Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Everyone is getting used to a new normal, one which changes weekly, and quite frankly is somewhat bewildering. Our new normal also includes settling into the new house and making it home, remembering where we put things, starting to think about things other than boxes and letting the powers that be know where we are, and more importantly for them- where to send their bills. We’re getting there slowly and surely day by day.

Scary oven and hob are being tamed.

The dining room is nearly clear of boxes. I think I could put the sewing machine on the table now.

I love the display in the hall- my Mum’s paperweight and the crochet cactus kindly sent by Rainbow Junkie- it brightensΒ  my day every time I see it, thank you.

The rest of the house is slowly appearing from under the sea of cardboard. Best of all of course is being able to go for a walk with my son and grandchildren.

This is our walk yesterday at Coate Water park.

A lovely walk round the lake, swans, geese, ducks, dragonflies.

Trees and children , and a most unusual grade two listed structure.

Yes, it’s listed, and yes it is a diving board. Should you be interested into why it’s listed , here’s a link-Coate Water Diving Platform

Can’t wait for the putting course and museum to open, when they do.

It’s beginning to feel like home.


Comments on: "Beginning to feel like home." (51)

  1. Congratulations, the new house looks lovely and bright.

  2. Joanne S said:

    First, congrats on settling into your new home.
    Second, what is a “hob?”
    Third, I think that diving board is very uniquely awesome. I do not believe that there is anything remotely like this in the US. The closest we have are flat, floating diving platforms on the lakes.

  3. Congratulations that the boxes are getting unpacked and you are settling in! Nice kitchen πŸ™‚ Glad you are enjoying walks with your family!

  4. Glad to hear you are settling in and the house looks gorgeous. x

  5. Good luck in your new home, your kitchen looks lovely πŸ™‚ x

  6. Great to hear you’re settling in. All looks lovely. Apart from that the grade 2 listed diving board looks like it could do with a jolly good clean.

  7. Sounds like you’re settling in well now and, of course, seeing your son and grandchildren makes it all worthwhile.

  8. How fabulous! Not just a new chapter but a whole new book!

  9. I was thinking of you this morning, wondering how the unpacking was coming along, and here is your delightful post! How wonderful to be distracted from unpacking by the grands! I love your windows and the kitchen is so bright and airy. Keep after that stove, I am certain you will win in the end!

  10. How lovely to have all that dreadful stress and worry behind you. I enjoy the process of unpacking and finding new homes for everything, and deciding whether I want to keep things that have no obvious home. And as for being closer to family – bliss!

    • Family was why we moved! Yes some things will be going that no longer have a place- I am just so surprised at how many not started projects I have- one small carrier bag yesterday had three!

  11. Your new home is lovely! So nice that you are settling in OK, and that you can spend time with your son and grands πŸ™‚

  12. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Your new home looks so bright and light. So glad to hear you are settling in

  13. Your new place looks fresh and inviting..just like the water park. πŸ™‚ X

  14. All good news here. Being close to family is prime. Especially as we age. I haven’t seen my son since last August. Maybe in the Fall of this year. Your house is becoming a lovely home. It takes time and I’m glad you are taking time off to enjoy the outside. Slowly, slowly wins the race. πŸ˜‰

    • You are so right about taking time, and being able to see family without having to book hotels and travel 100s of miles is terrific.

      • claire93 said:

        I’ve only just this minute realised how far south you’ve moved! Can you let me have your new postal address some time Cathy, so I can update my address book.

        • Yes of course Claire. We have moved along way- better to do one move than have to travel all that way to see family, and we used to live in Oxfordshire which isn’t far from where we are now.

  15. Am so glad it’s beginning to look and feel like home! I was thinking about that hob yesterday, so am delighted to know it is tameable. My guess on the grade two structure was correct. Looks like it could use a bit of a scrub. All in good time. πŸ˜‰ And so nice to have family so close by. Hope you all have a lovely week with good weather.

  16. Glad to hear you’re settling in, Cathy. How interesting about the diving platform! When I read about the farm/museum, I thought ‘Aha!’ We’re sure to get a report about that when you are eventually able to visit. Looking forward to it!

  17. Oh it looks lovely Cathy. It must be so nice to be closer to family. I have a hob like that. I love how clean it is but the beeping can be annoying. I do have arguments with it!!!

  18. Great to see you settling in to your new home and the kitchen looks lovely even if the oven is scary, as does the dining room. Must be wonderful to be able to go for walks with the family. Sending best wishes for many many happy years there. πŸ™‚

  19. Ooo thank you for showing us your new home. It looks fabulous. I think my son in London has a hob like yours, when they first installed it, I was left babysitting and it completely baffled me and all their other gadgets seemed to beep at me all the time. For instance you couldn’t switch it on unless you had a saucepan already on the plate you wanted to use – grrrr – that took some working out!
    I too love that hall window, what a wonderful cactus. πŸ™‚
    I like that the diving board is listed, but somebody needs to give it a spruce up!
    Oh so good to be able to walk with family. Have fun settling in some more – happy days!

    • Thank you so much daffy, you’ve been a pal thriugh the ups and downs of this move. As to the cooker, if you lean on an oven button it beeps at you! Without the manual there has been a lot of trial and error- far too much choice!
      Isn’t a listed diving board an incredible thing to behold and what a history it has, but it could do with some tlc! I expect there is a friends of the diving board group.
      Loving my walks with the family…

  20. Welcome home, indeed! I am so glad that you can start to settle down a bit (and that the oven works!!). I love the living room, it looks super cozy! You picked a beautiful spot, and it’s so great that you are closer to your family and your grandchildren. πŸ™‚

  21. claire93 said:

    so pleased to hear you’re gradually settling in. The house looks nice & bright Inside, lots of windows in dining area would make it the perfect space for sewing ^^

    • Just what I thought Claire- one thing moving has done is make me realise how many have done things I have, and as for the not yet started- well I could open my own shop.

  22. What you’ve shown us of your new house looks fantastic! I hope you have the sewing machine on that dining table by the time you read this.
    Wishing you and Mr E all the happiness in the world in your new home – mazeltov πŸ™‚

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