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First Line Fridays

I liked the sound of sharing a book in a unique and new to me way. Every Friday pick up a book and share the first line. So without further ado here is the book I am currently reading.

And the first lines are

The London Times

12 October 1911


Industrialist Confirmed Dead As Leading Figures Negotiate

Described on the cover as Edwardian era meets Steampunk, way away from my usual reading, but a change as they say ….

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So will I make it to the end of my library book or not?



Comments on: "First Line Fridays" (21)

  1. […] inspiration from Cathy’s post, introducing First Line Fridays. A weekly feature hosted by Wandering Words, on judging a book […]

  2. Nice idea. Just done some book reviews on my blog but this looks like a fun way of sharing what you read. Xx

    • It is a nice way to share books. I like that it makes you think, why did I choose this book. Recently it has been reviews from bloggers which leads me to requesting library books, it wil be good to go back to choosing books direct from the shelves. It’s authors, titles and covers which draw me to books, followed by reading the opening page!

  3. lelandandbecky said:

    Happy Weekend! My first line (actually 2 lines) is from “Draw Me to Your Side” by Marguerite Martin Gray:

    “Closing her eyes for a brief respite, Elizabeth dozed in the afternoon sun peeking through the frosty windowpanes. The image of a coiled, ferocious rattlesnake fought its way behind eyelids seemingly glued together.”

  4. I need to do this, it will be fun, and by next Friday I will have a book in hand!

  5. […] inspiration from Cathy’s post, introducing First Line Fridays. A weekly feature hosted by Wandering Words, on judging a book […]

  6. That sounds interesting! I’m sharing from The Vault Between Spaces by Chawna Schroeder on my blog today. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  7. Happy Friday! Today, I’m sharing the first line from Isaiah’s Legacy by Mesu Andrews: “I am Shebna. Small in stature, weak in body, strong of mind. A Levite.”


  8. Hmmm?? Interesting but not my usual cup of tea 🙂 I hope you can stop by:



    • Thanks for coming by and I will pop over to you for sure. Mine is not my usual type of book at all, but I like Jules Verne and H G Wells, so this is a modern equivilent I guess.

  9. Happy Friday!
    Over on my blog, I’m sharing the first line from When He Found Me by Victoria Bylin: https://christianfictiongirl.blog/2020/02/28/first-line-friday-125/. I’m currently finishing A Convenient Christmas Wedding by Regina Scott, so I will share a line from that book here.
    “Nora woke on Christmas morning to the sound of voices calling.”
    Hope you have an excellent weekend full of fun and relaxing reading!

  10. I like the idea of this, I’ll also participate 🙂 x

  11. I must admit it doesn’t sound like something I would read – do let us know if you make it to the end. I’ve just sent for the Harold Fry book as you made it sound really interesting, I’ve also just reviewed a recently read book on my own blog.

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