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Staying at Home

Monday night’s broadcast  from the UK Prime Minister was very clear -Stay at Home. Tuesday morning our removal firm following advice from the British Association of Removers (BAR), said we would not be moving next week, we could postpone or cancel. We have that decision on hold.

Next step contact solicitor to arrange a delay, sounds sensible and straight forward. However we have a legally binding contract with consequences if you fail to fullfill completion and move when you said you would. I have emailed our MP in the rather remote hope that the government can enforce us not to have to complete at this time.  We shall see what happens.

Meantime box packing has stopped and I have  moved some boxes into our guest bedroom out of the way so that at least some of the house does not look like a warehouse. Garage clearing continues as we have a skip on the drive which will be collected on Friday.

The only thing really keeping my spirits up today, are the lovely blogs full of humour, creativity and pictures from gardens and walks. Please keep posting everyone. We are going to need each other, I know I need you.

Dreaming of summer to come………… Stay healthy everyone. xx

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  1. Wow that photo at the end of the post was so lovely! Will it be summer someday?!? 🙂
    Yes reading blogs is helping cheer me up too!

  2. How beautiful that garage is going to be once you’ve cleared it, Cathy! And how satisfied you can feel. Exhausted, also, possibly, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you’ve not exhausted yourselves. 😉 Hope you’ve gardens with lovely flowers poking up somewhere near to brighten your day! xx Be safe. 🌷 🌼

  3. […] isn’t getting done because I’m being entertained by people working! Unlike my friend Cathy at NanaCathy2 in the UK, the movers for my new neighbors are going to be allowed to come and do their job of […]

  4. My goodness, not a good time for you. There’s a good and informative article on the Which? website. I hope it’s all resolved for you soon. I’ve posted gardeny things today!

  5. Delayed not cancelled, just keep thinking that. My sister was supposed to be moving out of her home on 1st April for a year, going travelling in a camper van across the world from the UK eventually to Australia – until today she was still planning on moving into the van as the house tenant was pressing to move in. Luckily it’s all on hold and they’ll both stay where they are for at least three weeks beyond 1st April. Uncertain times. It will pass. Enjoy the garden and the giggles online to retain your sanity.

    • Thank you for your wise words. Delayed no cancelled. I can imagine your sister’s disappointment but her safety must come first. I’m lucky to have a garden to enjoy, both by working there and in seeing Spring work its magic.

      • Safety is definitely paramount. Keep imagining when this is all over and life gets back to ‘normal’ or your next adventure begins.

  6. Hope things were sorted out Cathy? What a stressful time it is xx

    • All of us wll be facing uncertainty and disruption, in some ways it is an incredible distraction for us from the underlying causes of the problems that has caused this situation.

  7. Gosh, I’m sorry you have all these extra worries on your plate at this time. But you are resilient, and things will work out somehow. I haven’t seen what measures Boris has put in place in the last 24 hours, been concentrating on the situation here but I’ll have a look now. As of 12 midnight today, South Africa is on complete lock down. I won’t even be allowed to visit my mother (83), who lives alone 40 minutes away.
    For people working with the homeless, there are still quite a few issues up in the air. Temporary shelter needs to be provided by the City, which includes sanitation facilities, food provision, etc. It’s going to be a very tough one.

    • In time most governments ask people to stay home, and not see people outside their immediate household. Hotels here are providing accomodation to key workers and to homeless people, otherwise they are closing down. Community halls can only be used for food banks and homeless shelters. The homeless are truly vulnerable. Heartening news here was a call for 250,000 volunteers have led to 405,000 people coming forward to offer help with shopping, patient transport for the well leaving hospital and for phone contacts for those living alone. Hopefully the same will be happening in South Africa.

      • Yes, there IS a lot of kindness and generosity going around, but it’s often balanced out by negativity and those people who have a sense of entitlement. No dog walking allowed! No shopping in twos (i.e. two in a car), even if the other person is your partner or housemate.

  8. Crud and crackers! I am so sorry you are being handed so many obstacles when it would be so much better for everyone to do what is necessary to make it happen. Something needs to make this thing get settled. I’ll keep hoping for a resolution.

    • Crud and crackers- what a super expression, which I shall be using myself. Just about sums up everything. Many people have had interupted plans, special birthdays, weddings, holidays, trips out. I have just had to send my DIL an IOU for her birthday- I want to get her a Day as a beekeeper experience, but no point in getting her a time limited voucher till this is all over. One day we may start to return to normality, and in the meantime we must all try to stay healthy.

  9. Praying for the other half to get sorted ASAP so you can enjoy your rhubarb!

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Hope it all works out for you. Stay safe

  11. I hope all goes well for all, easily and soon. Stay well.

  12. The abruptness with which these decisions have had to be taken by our governments leave many aspects of our lives up in the air. House moving (especially in the UK where it is so incredibly complex) is very stressful anyway – throw lock down into the mix and BAM!! I’m imagining there are a number of folks in the same position as you and as it is not you pulling the plug you can’t be held accountable. But I can imagine your elevated sense of anxiety!! (Remember mine over posting a birthday gift 😀 ) Do keep us informed on how you are getting on – and remember ‘this too shall pass’. Hugs xo

    • Thank you, for reminding me of your birthday gift post, it makes me feel better for needing to vent my worries here. It was very hard to take that we were told to stay put and then to have the spectre of the new owner to be wanting to go ahead with the deal and charging us a high rent to live in our house. The main thing is for us to try to stay healthy, and move when the time is right. And now to try to make the house look more like a home, and less like a sorting office full of deliveries!

      • Yes! Stay well, stay calm. This too shall pass and you don’t want to be a wrung out wreck when it does. I know my situation is much different to yours. I’m one of the lucky ones where events worked out amazingly well. To alleviate my penchant for distress around issues of control I keep telling myself this is an unexpected holiday from the world – time to do whatever I like within my own walls… As I like list making, I’m currently making lists of possibilities 🙂

  13. Oh Cathy, what a dreadful bother. I see reading through the comments that you seem to be slightly more hopeful of an acceptable delay solution, and all my fingers and toes are crossed for you. Moving is stressful enough without this sort of pressure.

    • Thanks Kate for the fingers and toes crossing. I am very grateful to being able to let off steam here. I’m hopeful that we can reach agreement between parties. Very disappointed not to be moving but as the main reason was to see more of the family, it would have been hard not to and to be confined in a town where we know very few people and not be able to take advantage of better amenities, not knowing where to shop, not able to get trades people in would have been very hard going. At least staying home we know people to speak to if we see them, albiet at 2 metre distance, we can figure out places to walk if we wish and go for little drives if we get stir crazy. And when we do move, maybe the things I dreamed of doing, like taking my grandchildren swimming or to the theatre will be possible. Thanks again, and take care, love to Mouse.xx

      • It sounds as if good sense and practicality will overcome disappointment, for the time being at any rate. Fingers and toes remain at your disposal for the duration!

  14. Sorry about your house moving plans. Sounds as if it’s all down to those removers! At least the sun is shining (well it is down here). Fingers crossed that your solicitor can sort it out.

  15. I really hope this is sorted for you soon xxx

  16. What a shame that your house move is put on hold and you’re being legally penalised because of the new crisis laws – I hope your solicitor/s manage to sort something out for you. Lovely photo by the way, I wish my garden looked like that 🙂

    • Thank you, I hope we get it sorted too. I wish my garden looked that too- I should have said it is the garden at Scampston Hall!

  17. claire93 said:

    oh dear! I’m sure there must be some legal loophole lawyers/solicitors can find. At least I hope they do!

    • Good news- our purchaser has agreed to delay, just waiting for the seller of the one we want to buy. Get so worried about this I forget the rest of the world worries about toilet paper or getting poorly!

  18. Sending prayers your way that the problem will be resolved in everyone’s favor.

  19. Oh no, I hope that this won’t be too much of a hassle to sort out (moving always stresses me, and living out of and amngst boxes is no fun at all!)
    I am glad that GB is (finally HEMHEM please ignore this) measures to take this serious and I hope that you have a lot of people who can go grocery shopping for you! (or that you can have it delivered).

    That garden look absolutely amazing! It’s so beautiful – will you have a garden in your new home, too? (Having a garden is so much work, but it’s one of my dreams for the future)

    • I should have said that’s not my garden- it belongs to a property called Scampston House which we visit quite regularly. It is absolutely gorgeous. We have quite a big garden here, and one of the things we were doing in moving was getting a smaller garden. Right now I am quite glad for the bigger one- plenty to do outside and we have rhubarb. I had a nice chat over the hedge with our neighbour yesterday , she is worried about her Dad in his 90s, and trying to persuade him to move in with her on a temporary basis- he’s having none of it!

      • Okay, but even a smaller garden is beautiful!! (especially if you’re gonna have rhubarb again). We have had a similar thing here, my grandparents still do grocery shopping and so do my parents who are in their sixties. What will you do, you can’t do more than asking them to PLEASE stay home and shop for them …

        • Quite- we spotted our neighbour in his 70s making his daily walk to the shops today at 10 am, his son comes weekly and takes him shopping, so no idea why he was out and about again, and we have local volunteers offering to do the errands. That generation is just so independent.

  20. Hi Cathy, sosorry to hear about your house move, you’ve been waiting so long too! I can’t see you being penalised as it’s almost like martial law, we’re not allowed to go out. You’re not the only one either, so I wouldn’t worry , big hugs 🙂

    • Thanks Margaret for your kind and wise words. If only solicitors said “oh yes this is what we do” , instead of “The Law society is no help and I don’t know what we can do, I’ll write a letter to the other solicitors”. For goodness sake!

  21. Oh, I’m sorry about your move being postponed Cathy – I know it took you a long time to get to this stage. Is the house you bought empty or are the people still living it and having the same problem as you? What about the people who bought your house? Surely you can’t be penalised for following the Government’s instructions.
    Obviously, we have put our house selling and relocation plans on hold at the moment 🙄

    • The chap we are buying from has a flat somewhere to move into while his house purchase goes through, we persuaded him to go sooner than he wanted on 1 April, he had to cancel a ski-ing trip last week due to the virus and was packing. I’d sooner he stayed in the house rather than it sit empty. I had arranged for a firm to go in and deep clean after he left.

      The chap buying our house came on board in September- the house we were buying then had an adverse survey and after further investigations we pulled out. Meantime he – Chris had sold his and his wife’s house as they were divorcing and he moved into rented accomodation just round the corner from our house , and said he still wanted to buy our house.

      With me still- On the basis that he had to rent he then asked us to reduce our purchase price which we did. We can now see him coming back for another bite of the cherry.

      There is so much to sort out, that being able to worry about toilet rolls would be quite a nice distraction. I’m staying home as much as I can to keep Mr E safe.

      Thanks goodness we have a garden, which needs attention now, and the frogs keep me company in rather a noisy way.

      You were very wise to postpone your plans. Two days later and we would have done too. We took a gamble on getting moved and lost.

      On the plus side we are both well and so far our family is ok.

      Stay healthy and take care.xx

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