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Shine a light!

Happy Mother’s day to all of us celebrating being a Mum, loving our own Mums or remembering our Mums. Certainly a Mother’s day like no other. I’m lucky enough to have three fine sons who make me so proud I could burst. I received three cards- number two son congratulating me on perfecting my parenting skills on number one, so number two was great; number three’s that said I’d done a great job because he was perfect, and number one son sent a card with Donald Trump on the front telling me I am the greatest- of course! Flowers and chocolates came too. Lucky me.

We had phone conversations too- all coping with life under Covid 19, working from home, getting food, worrying about health of various family members, wondering how people think social distancing means go to the seaside for the day and stand next to strangers. Still if these people want to volunteer for being the herd , so be it. Just as long as they don’t then moan that there is no hospital bed for them.

We continue to pack boxes for our maybe house move, at least it’s a major distraction. I have left out two knitting projects, one quilt to finish, one embroidery project and some cross stitch, and nine books to read. Will that be enough if we have to postpone I wonder?

The library closes tomorrow at 5pm, no volunteers required , the part time staff will all come in. I cried when I read the news- we worked so hard to keep it open when funding was cut three years ago. Such a sad day.

But to the light… tonight at 7pm I shall light a candle along with lots of other people to shine a light of hope across the world.

Stay healthy everyone. xx

Magic does happen see….. ( picture taken 2019)


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  1. That is a wonderful photo and happy belated Mother’s Day!

  2. Hello Cathy,

    Sounds like you have projects and books to keep you going. Sorry to hear about your library having to close. Perhaps it can re-open in due course?

  3. Thank you for showing us that lovely photo again, so sweet.
    If your move doesn’t go ahead as planned and you find you haven’t left enough projects out of the boxes – I daresay boxes will be found and rooted through. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that though.
    Take care xxx

    • I was very careful to pack the other two quilts awaiting attention at the top of their box! It’s just the uncertainty which can be wearing and the trying to second guess. We have to pull each other up on it from time to time.

  4. Family is so important at a time like this isn’t it? Love the photo, light, happiness – what we all need. Hopefully your library will get going again when this is all over but hopefully as well you will have moved and have new opportunities for helping.

    • I hope we do manage to move , but who knows. We found another mountain of paper today to shred! We are at least kept busy and the effort means we are tired by bedtime.
      So happy to see how your family celebrated with you. That cake looked delicious.

  5. Happy Mothers Day. Our Mothers day doesn’t happen until May.
    Love your little piece of magic at the end. Delightful.

  6. Reading your sons’ response to Mother’s Day, I think you can pat yourself firmly on the back for a Job Well Done. Today, I have to head over to our tiny local library to take out all my reserved books and skulk the shelves for extras, as I don’t think they’ll be staying open much longer; the building is scarcely the size of my sewing room, and maintaining social distance between more than 3 people would be impossible. Having said that…. it’s usually just me and the lovely Sally, our local librarian! I shouldn’t worry about lighting a candle, Cathy, you’re a shining light yourself! xxxx

    • Bless you Kate for your lovely comment. I hope you find lots of really good books today to get you through the weeks to come. Take care xx

      • I didn’t have time for the extended romp through the shelves I was hoping for, but Sally the Librarian and I have an assignation later in the week! The Library has doubled our allowance and I can have *40* books out at a time!

  7. No wonder your sons love you so much! You do so much and stay positive in the most adverse of conditions. I like that you have taken care of your needs by keeping out projects to keep your sanity in check. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be let go from volunteer projects. Hopefully, somewhere down the line, a new opportunity will come your way. This move and Mr. E will be taking a great deal of your energy so maybe that’s why it’s drawing to a close for awhile. You can be very proud of your boys (men) who love and respect their mother with such love. Happy Mother’s Day. šŸ˜‰

    • Thank you for such lovely, kind and positive comment. We are spending a lot of time trying to pack, it leaves less time doing dwelling on bad things. Take care xx

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Good to hear you were spoilt with cards, chocs and flowers. But sorry to hear about the library

  9. Great to hear you had a good day despite the distance. Funnily enough my youngest sent a card that told me how wonderful she was šŸ˜‰

  10. Happy Mother’s Day, Cathy!!! How special to have such lovely messages from your sons, and know how much they are for each other, and for you two. Had not heard about the candle idea, and so missed lighting one at 2, our time. Perhaps that’s been moved over here acrossd the pond, and will check social media. Thank you sooo much for your post, and your comments. I’m grateful to know you’re still packing! Am keeping fingers crossed for you both! šŸ¤ž šŸ¤ž

    • We expect any time for the move to be cancelled, either by the government restricting movement, or the removal firm not being able to do the job, or Mr E being told to self- isolate or one of us getting poorly. The only scenario we have control over is the latter so we do our best. Take care xx

      • We’re all taking each day as it comes, Cathy. I know you’re both preparing as best you can for whatever comes. Sooner or later it will be settled, and you will survive. Sending loads of hugs your way. xxxxxxx

        • Thanks- it looks like we will bestaying at home following Government announcements last night. Sorting it out , then making the house liveable in with packing boxes everywhere will certainly stop me thinking about things too much. You have a super positive mind set and a good example to us all. Stay safe.

          • Thank you, Cathy, one can but try to do one’s best. I know how much I value all of you, my online friends.
            So it’s packing cases staying on for yet awhile… Hope it means your same new place awaits the all-clear. šŸ¤žšŸ¤ž

  11. Happy Mother’s Day to you! šŸ™‚ Ours isn’t until May, too, and I’m glad that you loved the cards and the flowers (and the chocolate, of course!!). I am still keeping my fingers crossed for your move and I am so sorry about the library – hopefully they’ll be able to reopen as soon as possible.
    I totally get being worried about elderly relatives – I never quite realised that a lot of my family is on the older side already, too, and I am really, really worried that someone is not gonna make it. I guess we can just hope, and say a prayer. Stay safe!!

    • My Aunt is still with us in her 90s. Fortunately she lives in in Wales and her daughter was a GP and lives in a nearby village.So hoping that we all play our part and stop this illness. Take care xx

  12. Happy Mother’s Day to you Cathy! You do have three wonderful sons, and I bet you enjoyed talking with all the grands and DIL’s as well! I do so hope you get to move as planned, as long as it is safe for Mr. E to do so, (you too of course, but I know you are concerned for him, just as I am for my DH.) Wishing you some lovely days with sunshine to enjoy the garden next week.

    • Thanks Kathy for this lovely positive comment . It helped talking to family. I hope you and your family stay well. Take care xx

  13. Love the unicorn picture there Cathy.
    I managed to get to my local library yesterday and borrow 10 books which should keep me going a while. X

  14. The fairies and unicorn photo can do with regular reposting as it always makes the day shine a little brighter. I loved to hear the feedback you got from your sons for Mother’s Day. They combine affection and humour beautifully. (Ours isn’t until May – but my girls tell me every day is Mother’s Day to them) I’m glad to see you are keeping positive about your move – it may or may not happen, there’s nothing much can be done about that at this point, so why not stay upbeat about the situation. It’s always a choice we can make isn’t it šŸ™‚ Keep shining your light!!

    • That’s it Pauline in a nutshell. We are finding that one of us may get a bit downhearted, the other is OK and between us we can pull through. That’s how we can all come through this . Take care .xx

  15. Lovely!
    I’m glad you had a lovely day under the circumstances.
    The touch of magic – just perfect!

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