Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This scrappy post will melt your hearts- promise.

I came across the Warm Baby Project  via a friend here on Facebook . The warm baby project puts knitters and their skills to work making items for premature babies. There was an appeal for cannula sleeves for a hospital in Cambridge. Now a cannula sleeve is a small tube of garter stitch knitting that covers the cannula in a babies arm.

My first son was born five weeks early weighing just over 5lbs. All the baby clothes swamped him. My Mum got to work immediately , but there were no patterns for babies as small as him 40 years ago. She set about trying to reduce normal patterns and with the help of the teaching staff in the school she was teaching at, she managed to make him some teeny tiny booties.

I have some baby yarn and how could I not rise to this challenge for cannula sleeves.

As I popped these in the post, came news that the appeal had gone viral, radio interviews followed, the word was out, and pretty soon that hospital was fully stocked.

There are however lots of appeals for small blankets, mitts, hats, bonding squares and of course cannula sleeve.

So I kept going.

The hats are tiny! Another cannula sleeve and  a pair of bonding squares. Bonding squares must be indentical- one for the baby and one for the parent, which can then be swapped so that parent and baby have contact.

Have I tempted you yet to get out scraps of baby yarn , or even to go past haste to the local yarn shop. I love the idea of traffic light hats for the premmies- red for those in need of constant attention, amber for those growing stronger, and green for those still needing care but able to be left for a little while.

The best bit of this Facebook group is that grateful Mums and grandparents post pictures of their babes wearing these hats, cuddling their bonding squares snuggling under blankets.

And it’s not just premmies either. Some babes are born needing extra warmth, so newborn hats are great. A memner of my extended family recently posted pics of their newborn, I was so thrilled to see she had been given a knitted hat.

Some babes also don’t have warm clothes to wear, maybe Mum has been homeless, or fled doemstic violence. Newborn and next sizes up are requested also.

I have to say that of all the scrap happy posts I have written this is my absolute favourite. Do pop over and see the Facebook page- if you want to see current appeals and patterns go to their page and you need to click on Photos. This group is UK based but I bet other countries have similiar groups, and I would love you to use the comments section if you know of any. You can also ask your local maternity unit. All items need to be washable as everything is washed before being given to a baby. Crochet is also welcome but make sure there are no holes in the premmie designs.

That’s it, please check out the other Scrap Happy Posts, links on Kates blog-here



Comments on: "Scrap Happy Day- March 2020" (40)

  1. I have some baby yarn to use up but think our local hospital may have plenty of people knitting for it. My eldest was premature (4lb 12oz) and it was only because she was so small that the first size coat I had painstakingly knitted for her fitted! My mum came up with a bonnet and bootees to match.

  2. It is a great cause. Just in case any of your readers are from Ireland the Neonatal Health Alliance has a similar scheme.

  3. What a great project! and tiny probably knits up fast and uses small ends. Win win

  4. Ive some friends who knit too, I’ll pass this on to them, it’s a fantastic idea, thanks for sharing x

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Both my babies were premature so I really admire your work – well done:)

  6. Go You! Of to check the page out.

  7. Gotta love a project like this even if I’m not a knitter. Might put my sister onto it though…

  8. wonderful project, each small piece made with love to warm the heart of a little one. Blessings to each one.

  9. A lovely generous scraphappy post – well done you

  10. What a wonderful project to be involved in Cathy! I love it, I’m going to see what our NICU needs!

  11. Very well done you, Cathy!
    What a heart-warming project (no puns intended), especially with so many working at home these days. ❤️ 😘

  12. claire93 said:

    well done for knitting and making a difference in the world, Cathy!

  13. This is super cute! We don’t have hospitals who are asking for preemie things in my area, but it’s a wonderful thing that parents are provided with clothes for their kids, since no one is prepared to have their baby that early (I wouldn’t want to prepare for this either, and as you said, it’s not as if you could have a lot of clothes from the shops). I also love the bonding squares, these are amazing. You rock! Thank you for doing this.

    • It was my pleasure to use my oddments of yarn in this way. In due course I’ll buy some yarn and make some of the bigger items that are asked for- little cot blankets, cardigans. I simply remember what a shock and surprise it is when little one comes early. I didn’t even have the things I needed for me, let alone extra small sizes for my babe.

  14. One of the many times I wish I’d learned to knit. Brilliant ScrapHappy post, thanks for sharing the info, and I hope it’ll lead to more contributions.

  15. What a good cause to be involved in and how lovely to know your hobby is helping people. Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming post such a contrast to the news ar the moment. ❤

    • It certainly helped me too to knit these little things and the Facebook page is just so warming to the spirit and if it helps these little babes and their parents then I am so happy to make my contribution.

  16. Heart duly melted – what a lovely thing to do.

  17. So cute. When my grands were born, thankfully healthy, I made several sets of Premie wear and some Angel outfits for the maternity unit. A sort of thank you. It’s so nice that knitwear is still acceptable!

    • Yes it is, and when I read posts on the Facebook page with pictures of these tiny babies with their little hats, it just makes me feel yes I can help these little ones.

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