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You Know What!

So how is everyone doing right now ,today? I have seen the best and worst of people this week from the man in Poundland stuffing his basket full of facial wipes, to a group of youngsters in the town setting up a Facebook group to co-ordinate volunteers to do shopping. I’ve been impressed by enterprising people setting up ways to do home deliveries of local produce to a pottery workshop putting together home packs for children , also home delivered.

News of swans and dolphins appearing in the canals of Venice have cheered me no end. Cleaner air detected above cities. Nature seems to be striking back at the human race for its selfish and reckless behaviour.

Will lessons be learned? Will we have changed our ways?

Mr E and I are ok today. He still has health issues, but we’re under 70, so I run the minimum amount of errands I can ,to safegueard us both.

We are supposed to be moving in a couple of weeks. The boxes arrived on Monday. We have no idea if we will go, or if we can’t what the legal position is. I’ve given up asking as no-one knows the answer.Β  But tonight we have a nice dinner, amazing what a lovely smell you get from onions, a tin of tomatoes, a tin of beans and the getting a bit manky veggies from last week. We are warm, my sons keep phoning me instead of the other way round, and I’m reaching out by phone and email to friends. Others have a much tougher time and I am very grateful for what I do have which is an abundance.

I go out in the garden, visit the frogs in the pond, look at the daffodils in full bloom, feel the rain on my face and give thanks.

So to everyone who reads this, I wish you all the very best and good health. We can take care of each other and afterwards make this a better planet.

Picture taken last year in Farndale- blue skies beckon. Much love xx

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  1. Swans and dolphins appearing in the canals of Venice? Wow! I wonder if the virus was nature’s way of making the human race step back…

  2. Day 13 of stay at home for hubby and I. We are doing ok. I get a little angered, worried and upset by what I see on FB and the news. I am trying not to get on social media as much and trying to curb my news watching. It is hard because I watch the news all the time. So I clean, craft, cook ,read and clean some more and spend time with hubby when he is not working while at home. We will get through this eventually. Stay safe and healthy and keep sending the beautiful photos πŸ™‚

  3. Great news about the swans!

  4. Lovely positive post, thanks Cathy. It’s getting quite hard to be positive about anything at the moment. Keep safe xx

    • I am a glass half full person so I will keep on looking for the positives in these terrible times. Stay safe Christine- and I reckon you’ll still be able to go wild swimming.

  5. Joanne S said:

    Lovely, happy, positive post. Good luck with your move…hope all ends well. Dolphins in the Venice canals? Learn something everyday!

  6. claire93 said:

    I do hope you are able to get packed & moved according to plan Cathy!

  7. What a time to be moving but I hope you can still go ahead with it after all your waiting. In France, we are putting our plans on hold as the lockdown ‘going out permission paper’ has no box to tick for ‘we’re out looking at houses’ and I wouldn’t want strangers wandering around my house at the moment anyway. At least being on lockdown will give us chance to do those little jobs we wanted to do before getting the estate agent round.
    Good luck with the move if it goes ahead xx

    • Thank you, I think you have made a wise decision to defer the move- three days after we exchanged contracts we would have waited. The problem with putting my things in boxes is Mr E has realised how much stuff I have.

  8. You’ve given us all a nice tasty dose of positivity, nothing like it to keep the bugs at bay. Down Under, we’re getting lots of scary graphs and statistics shown on TV, but I think the government isn’t being nearly draconian enough in containing it. Never mind. It’s a changing world and when we look back in a year’s time, we’ll wonder at it. I wish you continued health, a trouble-free house move and a glorious Spring.

    • And thank you for this lovely boost of positivity- we shall just do the best we can . Good excuse for me not to be tackling my gonna list! Hope the unpacking is going well, and give that Mouse a hug from me please. Take care xx

  9. I’m praying for the details of this suddenly complicated move for you and Mr. E. So glad to hear you are both well, and enjoying the blessing of multiple attentive children! Spend time in that lovely garden while you wait.

    • I like that the birds and frogs have no idea of the human dramas unfolding around them, they have had to adapt to loss of hedges and habitats and awful polution of the water, if they knew they might think we had it coming. Observing them, brings balance to my life. Take care Kathy and keep that music coming.xx

  10. Oh my, Cathy! You really have a lot on your plate. You are taking it all in stride with a great attitude. I hope you are having a lot of help coming to move you. It’s probably a big undertaking under the circumstances. It would be lovely if there was a way to push the date forward a bit. I love how you are finding ways to restore yourself. That’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. I’ll be keeping good thoughts for you.

    • Thank you so much for this. Packing keeps us very busy and stops us dwelling on the what ifs. My youngest said to me that I could worry about the worry but it wouldn’t stop it. I am finding consolation wherever I can- becoming quite addictive to a TV channel showing black and whote films from the 40s and 50s! We have a big removal firm booked, if they are allowed to still come. We’ll see. Take care xx

      • I’m watching much of the alternative television as well. New is taped, then watched in fast forward with the sound off. I get the gist of it but don’t take it into my body that way. Maybe you could try saying to yourself that everything is going to work out perfectly. What you say to yourself is more important than what you say to others. My daughter has been teaching me to do this and it’s amazingly helpful. Wishing you all well.

  11. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Stay safe and well Cathy. It is such a surreal time for us all. Hope someone finds answer to your house question.

    • I have a feeling we will be unpacking quite soon! The irony is we are moving to be closer to family, whom we may not be able to see now for a while. That’s life, meantime I shall construct another box- I’m getting quite profficient at it! Take care, the bees will be back soon xx

  12. Hopeful thoughts. I hope your move can go ahead as planned. Always a difficult time. I have been home for the last week or so with a cold. Not this new virus but it pulled me down and I didn’t want to spread it around. Am over 70 so self-isolating early.

  13. I am working from home and woke with a sore throat this morning. Hopefully it will go away in a few days. John is fine, but wants to still hug and kiss me even though he knows that I am a little sick. I hope you stay well. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  14. Hello Lovely Cathy. What a wonderful post – you brought a tear to my eye. I am glad you are both well. Nature striking back is a great way to put it. This virus is certainly cutting down ways we destroy the world, but I fear we will not learn from this. I’m already wondering how much of the food and other provisions people have panic bought will be wasted. I do hope the move happens smoothly whenever it does happen. Stay well and safe my love xx

    • Bless you and thanks Bekki. We may become a little more frugal in how we make meals, look more carefully in the fridge as we plan the days food. I have cut back on the amount I cook, no more just a few more in case we feel like a second helping. And of course the new currency is toilet paper. You stay safe in Dartmoor, I look forward to seeing lot so of lovely dog drawings coming our way! Take carexx

      • I’m cutting down; smaller blobs of toothpaste, sharing a teabag and no more asking LH what size portion of rice or pasta (the other new currency) he wants. To name a few. You take good care too xx

  15. What a beautiful post! I’m glad you are taking it so calmy. I saw the pictures of Venice as well, and wondered how beautiful that is. I wish I could say maybe we can go back on consuming so much stuff and just let be, but then I found myself thinking about any books I could maybe order (online for a change) and … yeah. πŸ˜‰ We’ll see how it goes.

    Keep it up! If you pack boxes, I hope it won’t get too overwhelming, and if you are taking this opportunity to let go of things you don’t want anymore, I hope it will be easy.

    • Thank you Julia for your lovely comment. I did a great deal of sorting before we put the house on the market, so what I have left are things I want. In fact I am surprised by how little I am now throwing away. There have been things I forgot I had which bring back memories. I have been really happy living in this house and it will be hard to leave. But life moves on, and if we can’t choose what happens we can choose our reaction to it. Take care.xx

  16. You put it so well. Nature striking back – yes! I do so hope lessons are learned and we emerge as a much more responsible species, with new priorities.
    I too feel extraordinarily fortunate.
    I wish you both well Cathy and I do so hope your house move can go ahead.
    I really do love our connection and the online community we are part of. ❀

    • We are indeed lucky that we have built up a wonderful network of blogging friends. Take care Sandra, and keep crafting one.I notice that no-one told the blue tits- they are very busy nest building.

  17. Beautifully said Cathy! I wish you both well during this time – those daily walks in nature are balm for the soul aren’t they! And today, for the first time in weeks I am able to access my blog and read others posts in my normal manner – now there’s a miracle πŸ˜€

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