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Gonna do 2020-February

I wrote a list – 20 things I am gonna do in 2020- and now it’s time to check in with my progress this month.

1- Read my way across Europe- I managed two books this month- Edith Eger from Hungary and Tove Jansson from Finland. Both are strongly autobiographical and whilst I loved Edith Eger’s book The Choice I was less keen on Jansson’s Sculptor’s Daughter.

10- The Stitchbook project- this month we tried image transfers using photocopies, bondaweb, pva glue or sticky backed plastic. Not my favourite month, but I stuck to it and produced two pages. This project has now reached it’s half way mark. March is visible darning month and I am looking forward to it.

11- Complete an UFO- I finished my scrappy vintage box, and really enjoyed making it. More boxes will follow I am sure.

I continue to work on the crochet blanket and may have a finish of another UFO in March.

Some progress on other gonna dos-

15- A five mile walk- well if only the weather would stop raining I have found a lovely new to me walk which fits the bill nicely. Meantime I just have done some short strolls.

19- I have written a few more family memories down. So a little progress.

The one that I have totally failed to make progress on is the quilt for my grandson. It’s his birthday in March and I would really like to give it to him then. I shall designate Tuesday next week as quilt making day.

I think I could have done better this month, with only one thing ticked off. Some progress on other things I’d like to do!

Do you feel you accomplished everything you set out to do this month, or do you just go with the flow?

Hope you enjoy our extra day this month, March tomorrow.



Comments on: "Gonna do 2020-February" (25)

  1. I absolutely love your book goal!! I don’t set myself goals, so to speak, because this is a sure way NOT to do something, but I want to broaden my reading habits, too this year – read more POC authors, and folks from other parts of the world than Europe and the US. The last book I read was a travel account from a journalist who lived in Tunisia for a couple of years, and it has been super interesting – I’m going to the library today and try to see if I can get a few more books about that country. Reading rocks!! (I am so sorry that you didn’t like the book about Jansson so much – did you read the Moomins, though? And if yes, did you like the books?)

    • I had vaguely heard about Moomins, but no I never read the books. I agree it is good to widen one’s reading horizons. I take up a lot of recommendations from bloggers , some books are ones I would never have picked up myself and I end up loving them. A couple of years ago I set myself the goal of reading books by authors in alphabetical order from A-Z. Didn’t really manage an X though.

      • Yes, okay, I … don’t know anyone whose name is starting with an X … I think Chinese authors might be worth checking out! I agree about the recommendations – someone on ravelry recommended Colson Whitehead, and I am SO GLAD that I followed her recommendation! He is a fantastic writer, and I am very glad to have discovered him.

        • I found an X, read the book, liked the book, then someone told me that really the X part of the name was a first and not a family name!Now I don’t know Colson Whitehead. I shall check him out.

  2. You’re doing fine! Those goals are self imposed and you have the authority to move the ‘goal’-posts if you wish. I’m giving myself permission to be goal free for the next few weeks…

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    You are making great progress:)

  4. Seems as if you are getting on well. I never have leisure time deadlines just go with the flow. Got a few household necessary things achieved this month so that was more important to me.

    • The have to dos about a house have to come first. I am better with this list or I tend to start far too much and get sidetracked.

      • Interesting. So it is more a limiting list? I always presumed these were do more lists. If I had a list for leisure things it would feel like pressure however big or small it was. We are all so different.

        • More a don’t forget you really want to do list, and don’t go doing something else because it is new and shiney and I get to the end of the year again and wonder why I didn’t do something I really intended to do.

  5. Congratulations on the doing of your “going to dos” 🙂

  6. I go with the flow because, if I make too many plans and they don’t come to fruition, I feel disappointed. I try to say, each night, tomorrow I will do this, this and this but when tomorrow comes something happens to disrupt my planning. Yesterday it was looking at houses for sale online – today it was talking to a friend on the phone in the U.K. for 2.5 hours!! Which meant I didn’t finish the tunic I’m making, or get Stan’s nose needle felted, or make another patchwork block for the F2F swap.
    Still, never mind – https://youtu.be/R-OoIvgtuzs

    • Yuk , online house hunting, so many just look all the same, and you have to get over bits of decor you don’t like, and check floor plans and street view and spot what the agents aren’t telling you! I try to split my days now, mornings the things that have to be done, afternoons the things I’d like to do. Doesn’t always work out that way, but it’s a plan of sorts and helps balance up a day. Good luck with the house, we may have moved one step further on this week.

  7. That little box is sweet! I am half planned half go with the flow I guess. I had some quilt BOM’s I wanted to try before the Bee; now we’ll see if I liked them so well I remember what they were!! Right now I want to finish this blanket square I started before my wrist got angry so I can finally cast on my Orkney cardigan, even if it is snail’s pace, and then there’s the stocking to finish so I can start a special project for each of my girls.

  8. Reading your way across Europe sounds like a good idea. I’ve made an effort over the past 18 months or so to expand my reading but I still rarely venture outside of authors from the British Isles. A few Americans, the odd Canadian, and the occasional Aussie. It’s strange because I always enjoy European texts when I do actually make the effort to read them. Must try harder this year 😁.

    • I’m looking forward to reading these new to me authors from Europe, help me see life differently, that’s if I can keep away from too many crime novels! So far so good.

  9. I’m just going with the flow, Cathy ^^
    I did sit down and speicically stitch two birthday présents for February, but the rest of my crafting (and the year) will be about doing what I fancy, when I fancy!

  10. Sounds to me like you are making good progress. My only goal is to walk more, and you are helping me with that! Heartfelt thanks ❤ 🙂
    Otherwise I go with the flow, which is slightly more frantic than it sounds.

    • I can’t keep up with everything you manage to fit in every month, what ever you do is working. It’s good to get out and your group on Facebook is a huge help to me, so thank you.

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