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Yarn Along- May 2020

I am finally knitting something from my 2020 Gonna do list- any guesses what that might be? I have chosen a book from my own TBR pile- might as well use this time to tackle the classics. Apparently it features on many lists of books people say they have read but haven’t. Not quite sure why people want to pretend to have read something they haven’t but there you are. Just for fun, you can find such a list here There are 200 on it, and in case you were wondering, you weren’t? Anyway I have read 73  of the 200 listed, which apparently makes me number 938 out of 6429 people, I assume of books read by me , anyway it gives me lots more to read, although there are some I wouldn’t give house room too, let alone read. I’m rambling, too much time locked down.

Do pop over to Ginny’s for some more yarning along

Yarn Along {May}

Comments on: "Yarn Along- May 2020" (25)

  1. Something nice and light then! Sorry so late catching up with blog reading – and you would have distracted me further with the book link, but it’s not working 😦

  2. How is Crime and Punishment going? When I lived in China, books written in English were hard to come by but I did get a copy of this. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into it and was relieved when my parents arrived with some Margaret Atwood books instead.

  3. The yarn is gorgeous! It looks so wearable.

  4. I wish I could read and knit at the same time – ha! I need to focus on one or the other. I could not get the link for the list of books you posted. I was curious to see how many I’ve read.

  5. I obviously need to get a life as I’ve read 92 of the books on the list and rank 373rd which is amazing as I have only read one of the Harry Potters and none of the George R. Martins. What a weird list though.
    As for ‘Crime and Punishment’ – it’s an apt title I feel – certainly I felt miserable enough when reading it.

    • It’s not an easy read for sure. 92 books is very good, I have read the HP books but not Game of Thrones. Congratulations on being 373rd, and that means I dropped down a place!

  6. That’s a pretty different list, but I had actually read 60, and there were several that I should read, but hadn’t thought of.🙂

  7. I got to 66, which isn’t too bad. Some of them puzzled me a bit; why would they be on a ‘must read’ list…?

  8. Not a clue on what you’re knitting, and as I’m doing so poorly with the 2 classics I’ve started, don’t have nerve enough to look at a list of 200. 😱

  9. No clue what it will be yet – but look forward to seeing your latest creation.

  10. Interesting the 200 books. (and the last ‘t’ is missing off the link.) I din’t see that you are supposed to click or something but I counted 52 that I had read. That’s if you don’t have to have read all the Bible.

    • Sorry I was in too much of a rush- too much to arrange re move! I clicked on each book and it gave me a tally at the end!

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