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Scrap happy- May 2020

I’ll be honest I was a bit down in the dumps before the April scrap happy post. We had been packing boxes in March and fearing a lockdown I had not packed away all my projects. I thought I would be ok if we were prevented from moving. I had not forseen that I would simply be lacking in motivation to tackle the projects I had selected. The stitchbook project required the use of paints-  had packed all my paint  away.  The dining room table I would need for quilting now had Mr E’s computer on it as he taken his old computer desk to the tip. So I was well and truly cheesed off.

Then a friend started posting on Facebook. Her Dad in his 90s lived alone. He wasn’t moping. He’d gone down his shed and found all his old bits of wood and was knocking out garden planters. He’d run out of wood- Maureen was asking her local community for any old bits of wood they didn’t need to drop them off at his front gate. He made more planters.

I got a grip on myself. No, I wasn’t mentally able to tackle big projects, but my box of fabric scraps was accessable.

I spotted some aida- ( That’s the bag on top with the blue). But oh no, I had packed all my craft books. However,I hadn’t packed my craft magazines. I could do some cross stitch. Inside one of the magazines was a free kit I’d not done

So I did it. But what to cross stitch- well all three sons have summer wedding anniverseries- I’d do three cards. Is it here that I confess that some of the magazines are dated 1995- I moved here with them. Then I remembered I had packed all my embroidery floss. However, I had got a box of threads leftover from kits which come with threads included.

So that’s the first- I can’t stick it into the card yet because I have of course packed my double sided tape.

Meantime unable to buy crafty things locally I had put in an order to Hobbycraft and was now in possession of some plastic canvas to make another fabric box. I had some scraps of wadding, and away I went with some wonderfully therapeutic running stitch.

In closer detail

I even found a manky doily and retrieved some rather nice lacy bits.

The piece to the bottom left turned up in my fabric box- it was yet another free kit which I had stitched but found no use for.

Now it’s the top of the new box.

And so my scraps of fabric, leftover threads and ancient magazines have made me very happy and got me through Lockdown. Which of course is why I never throw anything away!

Please pop over to Kate’s  here for some more scrap happy posts.



Comments on: "Scrap happy- May 2020" (51)

  1. I love the scrap happy boxes, hope they cheered you up 🙂

  2. It’s amazing what you can do with scraps and leftovers. So glad you managed to find something to keep you busy and lift your spirits.

  3. Idle hands are the devil’s playthings my Nan used to say. I don’t think you have anything to worry about! 😄

  4. I am impressed with your use of “Plan B and Plan C”. If I can’t do my A plan, I feel rather lost and rarely go for plan B or C. I am amazed at people who can. You did an awesome job with what you had. The card is adorable and the box is so beautiful. Great job!

  5. That is a great looking box Cathy! I love it!

  6. to be stalled in the middle of moving is not a happy occasion. I think you’ve done remarkably well and made a lovely box out of bits and pieces. Handmade cards are always a gift in themselves.

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Perfect scrap happy post. Very creative. You should be proud

  8. I love what you have done with next to nothing available. Yes, we crafters are quite the collectors but most of us are not afraid to let go of things that no longer serve. Had a hard time letting go of my magazines too and many are still here. Your projects are WONDERFUL! We all get in a funk from time to time and then someone comes by to snap us our of it. Interesting how that happens. It usually leaves me with very little time on the pity pot. I have an 84 year old neighbor who outshines me daily with her quilting so I never get to sit on that pot long. You’ve had a double whammy with the move stalled so be kind to yourself. You get 10 minutes on the pot for each difficulty and then you must move on. Those are the rules. I made them up so you are welcome to a good laugh at them. 😉

    • I like the idea of a ten minute wallow in self pity and then no more. In some ways I think I was just exhausted with the stress of selling the house and then trying to get the move done seeing Lockdown coming towards it. Crafting is as inevitable for me as breathing and eating, it’s just part of me.

      • You also have an ill husband to care for so you get more than 10 minutes. I always tell people it’s ok to have those feelings and examine them. Just don’t live there. You’ve had a lot on your plate and have trooped on with vigor finding ways to pull yourself forward. That’s always the trick not everyone finds. I’m with you on the crafting, Beats drinking or smoking and especially drugs. It’s just good therapy. 😉

  9. Joanne S said:

    This is a lovely fabric box. The lacy bits add just the right touch!

    • Thank you. I’ve never managed to cut up something like a doily before, this one had a huge stain on it so I found it easy to cut and re-use the lacy bit.

  10. Having a sit down & catch up whilst awaiting my virtual tea guests – do stop by if you’ve a spare minute and fancy a bite to eat. . .
    Your project box is delightful! There’s even a bit of music notation on that piece with the 🦋. What you’ve accomplished is truly enchanting – you’ve really made delicious lemonade from life’s lemons! How I admire your abilities to combine so many different things and make them look perfect together. Not my cup o’tea. I’ve tried.🙄
    Wishing you nothing but goodness during & after your move. You might have to look closely, as you did here, but goodness will be there. 😉 xxxx

    • Thank you so much for your good wishes. I am sure we are going to b very happy in the new home, getting just a bit nervous, but this time next it could be all over, and we will be unpacking, and not packing.

  11. Wonderful use of the stuff you have out! And now you have some lovely projects and empty space in your scraps bin 🙂

  12. handmade by amalia said:

    Good for you! A lovely, inspirational post.

  13. Excellent improvisation! I think the lockdown is forcing us to be even more creative than ever, trying to use what we’ve already got, revisiting things we haven’t done for years, or trying new techniques – maybe even taking us out of our comfort zone. At least that’s what I’ve experienced. I adore that little floral panel, and the box is so sweet. Well done!

    • I totally agree with what you have said here- when I was first packing back in March I was amazed at what I had got and had forgotten about! Shameful really- I think that then putting these things away in boxes and not wanting to unpack frustrated me no end. I’m really looking forward to unpacking and enjoying the new home and my unpacked belongings.

  14. So satisfying to use up odds and ends – lockdown has taught us all how to be creative and improvise – you have made some lovely things there. x

    • Thank you, yes from putting food we have to good use and the supplies we have has brought out the best of us. We’re apparently even managing to wear the clothes we have and not rush out and buy more.

  15. You’ve been very resourceful there with your crafting and the box is very pretty.and your cross stitch so neat.

  16. A great way of improvising with stuff you haven’t packed and also keeping yourself occupied, you ‘ve produced some lovely things there 🙂

    • Thank you, I was inspired by Maureen’s Dad and Captain Tom to just get on with what I could do and forget what I couldn’t.

  17. What beautiful scrappiness! Definitely an advert for keeping EVERYTHING. I know you’ve had a difficult ride the last few weeks, but looks like you’ve had some great moments too xx

    • Once I had sorted everything out I relaxed, our town just took everything in its stride, the butchers, greengrocer, bakeries stayed open, we all sorted ourselves out with the 2 metre distance , family quizes helped- the younger generation rose to the challenge and organised us oldies. Then I started to think what I could do with what hadn’t vanished into boxes. It’s all been a blur in the end.

  18. You can’t keep a good crafter down for long! What a triumphant turn around. Your cards will be such a lovely gift and carry quite a stroy with them. The box is truly delightful – it looks so happy and bright. I am so looking forward to hearing from you once you have settled into your new home. Crossing everything for moving day (s).

    • Yes all four of them, thank you. According to Mr E will shall be back on grid within 5 mintues of arrival. We shall see. We have found a fish n chip shop nearby for our first night! It will take a while to settle but we can take our time. The last two moves needed me to get a boy/s into school, asap, which always adds to stress. I have left a box open still which will be sealed at the last minute for my cross stitch and knitting. I am begining to think we really are finally moving!

  19. I was thinking this post is one for all hoarders – absolutely justifies never throwing anything away 🙂 And that box is beautiful, an absolute keeper. Well done Cathy ❤

    • Oh yes, the post for hoarders. I really did have to look about me and think, well what have I got, what can I do, and the answer lay in old magazines and the scrap boxes of fabrics and threads.

  20. If I had been through all the uncertainties and upheaval that you’ve been through recently I would almost certainly have lost the will to craft too. However, you’ve come out with a beautiful box which would make a lovely gift for a little girl (if the big girl doesn’t want to keep it) and have already done the hard work on one of the anniversary cards – plus it’s made you feel better. Result!

    • It has been tough, and I can’t believe how long lockdown has actually been, I seem to have been so busy throughout! I will be glad to move now, but so great is my need to keep my hands busy, I do a tiny bit each night on the second card!

  21. claire93 said:

    that lovely handmade box is a keeper . . . and will be a conversation starter in your new home ^^

  22. I think this is a great scrappy project! You’ve improvised superbly and despite all the obstacles, you’ve produced something really pretty and charming, plus handmade cards your boys are sure to treasure. Nice work, that woman!

    • Thank you Kate. Scrap happiness saved me this month, and now of course I have total justification for keeping everything.

      • I’d say keeping all that stuff was totally justified too. Even if the right shops were open, you wouldn’t want to spend money to buy things you already had in a box somewhere.

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