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Then there were four.

Pulled myself together and I have done some knitting. Without further ado here is the latest animal from my Deramores pack. Meet Abigail the Alligator.

A rather fabulous specimen.

And much gentler than you would give credit for.

Here with Herbert the elephant, a snake who is a boy called Sue and Geraldine Giraffe.

They asked me very nicely if they could be part of the Lockdown Bear Hunt. I couldn’t see why not, as I didn’t like to mention that strictly speaking it should be bears in a bear hunt.

The lounge window can’t be seen from the road so they trooped upstairs.

Then they insisted I go down to the road to see what they looked like.

So I did.

That should scare the nighbourhood!

Friday Jottings!

It’s a long time since I wrote a knit and natter post- I stopped sometime last year when we were house hunting and knitting took a back seat, I’m still not knitting that much. In fact I’m not doing much of my usual stuff on account of Covid- 19, usual life has just stopped.

But there are things to be said, and things I can share which may resound with you, or not, a place where we can be honest and say yes we are frightened and we don’t like what’s happening, and we don’t understand why, but we will be good citizens and try to stay home, try to stay active and well, and we miss our family and friends, and we are scared for them, and everything is a displacement activity.

So I am creating Friday Jottings, where we can cheer each other on, chat to each other, maybe have a giggle or a moan.

Why Jottings- unashamedly pinching the word jottings from the book I am reading at the moment -Summer Lease by John Mortimer- one of the characters has a weekly column in a paper which he calls his Jottings.

Something nice about the word, jottings- implies things written on the back of an envelope or scrap of paper. I write a lot of lists on random bits of paper- things to do, things to find, phone calls to make. I love a good list, for the sheer pleasure of crossing things of- it makes me feel I doing something.

So after eight days of effort with solicitors, estate agents, emails, phone calls, internet research, and would you believe a phone call FROM my MP in response to my cry for help, we managed to get a months delay agreed on our house purchase. It is a relief to know that we are not squatting in this house, but I am very sad because I was expecting that today we would be moving into our new house, that this weekend I would be welcoming family to our home, meeting the new neighbours, exploring local countryside. Instead of which I am regretting packing some things- my paints, poetry books and parts of the stitchbook project which I have already completed.

I am trying very hard to be positive about what I do have- so far we are both well, we have a roof over our heads, a garden to walk in, and although I had virtually emptied the freezer we have food, and my family is OK.

Everyone has their own story. I realised that last week when I did my first queued shop at Lidl. There were three chaps behind me , it wasn’t long before two of them realised they knew each other by sight. The chap behind me told them he was still working as a delivery driver, he was tired and worried as he had no protection. He was shopping as he was the one going out of the house and he preferred his wife and children stayed safely at home. Then being blokes their talk turned to football, and how sorry they felt for Liverpool who are just two wins away from winning the league, and how would some of the clubs survive financially. The lady in front of me had been having a long phone call to her Mum, working out what shopping she needed. Then we swapped our stories- she has two daughters, one sent home from Uni- clearly a well organised Uni- she was getting online tuition and work to complete. Her other girl should have been doing A Levels, hoping to go onto Uni in the Autumn- now no exams, and her holiday job in a local cafe gone too, money needed for her future.

I wonder what is your story, how are you managing with a stalled life?

I notice that the on-line social media jokes about toilet paper have gone in favour of feel good pet videos, happy memories and upbeat positive memories which have started to grate on me, even though I know that’s just mean of me.

Any way we can get through these times is good. The mood of people reminds me of the enthusiasm with which young people volunteered as soldiers in WW1 and 2, 750,000 people who have volunteered as communty helpers, the rainbows/teddies being displayed in windows to cheer us all on, and of course lack of proper equipment and black marketering- make no mistake some people will make their fortunes from these times. And heros will appear from unlikely places.

I “met” down the aisle of the supermarket one of our elderly library regulars, we stood the two metres away to stay safe ( described on the radio farming today programme as being the length of a cow) . She is missing her friend Sylvia who has gone to stay with her daughter- they always came to the library together for a natter after doing their market day shopping- no more market, no more library and no more friendly chats. She can’t even see her family……

At the moment cookery is my salvation- I try sewing, and my heart isn’t in it, but looking in the fridge, finding half a pack of mushrooms and turning them into soup which was delicious beyond belief did give satisfaction. I wonder what activity is helping you this week?

I’m told lots of shops now want you to do contactless card payments- we don’t have these cards. I tried phoning the bank- one hour on the phone listening to musac before giving up didn’t help. Next attempt might be to drive 12 miles to the bank to see if I can do it in person…..

As Joni Mitchell sang “You don’t know what you have till it’s gone”. How true.

Last night I joined in the 8pm clapping for everyone who is going out to work still to show my appreciation. Tonight I read people are asked to go outside to shine a torch skywards to remember all those who caught Covid-19 and lost their lives. The really sad thing for families who loose someone now for whatever cause is that they can’t come together to grieve and remember their loved ones and hold a proper funeral. Sad times.

Let’s see if I can find a nice picture to cheer us all on to end this post.

There you go, taken April 2018, flower display in Whitby.

Now just like back in the days of Knit and Natter posts, I hand this post over to you, please feel free to jump into the comments, chat to each other, leave links….

Stay safe, stay well,




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