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February Garden- 2020

The garden is coming back to life.

Lots of snowdrops.

Daffodils on their way.




And something edible- rhubarb.

Always lovely to see at this time of year. How is your garden? We were lucky and escaped the worst of the weekend storm in the UK, hope you were alright too.

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  1. Our allotment is full of spring surprises, and I was delighted to see both of our rhubarb crowns poking up through the soil. Spring is definitely on the way.

  2. Beautiful photos! They give me hope that our Spring will be coming, sort of soon πŸ˜‰

  3. Nature doesn’t sleep for long, if at all. Lovely set of photos x

  4. Early signs of spring amidst Ciara and Dennis

  5. Always enjoy a walk through an English country garden, especially as spring approaches. Lovely to see your primroses and snowdrops – thank you!

  6. So lovely to see all that beautiful green. Here we’ve had two snowstorms in about 10 days, with more snow expected this week. Enough, already! I must content myself for the time being with a pot of hyacinths on my windowsill. I do have a pot of primroses that have been flowering constantly (one or two small blooms at a time) since I received it as a gift last Easter!

    • Your pot sounds lovely. I bought some daffodils at the weekend which have fully opened now and make the house smell lovely. Spring is coming.

  7. Mahonia Charity probably – we have one in our garden and it has flowered all winter and added a bit of cheer to the grey days. I love these little signs of spring poking through everywhere – they are like a promise of what is to come.

  8. Your mahonia looks huge! Everything is just starting to emerge, it will soon be spring πŸ™‚ It always surprises me just how much flowers at this time of year, your snowdrops are lovely.

  9. Lovely things in your garden already! We are months away, though we are getting ready to start seeds!

  10. One word. Frozen. 😒

  11. Wonderful signs of spring. I need to get out and have a proper look at what’s coming up in the garden. When I start seeing primroses under the hedgerows I’ll know spring is really here.

  12. I thought your acconites were buttercups. I had no idea there was a garden plant that looked like buttercups. I remember buttercups from my childhood in Scotland.

  13. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Ohhhh things are coming. We have only one primrose! Storm Ciara is still blowing here. Today is actually nearly the worst day as it is bitterly cold with hail and rain too.

  14. Your garden looks so lovely … ours had a dusting of snow today πŸ™‚

  15. Lovely signs of Spring. If only we could have the weather to go with them. X

  16. Your post made me actually look out of the window at my garden which I haven’t done for weeks, I’ve had so much on my mind. I would have gone out but it started to rain! I too have lots of snowdrops and the hellebores are coming on. My Daphne appears to have flowers for the first time. There are other things too but I really need to go and look more closely.

  17. Just noticed a couple of fully open daffs in the front garden when I drove back in today. We also have primulas, aubretia, Japanese quince and loads and loads of sweet little violets which, if the breeze is in the right direction, smell divine.
    Bournemouth was very windy and wet with a few fences down and such but nothing too serious going on with my lot.

  18. lovely to see everything pushing up through the soil

  19. Love a winter garden, something I don’t see much here. I have serious rhubarb envy – none of the best crumble fruits will grow here: rhubarb, apples, apricots, plums, gooseberries…

  20. I love to see a garden coming back to life as winter gradually merges into the beginning of spring. Near me there’s a bank of crocuses which I pass regularly on my dog walks, I’ve noticed them gradually opening in the sunshine of the last few days and they are looking lovely πŸ™‚

  21. It’s lovely to see so much growing in the garden in winter and when the weather is still fairly inclement. We’ve had a handful of snowdrops, some iris reticulata and a few hellebores have just started to open up. 😊

  22. Good to hear you escaped the worst of the weather. Mmm fancy some rhubarb crumble now!

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