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St David’s Day

The 1st of March is St David’s Day, the patron Saint of Wales. Far back in my maternal family I have Welsh ancestors. My Mum and my brother returned to live there, both dying less than fifty miles away from where a branch of the family started.  Mum was a teacher and she always aimed to have daffodils (the national flower of Wales) ready to share on this day with her puplis. As it happens daffodils are one of my very favourite flowers, so I am writing this post to share out some daffodil love and to wish you all a Happy St David’s Day.

I only have some tete a tete daffodils in bloom at the moment -Yorkshire is a little behind Wales as far as flowers go, – this picture was taken in late March 2016, bulbs planted in the lawn by me.

This lovely display is on my way into town, also taken late March 2016.

This picture taken in April 2016 at Newburgh Priory where we had gone to a Spring Plant fair.

April 2017, home grown daffodils as part of my Easter display.

March 2018, shop bought ones- there seems to be snow on the ground outside.

Wild ones in Farndale last year.

And to conclude- Rhayader, Wales, because I couldn’t write this post without a picture from Wales could I? I wonder what is your favourite flower?

Happy St David’s Day.

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  1. Lovely photos and I love daffodils!

  2. Love all the daffodil photos. My favourite daff view up here in Northumberland is a Warkworth. The Castle mound is covered in daffodils in spring.

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Happy St David’s day (a bit belated) – loving all the daffs

  4. I’ve got Welsh way back in my family too, and I’ve signed up with Duolingo to have a go at learning to speak Welsh!
    My favourite flowers are forget-me-nots and tulips, but I do love daffodils as well.

  5. I had a Welsh great-grandfather (Hen-Daid), a miner. Love your daffs, but they’d not do well for me. I love gardenias and frangipani best…

  6. Thank you so much for this post, which I shared this afternoon with a friend via facetime (her mum was Welsh and my friend’s visited several times). We both adored the pic from Wales and all the daffs. Goodness! You planted ALL those bulbs in your yard, Cathy?!

  7. Daffodils are so wonderful, we will hope to see some by the end of March. It has been much milder here this winter, hints of spring in the air in spite of snow dumps, so we are all feeling hopeful that we will see crocuses and daffodils before mid June (last year😳)

    • Gosh June for daffodils seems so late , hope they come earlier this year. We have had a sunny but very windy day today, I don’t think it will take may more sunny days to bring the daffodils out here.

  8. For spring flowers, I have fond memories of lily-of-the-valley that my mother would pick by the bunch from the garden and display in a perfect silver vase; you can’t get much lovelier than that. But our lawn was also full of fragrant violets, with stems so tiny you had to put them in a vase only big enough for a doll’s house. I’d put one on my bedside table, and sniff and sniff and sniff. We also had a crabapple tree that was laden with the perfect shade of pink blossoms; my favourite part was when they fell and made a rosy carpet under the tree … so magickal! And then later on, we’d pick lilacs (one mauve, one white) from the two trees we had, and then smash the stems with a hammer so they’d drink more water and last longer. My room would be redolent with their perfume. So many lovely memories! I’m going out later today to visit my mom and am going to bring her some daffs!

  9. I like so many flowers but in our old house I used to especially like Spring when there were forget-me-nots, bluebells and apple blossom all at the same time.

  10. Lovely daffs – ours are blooming like crazy at the moment.

    I also have some Welsh blood. My maternal grandfather was abandoned on a doorstep in Wales and I assume, whoever his mother was, hadn’t crossed any borders to do it. The lady who lived in the house behind the doorstep adopted him which, to me, sounds mighty suspicious but we’re talking about some time around 1910 or thereabouts so who knows? My Grandad’s name was Reg(inald) but his friends always called him Dave due to his Welsh origins and his birthday was 1st March – or at least that’s when it was celebrated.

    • What an amazing story, but times were very different. Mum had a friend- in Wales- who discovered after a great number of years that her sister was actually her Mum, her Mum and Dad were her grandparents , and her nephew was her brother. She didn’t find out till her sister/Mum had died and her nephew/brother had a wife and child of his own. I wonder what a DNA test would show you?

      • Wow. It all went on in Wales apparently!
        My paternal grandfather was a bit dodgy – he went to prison for bigamy!! I’d never do a family history as the bit I know is murky enough without digging any deeper.
        It’s a wonder I turned out so posh 🤣

  11. Sweet Peas and……….Daffodils 😊

    • Oh yes to sweet peas, my Dad used to grow these and I loved them. The smell of summer. I have had mixed success with my efforts.

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