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Friday Jottings- #3

It will be alright in the end, and if it isn’t alright now, that’s because it’s not the end!

I do like a cliche- I recall reading once a cliche wouldn’t be a cliche if it weren’t so darned accurate!

Did everyone manage to enjoy a bit of the Easter break? I did my best, with the decorations, the food and the chocolate, thinking about the meaning of Easter, and loving seeing new life.

I missed my family so much- it was always a time when I would bring my sons North to stay with their Grandad, and when we moved here, they in turn would visit me. Last year it was Mr J and family, 2018 Mr and Mrs T and these tykes.

Gosh how little they look.

Mr J though did an amazing thing, he managed to get the whole extended family onto Zoom ( I was under the impression that this was something Buzz Lightyear did to infinity and beyond, but apparently not). He convinced Mr E to let it come onto my tablet (since deleted on grounds that Mr E doesn’t trust it), and we had a family quiz on Good Friday evening.

There we all are. Mr E was sorting out a wire or something Mrs M ( top left) is out of shot and both missed the group pic. Look how grown up Little Miss F looks now- 2nd to bottom row to the right. Participants ranged in age from 2 to 70 years. Mr J is top left with Pre-teen H. I can’t tell you how absolutely wonderfulย  it was to see everyone, to laugh and joke and be silly- he even had us do a scavenger hunt half way through whch saw Mr E in the garden picking leaves and herbs, and me fetching

Herbert to be the model animal we had to find. Ifย  you want time out with your family I can heartily recommend a family quiz night.

My mood has perked up, can you tell? The front garden is weeded, and I sewed some wild flower seeds, who knows if they will come up. I have been few walks- having trouble getting photos off my camera at the moment or I would share some- nice project for the weekend, fettle camera/computer interface- well I won’t but Mr E might.

Mr T and I are doing some family history, he was so excited to see his Granny arrive into Southampton after the war on the passenger lists. He is concentrating on his grandparents, and I have to confess to not having researched them at all, as I know or think I know their back stories. If you have not researched your family history I can really recommend it as an activity that completely and totally absorbs one for hour upon hour. Sometimes it’s hard to stop to go and make food.

I’ve stopped fretting about all the things I can’t do because I packed them materials/ supplies away in house moving boxes, I’m trying instead to look at what I haven’t yet packed and work out what I can do.

I don’t think I am ever going to get used to the stress I feel in the supermarket, it’s horrible and it’s just something you have to get through, like period pain. Can I say that? One of the few advantages of getting old is the end of that.

We are still well, we have food and shelter, my family is alright ( they tell me that without commuting costs, stupid take-out coffees and lunches, outings with children they are saving money) and so far all can work from home. So right now , right this minute we are alright, and as to the moving/not moving, well to take a leaf from Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind which I am reading again, I’ll think about that situation tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day.

So how is everyone? Are you coping better or are things tougher? What is working well for you?

Please use the comments to pass on thoughts and tips, do take care,ย  and stay safe and well, you are all so precious to me.

Cathy, xx


Comments on: "Friday Jottings- #3" (46)

  1. Being separated from family and friends is the worst part. I have a new appreciation for technology and social media ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay safe.

  2. That is awesome you all got onto Zoom and had a visit! I am glad you have a break from fretting as that is exhausting (speaking from recent experience) ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Glad to hear you are taking a more relaxed position on things beyond your control. Finding ways to keep the mind and hands occupied that are available is always a good call. Fresh air helps more than most realize. I think that’s what we all have to do right now. Hope your move gets underway soon. People are going a bit bonkers here already. Most have no patience.

    • I have seen the disturbances in the States. It’s hard to know if Lockdown is a sledgehammer to crack a nut, or a very sensible course of action.

  4. It’s so nice to see you had a great family time! Technology is such a wonderful thing! I had a great weekend as well, the weather was warmer so we had barbecue and chocolates, of course!:)

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Your family quiz sounds like a lot of fun!! And Herbert is adorable. I am glad your family are all well. If you have a Gmail account you can use something called Google hangouts which works a bit like zoom. There is also an app for the smart phone. We’re using it with my mum so she can talk and see my kids. Keep well

    • I was surpised at what a difference it made being able to see people as well as speak to them, it was also the thrill of being in a big group of people again, just like when you go to any family gathering and the aunts and uncles and cousins, nephews, nieces are there. Your Mum must really value that connection with you all.
      Have a good weekend, and I am looking forward to your six on Saturday! Stay well, xx

  6. Cathy, you sound soooo much better, isn’t it amazing what family time can do. The idea of a family quiz night/scavenger hunt sounds just brilliant! Zoom is a good program, if it makes Mr. E feel any better, it is what my daughter uses to teach Latin with everyday, (selected by her school, years ago.) I wish I were there and could go shopping for you, or better yet, zap you and Mr. E here, where you would be much safer. Still only 20 cases in our half of the state (about 150 miles x 150 miles). Enjoy the sunshine, and absorb that Vitamin D. Family history sounds like the perfect distraction for you! Have a great weekend!

    • I wish we could transport ourselves to you too. It must seem very strange to you to have to do this social distancing with so few cases near you.
      Some company did a survey and found Ryedale where we live reported 98% compliance with social distancing and that we were top of the UK for doing as we were asked. I expect we must have poorly people here but we don’t know how many, so far I have only read in the newspaper death announcements of one death attributed to Covid-19. We have two hospitals one 30 miles away and the other 20 miles away, both have had deaths there.
      I go out every day- sometimes just in the garden, sometimes for shopping and sometimes for a walk, but I have no wish to go out more. I am lucky that I like being at home and have a wide variety of interests. I try to choose something different to do every day.
      I hope you have a good weekend, and stay safe and well.

      • Looking forward to transplanting the cold crop veggies today, we are supposed to have a lovely, warm spring day!

        It has been odd, but it has helped that the businesses have been able to stay open if they do curb side service and limit numbers in their stores, so I am glad for them!

        I am helping my kiddos do their last preps before they record their recital pieces next weekend. The little ones are pretty excited about being on YouTube, and of course world premiere sounds quite impressive! I am aiming for May 11. More on that later! ๐Ÿ˜„

        • I bet the children are excited- You Tube is a big thing. I am very appreciative of all businesses that have found a way to keep going. Good luck with the gardening.

          • Thanks Cathy! The plants are all getting a good watering with a little spring snow that melts almost as soon as it touches the ground today.

  7. Lovely that you could have a family get-together through Zoom. My parents donโ€™t want to use it, which is such a shame.
    Anyway, I am pleased that your family is doing okay, indeed seeing advantages, at this time. So far, Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™ve saved any money, as Iโ€™ve ended up having to buy certain things in bulk due to suppliers not offering smaller quantities, for example. However, I hope that the knock-on effect of this will be a reduction in outgoings moving forward.

    • Please tell your parents how much we enjoyed seeing the family on Zoom. An hours worth of fun really lifted my spirits so much. Once we made the connection we could hear my nephew telling his Mum what to do next and we followed his instructions on how to produce sound. His Mum- lady next to me has even less technical know how than me!
      I am sure that those bulk supplies will show up beneficially in your budget in the next month! Now we shop only once a week instead of twice the supermarket bill looks high till I remind myself that it is for a week and not half a week.
      I hope you have a great weekend, and stay well.

  8. Glad you had a good Easter with family ๐Ÿ™‚
    I can’t think of anything else to say. Everything is so absolutely awful here – people are starving, looting shops, protesting, burning schools, terrible food shortages, insufficient testing facilities, insufficient help for homeless people, etc. I shouldn’t have said this, perhaps, after your lovely uplifting post, but I live in a country that is a strange mix of first and third world, and the frustration and desperation are palpable. Some people are able to maintain a sense of optimism, and I’m not usually too bad with that in the mornings, but by late afternoon and evening, on this ## day of what feels like total economic disaster for South Africa, I’m definitely on the other side of it.
    Maybe you should delete this comment, Cathy !??
    Lots of love, xxx

    • It does me good to be reminded that not being able to move house and to stand two metres from someone in a supermarket and complain of empty shelevs is very much a first world problem. Riots and food shortages were predicted here when the populace voted for Brexit, so far everyone has rallied and food banks are still getting supplies although demand has gone up.
      I can imagine that SA might be a frightening place to be now, where first and third world exists sde by side. I can imgine that life is pretty horrible for you, fear giving way to violence.
      This post is exactly the place to make these comments, and I will not be deleting yours. I hope if you can come here every week and say how it is may help in some small way. It has certainly made me appreciate how lucky I am.
      Do take care, stay safe and well, and much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. My latest post just about says it all for me. I certainly agree with you and everyone else about the dreaded grocery shopping. And glue!! Forget food, hand sanitizer, wipes or toilet paper — I’m in contant fear I’ll run out of glue sticks for my collages! ๐Ÿ˜† Our craft store, a big chain in North America, is only doing curbside pickup these days, and I think I’m going to give it a try and place an order. Other than my glue and craft supply woes (which aren’t, really), we are happily sheltering in place and staying well.

    • When I packed my boxes of craft stuff I sealed them as I went. Husband didn’t stick down his boxes and now they are all half packed, so he has half filled boxes and stuff everywhere, but he has managed to produce some much needed things including double sided tape and elastic!
      I am now thinking of placing an order on-line for some crafty things that I know I don’t have at all- some aperture cards for a start.
      For crafty people these supplies are esential for mental good health.
      Stay in shelter and stay well. xx

  10. Your Zoom evening sounds wonderful and I have a suggestion for your man to check out before the next one. If he doesn’t already know about these 2 Silicon Valley zines, he should: CNET and ZDNET. Both are dot coms. I searched each of them for “zoom” and found several articles on how to set up the current app to make it safer.
    (Hope that will relieve his worries and perhaps give him something to do.)
    Sorry I couldn’t think of anything similar for you, but perhaps occupying him will give you more time to… enjoy your garden?!
    Glad to “read” you so much cheerier this Friday! Take care, both of you! xoxo

    • Thank you for the tech info which I will certainly pass on. He has since 3D printed me a sliding cover that goes over the camera! mr E is big on reading stuff on the internet and relaying every conspiracy theory he comes across to me!
      Have a good weekend and stay safe. xx

      • Good for Mr. E & his printer… I would simply leave the camera unplugged, or put a piece of tape over the opening. Guess that’d be too low tech. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You are very kind and patient to listen to him.
        Hope you have a quiet and safe weekend, too! xoxo

  11. What fun! A family online quiz! Next year may it be a different hands-on celebration, but for now it sounds like it was still a fun Easter. Stay safe!

    • We have plans to rent a house and have what we call a family Fest, hoping against hope we will be able to do that, and have a real life family quiz.

      • That sounds amazing. Not sure of your taste in house (obviously!) but if you have been watching The Nest on tv, that beautiful glass house on a Scottish loch is for rent!

  12. The big advantage of having all your friends and family far away is that you’re used to only seeing them on Skype or FaceTime or whatever. The disadvantage, of course, is that when all this is over, they’ll *still* be far away…
    You do sound a bit happier, and I’m so glad. I’m not feeling much distress from my confinement to quarters. I potter happily, the stove is cleaner than it’s been for months, poor Mouse is suffering from vacuum-cleaner-neurosis, and my quilt work is roaring along at a rate of knots. I haven’t picked up a library book for days, although my own books are being revisited.

    • Poor Mouse, it’s for his own good though tell him. Does he have a face mask too?
      Yes I imagine that you are used to connecting with your family via the internet, this illness just makes it harder for you all.
      I have a well swabbed front door and letter box, I hate the idea of the Postie being made ill by one the public.
      I have just slowed down, I wonder why now I was always in such an artificial hurry to do everything and get onto the next thing and the next thing.

      • I’d happily make Mouse a mask if I thought it would last 10 seconds on his face. It’d be off and destroyed in short order, and even if he wore it, it would be soggy very quickly from his cold wet nose. Our postie delivers from a moped; everyone’s mailbox is on their front boundary, and he just zooms along and shoves stuff in as he passes, so he’s safe enough ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Glad to hear that you had a bit of fun over Easter. Families are so important aren’t they. Being over seventy I am avoiding supermarkets but my son tells me the experience is no fun so I sympathise. Not having the courage to brave the supermarket I am getting my son to bring me some things when he goes shopping which also means that I see him briefly when he delivers the stuff which makes me happy. I wonder when we will be able to go back to our Wednesday suppers together. I did go to the greengrocers yesterday as most of what I eat is fruit and vegetables and the social distancing was tricky but it was a fairly quick experience.
    I too try not to think more than a day ahead.
    As to books, not wanting to borrow ebooks from the library I am choosing from my extensive collection. At present, wanting a book I hadn’t read for a long time but that I had good feelings about, I am reading “Appointment with Venus” set in an imaginary Channel Island in 1940 about the rescue of a cow. Dated but charming. It was my mothers and I first read it in my teens.

    • My neighbours in their 70s aren’t going out anymore. I occasionally hear them in the garden but can’t see them to chat, their son comes over once a week with shopping. It must be nice to see your son even if you can’t hug him or share a meal, maybe when it gets warmer you can have a picnic in your garden together. Supermarkets are never fun but now they are an ordeal.
      As it happens I have to go to the buidling society next week, in a town 10 miles away, quite looking forward to being in a different place and seeing what shops they have open. I might even be able to top up craft supplies… never knew how much I would miss glue, now it’s packed away somewhere.
      I’ve not heard of the book you mention but how nice to read one’s of your Mum’s . I was thrilled that when I unpacked my Easter bits I had kept a card from Mum- it had pride of place.
      Have a good weekend, xx

  14. Hello. So glad you’re feeling perkier. And so pleased you had a lovely Easter get together with your family. A big thing I think this time is trying to teach us is to live in the moment and appreciate what we have.
    Biggest question from me though is, how do you have a zoom scavenger hunt. It’s LH’s birthday today and we’re having a surprise zoom birthday party for him this evening and I’m thinking in might be a nice thing to add to our plans.

    • Zoom scavenger hunt- J put a screen shot of the list we all had to get- feather, model animal, the oldest most out of date item of food in your cupboard, 5 bonus points to the one with oldest, as many types of pasta as you can produce, a toilet roll, fresh herbs etc. Mrs C top right won the most out of date food- 2005! We all had toilet roll and one family who shall be nameless, but not one of mine had 7 different types of pasta. Then J called out each thing and we had to wave it in front of the screens as proof.
      As to the quiz- we had a general knowldege round which Mr E and I won, but for us it was all down hill after that, with rounds on Films, song lyrics and and children’s TV. We had some lucky guesses or those rounds. It was lovely just to laugh and chat as a family.
      Hope LH has a good time. I think it would be fun, and please let me know how it goes.
      Happy Birthday LH!

      • Thank you. Your party sounds as if it was a lot of fun. We had a fab time last night – couldn’t do it until evening because eldest was working. It was a total surprise to hubby – which was great. We didn’t even finish the games we had planned, so no need for a scavenger hunt, but I will definitely see if they’re all up for one once I’ve written one. Your tips/explanation are very useful thank you. I need to think hard though as eldest is in a flat with no garden, is not big on possessions and only been there 8 months and littlest is staying at her fiances mum’s house so can’t send her rooting through too many places.

        • Youngest son is doing a quiz with his work mates tonight. Thay have added in a scavenger hunt too, but as all are couples or singletons in flats their variation, is to find a book, a magazine, a computer game, a film and a bottle of alcohol- one extra point for all items that Mr B and Mrs G don’t own themselves! Endless variations!
          So glad LH had a good time , I bet just seeing everyone gave him such a boost!

          • Yes, I’ve already had a few thoughts. Although hubby is not liking the idea. Probably sounds like he might need to get up of the sofa when he could be sat playing something different :-/

  15. I also spend time on zoom with my small family and we often do quizzes or play some silly trivia game one of them has – it is a lovely way to spend a few hours. Almost as good as being there really except I don’t have to go out on a cold wet night ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad you are feeling chirpier. I decided a while ago to just shut up and get on with it – everything is just fine really – we are the lucky ones of the world if our families are safe and well, our houses are warm and dry and we have enough food to eat. This will pass – and then probably return and then pass again. The black plague took 500 years to work its way through Europe and die out. We have to learn to be kinder to nature and be grateful for what we have. Well, that’s not me shutting up is it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good weekend Cathy – I loved GWTW. I read it twice in my twenties and saw the movie two or three times. I think the book is better. It was the first huge epic I read I think and after that I got stuck into all the James A Micheners that were being published at the time.

    • Now I have got used to life with boxes and 2 metre distancing I am getting on better. Maybe a little odder than before- I dusted the boxes yesterday along with the furniture I can reach still, and I did find myself socially distancing myself from a lady blackbird! GWTW is perfect escapism and I have some good big books on my shelves to re-read. I think the best thing I have got out of the current situation is that I have slowed down in everything I do, the need to rush has gone. Who would ever have though that one day a good niight out would be in and involve games over the internet with family! Have a good weekend.

  16. I’m so glad that you could hang out with the family over Easter! We didn’t do that, but at least we spoke on the phone, which is also nice. Also, HOORAY for getting better at coping with the situation, I hope shopping will be a little easier for you, too, and I hope that you find everything you need and that people are kind and reasonable! (I’ve gotten better at dealing with the situation and have started to work on the PhD again) Have a great weekend!! I hope you get lots of sunshine!

    • That is such good news Julia, you must be doing much better to be getting on with the PHD, you’re a brainy lady for sure. I did an OU degree in my 40s, that was my limit- I got a 2.1 and realised that was the best i could do, but to be doing a PHD is something else.
      The supermarket is still an ordeal, but at least I didn’t wake up dreading the trip this week.
      being outside really does help my mood, hope the weekend weather is kind to us all. Have a good weekend too.

  17. I’m so pleased to hear you are feeling more chirpy. It sounds like you had a wonderful family night and maybe you should make it a weekly thing. My two daughters in the U.K., who are in different flats but 5 minutes walking distance from each other, play online Monopoly together and with other friends plus some other more gaming type games that I’ve never got into myself.
    Strange you should say you’re having trouble getting the photos off your phone onto the PC – I’m having a similar problem with my actual camera. Frustrating isn’t it?
    Funny how a routine thing such as going to the supermarket is now something to put off until completely necessary and get over with as quickly as possible. Although, saying that, it’s not really that bad in the bit of France I live in and the only thing difficult to find at the moment is flour.
    I read ‘Gone With The Wind’ when I used to take the train to my school in London from Surrey and it was an enormous hardback copy from the library which was probably heavier than all my school books put together. I loved it and the film too although I could never understand the Ashley Wilkes v Rhett Butler dilemma as Ashley is such a drip.
    My family history is murky and, as I think I’ve told you before, some of what I know is bad enough without digging any further ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    I hope your chirpiness continues – I don’t like to think of you being sad.

    • I have a paperback version of GWTW- it’s a 1000 pages so I can imagine how heavy the hardback version must have been. Since Scarlett clearly doesn’t understand Ashley Wilkes one bit, he must have been very good looking!
      Supermarket shopping was never fun, but now its an ordeal.
      Online monoploy sounds fun-my youngest son is gaming on-line with his oldest nephew. Generations coming together.
      Even last nights three weeks lock down extention hasn’t phased me yet- will probably do so once negotiations on contratcs have to start again.

    • Quick question. Whereabouts in Surrey did you grow up?

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