Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This week.

This week has been all about unpacking boxes and wondering why on earth we thought we would have enough space for all our c**p. Currently five rooms are free of boxes but as one is the cloakroom and one the bathroom, that just leaves the kitchen, the utility room and one bedroom looking sort of ok. Four boxes of pictures though, where did they appear from? We won’t mention the 20 or so full of fabric, yarn and crafty stuff.

Other fun has been getting to grips with the cooker- the hob makes weird noises, like it hums  and beeps, and only likes two of our saucepans- the others- our wedding presents it just ignores- shalln’t , won’t it’s, not going to let me use them. We need new pans, -but at least the hob had an instruction manual.

The oven- no manual- thank goodness for the internet- first you push one knob, then when it lights up, push again to get a box symbol with lines top and bottom. Then you push the other knob, it lights up, slowly you up the temperature- go too far and you start over. It whirrs , if I am lucky. Each cooked dinner feels like a major achievement.

You have to recall that we did see our old kitchen in the York Castle museum a couple of years ago, so this one is scary.

The hot water is too darned hot- shower on , and I’m dancing around like an idiot, squawking as I go. That doesn’t cool the water but it makes me feel slightly better.

And don’t get me started on the who to tell we have moved scenario- not helped by some things being in Mr E’s name only, and people can’t understand his speech now and won’t let me interpret. Let’s just say a very well known credit card company has had a stern letter.

Then there’s registering with the GP- I checked this before we moved, printed off the forms, got registered for Council Tax so we could prove who we were, off we bowl as per the instrauctions on the web page to register. Horror of horrors from the receptionist- “Oh we have been inundated with new patients and can’t take anymore”. “Then why does your web page say you do?” Because they haven’t updated it. Then I get “why have we moved, it’s not allowed.” “Oh yes it is “says I. More helpful receptionist gives us an address for another GP- off we trog. They have an intercom- we are to look online etc etc. The saga continues.

On the plus side, we have seen our son three times. Yippee- that’s why we moved. The sun has shone from dawn till dusk every single day- Mr E is finally warm enough and the house is deliciously cool for me. More Yippee.

There is a nesting box on the side of the house and we had the pleasure of seeing the Great Tits fledge.

This is the view of our lane from the front door.

And we got to buy a new kitchen clock

Asda we love you.

Stand by for more fun and games this week….

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  1. Unpacking and figuring out where to put everything is the icky side of moving, eh? Glad you can regularly see your son now.

  2. Moving house is so hard! You’ve done so well to get it done at all in the current circumstances! Hope you can get a few more boxes or rooms done soon.

  3. Hope you managed to register with a GP, their red tape is pathetic!

  4. They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and it sounds like you are doing amazingly well. Made me think of our last move which highlighted the differences between me and K. I’d carefully labelled each box with room and list of contents. He wrote ‘miscellaneous’ on most of them. As a result we had to get some plastic knives and forks and used for several days until the cutlery was located. We still had some unpacked boxes in the garage 18 months later so decided we didn’t need their contents and took them to flog at a car boot sale. Of course all fabric, yarn and craft materials were exempt from this!

  5. Am with you on lots of it apart from all our boxes were unpacked within about five days, then we both got the lurgy… Admittedly though there is still one box full of pictures that we haven’t tackled because that means trying to decide where to hang them and banging in those blinking hooks.

    Hurrah for sunshine but make the most because it’s due to be cooler and rainy for the rest of the week

    • Goodness that was most effecient. I managed another five yesterday, but still loads to go. We had lots of big cupboards and attic space in the old house, no attic space here. As for pictures- we haven’t started on them yet- about five boxes of them! 18 years in the last house means we have a lot of stuff, including four large boxes of star wars stuff belonging to middle son- now aged 37- I’m too soft on them.

  6. So great to hear you’re making progress in your new home. Sorry to hear about the doctor and the credit card. It’s such a nightmare with names attached to important stuff and data protection. As for the cookers, give me an aga or gas oven with a dial from 0 – 9 and I’m happy. Great to hear you’ve seen your son 🙂

    • Oh yes a dial you can control- so much is guess work at the moment. I cooked a veg curry last night in the frying pan which was much too small- I give in I shall have to choose some new pans, and probably order from Amazon which I dislike doing a lot, much sooner use local shops…. so the queues for Ikea on TV this morning- FIVE miles… craziness.

      • Do you have a slow cooker? In the summer when the aga goes off I use the slow cooker and the BBQ and make salads and avoid the electric cooker as much as possible – we have no gas in the village. Haven’t seen the TV yet today. Can’t believe how some people seem to ‘need’ to shop. Mind, I hate shopping at the best of times.

  7. I am happy to hear the unpacking is happening and all will find it’s rightful place shortly. It took me months to unpack everything as this place has very little storage. I would write someone a note about the reception you received at the GP. That shouldn’t be acceptable. There is often a little hitch here and there to make sure we are grateful enough for what does go smoothly. I’m happy to hear you are pleased that the move has worked out well for you. I left 6ft of snow to be closer to my family too. No shovel needed here in 8 years. 😉 Taking the unpacking easy is a good plan. Just think of it as Christmas every day. 🙂 After all you have been through, it’s good it all fell into place nicely.

    • Thank you so much for this comment, which shows real understanding of our situation. I understand too about the snow shovel- in Yorkshire we don’t get snow every year but when we do I needed the snow shovel- I don’t think I will need it here! I think we may have had a lucky escape from GP number one if that is their idea of patient service- number two was more efficient by a mile and nice with it. We have less built in storage here so need to move boxes to decide what we need, then obtain it etc etc. I amconstantly surprised by the odd mix of things that emerge from each box as I try to remember my thought process when packing. Today’s challenge is choose new saucepans, find a post office, and put up a blind!

  8. So glad everything is working out reasonably well! Hopefully the situation with the GP and the kitchen will work out OK. Once you put your stuff away you will find you have the room 🙂

    • We are at the stage of not being able to unpack things cos the boxes are in the way- we’ll get there – it took three weeks to pack up so logically it will take three to unpack. I found my shoes today which was a good thing.

  9. Oh no … MAN. I am so sorry that it was everything but smooth … And the affair with the GP seriously riles me. Things like that HAVE to be updated! (But if the receptionist is like that, you may be better off with the other one anyway.) I hope that the other one is LOADS better!!

    • When I looked at the official reports on the GPs the first one was rated adequate and the second good- think we got lucky- and the forms have been delivered by hand to the surgery today- fingers crossed!

  10. Well done on your perseverance! Lovely to see the family too.

    • Family and better weather were the reasons we moved- getting too old for the motorway journey to visit family- much better now.

  11. Your oven sounds like the new one we installed in this house. The Husband still can’t work out how to use it despite numerous demonstrations. Convenient, eh…? I’m so happy you’ve finally been able to make the move and slowly settle into your new surroundings. One day that last box will be unpacked (or thrown out!) and you’ll know you’re finally home.

    • Words of wisdom- we have no attic/loft space here so there will be no stashing away of boxes to be rediscovered many years later- oh yes we found boxes that had been in the attic for 18 years from the previous move. It was Mr E who figured out the oven for me, so no excuses for him! I was rather annoyed to find the box with my sewing machine had been placed on its side- hoping it has survived that ordeal!

      • Fingers crossed for the sewing machine, but I think it should probably be OK. Might need a bit of an oil, though…

        • An oil? You have to oil them? It could probably do with a service too.

          • Some of them need oiling, others are a closed system. It depends on the individual machine, but I definitely think it needs to sit the right way up for a while before you use it! And yes, a service wouldn’t hurt!

  12. Lovely to hear from you again. At least you’ve sorted out the important stuff- like Internet connection and means of getting there.

    • Internet connection was Mr E’s priority- it was working by the time I drove here- he having arrived two hours before me. Thought it was time I put in an appearance on the blog.

  13. Congratulations on the move! Hope you’ll be very happy in your new home – once you’ve figured out all the appliances! Reminds me of when we moved into our home, the light switches for the front porch, hallway, stairs and kitchen are all located in the hall so we stood in the dark for a ridiculous length of time trying to work out which switch corresponded with which light. ☺️

    • Haha, yes I can imagine that was fun for sure. So far lights have been ok, and it was a big plus when we got curtain rails up in the bedroom and could hang curtains- no more waking at dawn or having to get dressed on the landing for fer of scaring the neighbours.

  14. Sounds lie a rocky start but you are obviously coping with it. I am sure you will look back and laugh.

    • Every thing feels like an achievment at least- lots of little hits- it’s just needing to remember them when somethings beeps at me unexpectedly.

  15. Sounds like a super modern hob and oven. 60 isn’t too bad for hot water, mine is a little less, what you need to find is the temperature control on the shower so you can even have cold showers if it gets too hot! Still when all this newness gets too much you can always look out the front and see the birds and think it’s all great.

    • Thanks RJ. I found the cactus yeterday and it’s now in pride of place in the hall, cheered me up no end. I have the shower on minimum temp- maybe the fault is the shower.

      • If you have a super modern kitchen is it a super modern shower? If so you may need to find a manual for temperature setting. Or you could ask a plumber. My shower is just a mixer control: left for cold, rght for hot. So I can have all cold or all hot or any mix I choose.

  16. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    No fun unpacking, don’t envy you that! And it always takes a while to get used to new ovens. Hopefully you will all be sorted soon and can relax and enjoy being close to family

  17. We all do it, move boxes of stuff and then wonder why 🙂 Sounds like you’re settling in pretty well, you’ll soon by a dab hand with that cooker!

    • I need to bake a batch of peanut butter cookies for Mr E, now that will be an experience. Today’s joys will be unpacking shoes, just found the box I put mine in last night.

  18. Oh Cathy, I do love your sense of humour come what may!
    Great tits!!!
    A leafy lane!!!!
    You made such a good choice.
    Hang on in there – the first month is a bit like camping.

    • It was the right call to come here, and life always has a funny side. Triumphs come in small packages, like I mentioned below- yesterday we finally found the envelopes!

  19. I’m sure it will all shake down eventually – there are always trials to accompany the joys of a new home aren’t there. And you did it – you moved. That in itself after so long is simply wonderful!! You’ll be cooking up a storm to share with your extended family in no time at all 🙂

    • It’s all positive really and it does feel like home, and one advantage of the lockdown is no-one is going to see the chaos and no pressure to get it done, especially as we have side access to the garden.

  20. Actually, a pretty positive first week! There are always tons of small irritations during a move, but it does sound like you are settling in, counting your blessings, and getting things sorted one thing at a time. Your lane looks like a great place for birds to hang out!

    • Sometimes it feels frustrating to see so much that still needs unpacking so then I run through what we did achieve each day and then it sounds impressive. Yesterday’s big hit was finding envelopes!

  21. claire93 said:

    oh the adminstrative joys of moving home! Hope you get things, like a GP, sorted soon!

  22. It’s true then. Home is where the heart is.

  23. Sorry but I had to laugh at the thought of you dancing round squawking in the shower – I hope by now you’ve figured out a way to regulate the temperature. A bit of a rigmarole with the doctor situation, I hope you get it sorted soon. On the plus side though at least you’ve seen your son more than one and you have Great Tits in the nest box 🙂

    • The pluses outweight the minuses by a long way- turns out Mr E had read that to avoid legionaires disease from the shower the water temp had to be 60C and he had turned it up- it’s gradually being turned down!

  24. oh yay, it’s all coming together 🙂 Now you can finally move on with the things you need to, and make 2020 the year it was always supposed to be for the two of you xxx

    • Oh yes, things seem to be going well at the mo. The move itself was painless, as were the final transactions- it almost came as a shock when things just fell into place.

      • A good shock, thank heavens! I had some good news yesterday, and I still can’t believe it – so I know how you feel, like you don’t want to jinx things 🙂

  25. My goodness gracious! At least you can cook your meals… sort of! And you will get used to the new cooker, sooner or later. 😉 Have you done a search online for any work-arounds for your pan problem? (So you won’t have to buy all new ones. 🙀) The Mister probably already has, but just in case.
    How lovely that you are closer to family now. Am certain the relieves everyone quite a bit! Emjoy those new birds, and your new view, and hopefully your new place will stop feeling quite so new quite fast. xx

  26. It will take a bit of getting used to, but you sound like your settling in. Nice that you have a Great Tit in your best box. And lovely that you are nearer to family. yay. X

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