Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


It’s nice to see pictures of family and friends instantly on Facebook etc  but I’m sad the days of receiving a postcard via snail mail is slowing passing, and in this year they will be fewer than ever.

I have three boys and our old home in Oxfordshire was a bungalow- the rooms had connecting doors. So they could chase each other round and round and round- kitchen-hall-lounge-dining room-passage-kitchen. In the hall was a cupboard between the kitchen and lounge and if that was left open, which it was frequently- well bosh! And that is why I started to display postcards on the cupboard door inside and out, so that the fiends didn’t bash into it. And it worked.

So when we moved here, where there is another door in the hall which someone not looking where they were going could career into, could injure themselves on , I employed the postcard solution again. Family and friends knew that my favourite postcards depict sunsets and sunrises and my sunny door was born.

Yesterday I took them down and packed them away for the move.


Oh my, the memories of the last 18 years that were evoked. Postcards from my parents, now both gone, from the cruises my Dad and step-mother took, the coach holidays my Mum had with her buddies to Guernsey, Ireland and Beachy Head. Just seeing their handwriting was lovely.

Then there were the ones from my sons-Mr J’s gap year and his impressions of life in Spain and Berlin. The growing family of Mr T’s first just three of them, and memories of a step- granddaughter attempting a Zorba dance in Greece, the addition of little brother, then little Miss F as a baby. Mr B and his gap year and his travels to New York. I had weekend away , just me and and Mum, and we went to Bath, tried the waters, trod in the footsteps of Romans and Jane Austin.

All there in postcards on the back of a door- 18 years of precious memories.

Once we are allowed to visit places again just for the sheer pleasure of it, I shall be buying postcards to send , and I will certainly be starting a new sunny postcard door in the hall cupboard of the new home we are moving to next week.

Love to know if anyone else has a postcard display- did/ will you still send postcards?

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  1. I had a huge collection of postcards which I parted with many after my husband died. I still have the collection of postcards he sent me (one each day) as he and his Mother did a roadtrip from New York to Florida. I still send postcards occasionally. I enjoyed this post about postcards and it brought back a lot of memories of the excitement of getting a postcard in the mail from friends on holiday!

    • Thanks Tierney. Sadly one can’t keep everything so what is kept has to matter, and I think those postcards from TTQH are to be cherished.

  2. I had never thought about using doors to display cards until I moved into my little trailer. Wall space is at a premium and mostly full so I started taping cards I received to the den door which I passed many timed a day. No one sends postcards often these days though I have received a few. I keep all of them and especially homemade cards. I have saved postcards from my own trips but usually send a card with lengthy letters inside. Post card just won’t do for that. I too love sending and receiving cards or snail mail. My circle to send to is getting smaller though. I love this idea of closet doors being used. Next project coming up.

  3. I have kept many of the postcards received over the years; they are in a box in my cedar chest! I love your sunset cupboard, a great tradition to help make the new house home!

    • I’m beginning to get very excited now at the move. Reading the postcards is all part of saying farewell to this part of my life.

  4. What a wonderful collection of memories.
    You’re absolutely right; postcards are wonderful. I found a load in the box of my Dad’s that I mentioned on Sunday. They were amazing dating back a hundred years or so. I found a fabulous set too of unused ones of Clovelly.
    The only postcards I receive these days are not from holidays, but from friends letting me know they’re thinking about me or thanking me or from nieces with pics of babies/small children. They too are lovely, but they don’t create the same history holiday postcards make. So great you have kept yours to treasure.

    • You have put my thoughts so well. My son’s impression of Madrid was hilarious- nothing to do was his verdict! Mum told me that she hadn’t jumped from Beachy Head, relief! The personality of the sender comes through which is what I loved. I love old postcards too , and have bought a few of Pickering over the years- one complaining in the 1920s about her temporary digs!

  5. I have definitely sent and received post cards over the years – some very great memories in the ones I have kept!

    • That’s terrific- and they become more valuable to you as time goes on.

      • They do! Many years ago when I was little, an aunt and uncle of mine took a sailboat trip down the east coast of the US and into the Caribbean, and my aunt sent me lovely postcards the whole way. I had saved them all these years, and recently sent the cards to their grandson, as then he would have souvenirs of his grandparents’ big adventure. It was a wrench letting them go, but then they will stay in that branch of the family 🙂

        • I bet he really appreciated them and that was a wonderful gesture by you. Not only the trip, but the handwriting and a real connection to them, and oh my what a super trip.

          • It really was an awesome trip. And my aunt took the time to pick out great cards from each location and tell what they were doing and something about the places. I loved those postcards 🙂

  6. I’ve been a Postcrossing member for almost three years and love sending a receiving cards. I categorize the ones I get into different themes and display them in clear plastic pockets in a large file. I haven’t sent any since before the lock down as I’m not sure if they would all reach their foreign destinations but once things have eased up I’ll start sending again.

    • I think I shall really have to look into this as it sounds such fun, and must make the post exciting. Bet you are looking forward to starting again.

      • You should give it a go Cathy, membership is free and as it’s all random it’s always a surprise who/where you send cards to and get them from. You can specify the things you like so you could get lots of sunset cards, also you build up your own album on the website and can look at other members’ albums – have a look at the website and see what you think, it’s a very interesting hobby 🙂

        • You have convinced me to try it. Something new for the summer- if I can’ t travel, then let the places come to me via postcards.

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Oh, how wonderful to have all those snap shots of memories. In our old house we used to have a postcard notice board but have never had one here. As you say it is not that often you get them these days

    • I had a good start on my sunny door as middle son went off on his gap year travels quite soon after we moved, and Mum used to do lots of coach trips. Reading them has formed part of my leaving this time of my life behind and getting ready for the next one.

  8. I used to keep postcards displayed on the wall of my makings room – they came down last year when I needed more space for storing dies. My friend Alys belongs to Postcrossing and is always trying to talk me into joining up. She loves it and I keep her supplied with postcards of my artwork that she sometimes sends out ….. She sends and receives postcards from all over the world and loves making contact with new people and seeing the pretty pics and designs that come in.

    • I think I shall have to look into postcrossing after we move, it sounds right up my street. I also buy art cards from exhibitions and museums not being able to afford the originals .

  9. What a lovely collection. I have some special postcards (I get very few) on my fridge held in place with fridge magnets. I also have even more and birthday and similar cards in boxes upstairs.

    • Oh yes the birthday cards etc- I have a lot of them you won’t be surprised to know. I have spent a long time this week enjoying them instead of throwing or packing them!

  10. I’m always amazed that most holiday destinations – and even not so touristy places – still have racks of postcards for sale. I can’t remember the last time I sent or received one. It used to be fun on holiday to choose a suitable card for somebody and think about what to write on it in such a small space.

    • Absolutely and then see if you could race it home. It’s even getting harder to find places other than post offices that sell stamps to put on the cards.

  11. I did used to send them, but I then realised I was the only person in my family and friends that did anymore. It’s kind of a shame. I’m a member of postcrossing but I kind of got out of it really. It’s lovely that you had a trip down memory lane when you put away your cards. x

    • Reading the ones from others and even the one I had sent from Bath really triggered memories and was lovely. I don’t know many people sho send them anymore and I think we have lost smething precious.

  12. I don’t send postcards, but a while back whenever someone on my team at work would travel they would bring back a postcard for everyone. My whole cubicle wall is covered is various people’s adventures. Makes me a bit sad to think of them there with no one to admire them as we’re all working from home!

    • What a lovely thing for your team to do, hopefully you’ll soon be able to travel and find new ones to share with everyone. It must really brighten up the office.

  13. It’s getting harder to find places that sell postcards, don’t you find? When you are settled in your new home, you must tell me your address and I will send you some nice garish Queensland tropical sunsets 🙂

    • Kate I would love that, thank you. It is getting harder to find postcards, you are right and sometimes in seaside places abroad they are getting distinctly tatty, having hung around for several years!

      • If the worst comes to the worst, I will make my own! I have plenty of fabric scraps that would make a pretty accurate screaming orange and pink sunset!

  14. deemallon said:

    I laughed at the image of boys running circles in the house and bonking into a door! And the poignancy of all those messages! After my sister died, I found a BIG pile of postcards my brother had sent her from Europe as a young man. I sent them to him. He was so grateful to have memory evoked, especially as he had no other record of that time.

    • The age gap between my sons is quite big so it became a game sometimes, and sometimes a way of getting away from the others. How lovely for your brother to have those cards back agai. I can believe he treasures them.

  15. claire93 said:

    hope you’ve got a postcard album to store all of these away nicely, so you can flick through in the new house, and enjoy those memories again.

    • I used to stick them in an album or scrap book- I will try hard not to relegate them to a shoe box at the back of a cupboard.

  16. Postcards and letters both. I love them, and I collect them. Last year, I made a friend who stayed in Germany for one year during his studies, and had started writing letters to his friends home because he felt lonely. When it was time for him to go home, we agreed that we wanted to continue to write letters to each other (even though we use the same social media platform). It’s great conversing that way! It’s slow, sure, but it’s so personal, and each of his letters makes my day.
    A lot of my family doesn’t care much for postcards or writes the usual “the weater is nice, we’re going on a lot of walks”, so I’ve dialt the number of cards we write home down, but we still send Christmas cards to the rest of the family and to friends, and they are always welcome.

    It’s great that you can put them up in your new house, I guess you’ll feel right at home!!

    • How lovely that your friend is still writing proper letters. The day a real letter drops on the mat is such a joy. They have to self isolate now in the garage for a while, and the anticipation grows. I wait to open them till I am nice and relaxed with a cup of something.
      You are right seeing the postcards on the new door will make it feel like home.

  17. I love post cards. I don’t get them very often. When my Mother-in-law travels, she sends them. I also get some from a friend when she travels. I still have all the post cards my Aunt used to send me when I was a kid. I do buy them when I go to new places and usually include them in my scrapbook pages. Post cards are wonderful. I love your story about your post cards. Such memories.

  18. There’s something special about snail mail, especially postcards, isn’t there? You may recall that I am a member of Postcrossing (www.postcrossing.com), so I enjoy sending and receiving cards from all over the world. I keep them bundled in a pretty ribbon in a special box, and take them out once in a while to look at them … but I also have an inspiration board where I can display them. I haven’t sent any cards since the lockdown, though, as I don’t want to put more stress on an already overburdened postal system, but as things begin to return to some sort of normalcy, I shall start sending again. Your collection is lovely!

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