still two half emptied boxes in my attic from our last move 15 years ago! Wishing you every happiness in your new home and lots and lots of happy days with your now close family

    • We have come across things- mostly ornaments which haven’t seen the light of day for over 18 years- hidden away in the back of cupboards in our old house- I have unpacked the lot now and have some rather full window cills- some will have to go.

  11. It’s lovely that your finding your feet in your new home and finding all the right places to put things. Looking forward to your local explorations. X

  12. Doing well with those boxes. Great to hear about your family picnics, seeing people is such a boost.

  13. It’s good to hear you’re settling in, I hope you have many happy years in your new home – and no, I can’t see the logic in the removal men not collecting the boxes either.

  14. Excellent progress! Could the oven manual be online? or maybe they have a helpline.
    Lots of family fun makig it all worthwhie. Well done to Nanacathy and her house Elf. ❤

    • There is a manual online, but honestly modern appliances and their manuals require a degree in manual reading.
      Mr E has been brilliant- complete new lease on life- manic flat pack building, curtain rail putter up, picture hanging etc etc- not finished yet but really getting there.

      • Was just going to suggest the same online source, having done the same several times after moving. Annual time changes always force the issue, trying to figure out how to shift forward or backward that one hour! Delighted to hear all your progress! xx

  15. I’m green with envy as I’m just starting this whole process and would love to be able to blink and be in the new house now. Not that we’ve found a house yet, nor have we even put this one on the market but we are starting making preparations to do so. I am in awe at the amount of stuff we have accumulated over the years. It’s only when you start trying to get rid of some of it that you realise isn’t it? We don’t have to book slots at the tip here which is just as well as Mr. T is a regular visitor at the moment. There is nowhere near the amount of charity shops there are in England so we share our goodies (or carloads) out between two branches of the same charity, mainly so they don’t start to ban us from giving them any more.
    Well done for getting all your boxes unpacked in a relatively short time and, as for logic in the removal company’s decision, I’m guessing they’ve been paid and collecting the boxes has moved down on their list of priorities. Or maybe I’m being a bit cynical.

    • I think you are right about the box situation, we paid for them and they couldn’t care less about their re-use. Our new neigbour did have a few of them as he was having a clear out, but those he took barely made an impression on the mound.
      Good luck with the house move. We were taken completely by surprise by finding a buyer in a fortnight before we had started house hunting- we took so long to find somewhere they gave up on us and found another property. Then it happened again- house re- advertised- buyer came along in a fortnight and we were scrabbling around looking for a house to buy. The one we choose had issues so we pulled out in December. Our buyer went into rented and we found this house in Janury 2020, a whole year later- then Lockdown!
      So I would urge that you look for houses at the same time as getting your home ready.
      I am sure you will find somewhere that is just right for you.

  16. If it’s logic you’re wanting, Cathy, you’ll have to go and live on a tiny desert island with no need of a government.
    So glad you are happy in your new home, and with your family close by. xxx

  17. So glad to hear that you are settling in. Enjoy your family time tonight:)

  18. claire93 said:

    time to bake your first cake and start to put those 8lbs back on lol.
    We’ve been in this house for over 5 years, still have unopened boxes in the attic and I can never find a pen ^^

    • Not having a boarded attic here has been an issue as it turned out Mr E had quantities of stuff in the one in our old house- I think those boxes may still be lurking in the garage. I have pots of pens and pencils in several rooms- I like to use those mugs which may be less than perfect now but have meaning to me because someone special gave them to me.

      • claire93 said:

        half the stuff in our attic isn’t even ours lol. Boxes belonging to offspring who will probably never retrieve, and quite a lot from when we emptied MIL’s flat that the husband still doesn’t feel ready to part with.

        • Oh yes we have all of that- two large boxes of star wars stuff for Mr J and two boxes of uni memories for Mr B- I have three boxes of Dad’s things and two of Mums. I mean what do you do with your Dad’s war time things and your Mum’s teacher trainer things from the 40s?

  19. Jan McGregor said:

    Hi Cathy hope this finds you and yours safe and well..i had the same problem with the cooker/oven when I moved here. I googled the make and model and found a PDF manual ot you can call the maker and ask for one…they should be able to help you

    kind regards

    • Lovely to hear from you- how are you? We are fine thanks. The maker no longer makes this oven but we found an old manual online- whatever did we do without the internet?

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