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Down the garden path

We are so much behind the rest of England in the garden.

Here’s what’s blooming this week.


Not quite sure what these are called.

Lilac just coming out now

See , daffodils still and grape hyacynths.

Forget-me -knots and another daffodil.

A wild poppy

And the wysteria on its way to full glory. I’m sad about leaving this as my Dad bought it for us, but that’s life. I shall take some of the forget-me-knots because they came from Mum’s garden, and I am taking some of the snowdrops I got from my Dad’s garden. So a few living momentos.

How’s your garden this weekend?


Friday Jottings#5

Reasons to be cheerful

1 Captain (now honorary Colonel) Tom Moore celebrated his 100 birthday , has raised over £31 miliion for NHS Charities Together, received over 125,000 birthday cards and a flyby by a spitfire.

2 There is a new baby Johnson, sorry don’t care about anyone’s politics a new baby is always cause for joy.

3 We may have a new moving date towards the end of May.

4 Hurrah it’s the 1st of May today.

5 Nephew and family are organising another family quiz on Saturday.

6 I have some very kind blogging friends.

7 I joined a course through Future Learn, just two weeks long on the models behind Lockdown and so can get all that angst out of my system, without boring the pants off/ annoying the h**l out of everyone.

8 All my parcels of crafty goodies have arrived, two of which are still self-isolating in the garage!

9 We may have a new moving day. So good I count it twice.

10 Everyone I love and care about is still ok, and the UK has now passed it’s peak.

I am ok this week. I hope you are too. I would also like to say how sad I am for all thse who have lost loved as a result of Covid-19, directly from the illness and indirectly as a result of the Lockdown- cancelled operations and treatments and all those who will feel the effect of this time to come for decades.

I am not at all sure how I would have coped without everyone who has read my Friday posts and helped me through, so a big thank you to you all.

I would love to hear about your positive things too, and also if you are struggling please speak out, help is at hand.

Stay safe and wash those grubby paws.




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