Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A moor for all seasons.

No heather of course at this time of year, but our walk last week on the North Yorkshire moors was still wonderful.

On our way to Skelton Tower on the Leversham estate. Skelton Tower was owned by the Reverend Skelton and was probably a hunting tower. I have always felt it would make a super setting for a gothic novel or mystery story.

And the views are just lovely.

In August this view would be of purple heather, there would be a smell of honey and the drone of bees.

Looking over Newtondale in the other direction is the railway line for the steam trains of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Silent over the winter months whilst maintenance is carried out.

The moors then- beautiful in all seasons.

I hope to get out again this week, but where I wonder, and when . The weather does not sound to be good this week  with another storm on the horizon, and by golly it is very chilly.

Comments on: "A moor for all seasons." (32)

  1. Beautiful views all around, thanks so much for sharing! We have snow and 15F today. Brrr!

  2. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    What lovely views:)

  3. I was married to a Yorkshireman. He spent his youth rambling the moors and even though he emigrated here in the early 60’s, never lost his love for them. It’s lovely to see your photos in the different seasons.

  4. Beautiful pics of a lovely part of the world. ….and I’m singing Kate Bush Wuthering Heights In my head!

  5. I love the golden colour of the bracken at this time of year. Looks a lovely if bracing place for a winter walk. X

  6. Oh! Some of these photos too my breath away! I cannot wait to visit the UK someday! The one looking through the open wall is my absolute favorite and I found myself wistfully staring at it for a minute 🙂

  7. Couldn’t agree more. Gorgeous in all seasons, but yes we really need more good weather to enjoy the moors xx

  8. What gorgeous views! 🌿

  9. It looks lovely and sooo different from the undulating grass-topped clay hills we have over here.

  10. I do enjoy looking at your walks Cathy – the landscape has a majesty about it – so different from where I live. Each county has it’s very own atmosphere.

  11. Those photos really capture the cold fresh air and the sense of space. I do occasionally miss a cold winter!

  12. Out and about on the moors – It seems like you’ve been chanelling your inner Cathy

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