Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

This is so not my usual type of novel- Steampunk and WW1, but I am getting into it. I nearly gave up a while ago, but realised I did want to see how the plot unfurls, so I am still reading. Has to be back in the library on Friday as someone has requested the BOOK I  AM READING. How dare they!

I also have a FINISH! The crochet blanket Moroccan Dreams based on the Portuguese Tile blanket from the UK magazine Woman’s Weekly is done, finnito, all ends sewn in.

Super colour combo, a lovely vintage feel. Rather chuffed with this one.

Linking as ever to Small Things for Yarn Along- link here

Yarn Along {March}

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  1. Gorgeous blanket! Congrats on the finish.

  2. Wow! That’s stunning😍😍

  3. I really love the colours on that blanket. My baby daughter loves sleeping with a crocheted blanket that is very similar 🙂

  4. Beautiful blanket! At my library the new books are one week only, I can never finish them, so I start and if I like I order them. More people are using library books now, it’s getting tough to renew a book, the good ones!

    • I’m shocked by my library which sells off books over five years old even if they are perfectly good and still being borrowed.

  5. I like these soft colours Cathy. I’ve just finished a very bright one but that’s because I was using up yarn left over from other projects – I prefer these slightly vintage looking ones.
    Have you read Stephen Palmer’s ‘Factory Girl’ Trilogy? – I haven’t but it also sounds interesting in the reviews.

    • The Factory Girl Trilogy precedes this book. This one is stand alone but picks up on people and events from the triology. Do I feel tempted to read it- no!
      The soft colours in this blanket are gorgeous. I bought it last year in a sale online, and I was thrilled with it. A well written pattern and lovely colours.

  6. That is just gorgeous Cathy! Beautiful calm colors!

  7. Yeah! Happy dance time! Well done you, and such an intricate pattern, too!!

  8. Gorgeous blanket, but I’m disappointed to report that my library doesn’t have the book so I can’t reserve it for when I get back. I shall have to submit a purchase request when I get home…

  9. Love the colors and the pattern of your blanket, Makes me ready for a little snooze. 😉

  10. Mrs Jane Halvey said:

    Wow the blanket is beautiful!

  11. Oh it looks beautiful!! I love the colour-pattern combination! Very soothing to the eye.

    I … always want to like Steampunk, but haven’t managed to warm up to it so far. I love some Steampunk-inspired movies, so I guess I just have to find the right book. (I went to the library today and checked out a lot of books about Tunisia, and one about Morocco, funnily enough.)

    • I think some of the problem with this book is that it just isn’t that good in parts. I think I would like to go back and read H G Wells etc again and see how that compares. The blanket colours are just lovely.

  12. Very lovely blanket. Especially like the shell centre border.

  13. The blanket is beautiful! Good luck with finishing your book quickly – I hope you enjoy it, especially since it is not what you usually read!

    • Reading a different genre is always an interesting experience. I read Jules Verne, H G Wells and John Wyndham in my teens and 20s and loved them, and in some ways this book picks up their mantle. It has made me want to go back and do some re-reading to see what I think now I am older. The blanket will be perfect for snuggly under for a good read.

  14. I love the blanket–so pretty! The tiled look is really neat-well done!

  15. Beautiful!!!! Hugs, Tamara

  16. Your blanket is beautiful. Would be lovely to snuggle into. Hope you can fit in lots of reading time. Whenever I have to renew a book, I am always afraid of the possibility that someone has reserved it.

    • I keep checking with my library account online and hoping another copy would be returned in a different library to fulfill the request but it just isn’t happening. I read quite a bit last night, so I am a bit optimistic of my chance of finishing by Friday. The blanket is so soft and snuggly and I love the colours.

  17. Your blanket is beautiful!

  18. Oh my goodness – Moroccan Dreams is mind blowingly beautiful! Your color palette is very yummy!

  19. Such a lovely blanket! Just beautiful!

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