Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

An unexpected visitor .

To the bird table.

He came to see us yesterday  before the wind and the rain.

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  1. What a cute visitor to your garden 🙂

  2. That is a big rabbit! Ours are just teeny and they come out to play in the sunshine when it’s warm enough.

  3. Definitely well fed. Let’s hope that keeps him away from your plants!

  4. It’s looking lovely and lush and green, you must be getting plenty of rain. No wonder he’s so fat and bold!

  5. Aw what a cute visitor. Hope he is sheltering somewhere in this stormy weather. X

  6. claire93 said:

    haven’t seen any wild rabbits in our neck of the woods, and yet we do live right next to a Woodland. We tend to see squirrels (red), foxes, the odd (dead) badger and the husband spotted a guinea pig last year which appears to have escaped from some home and is living wild lol.

    • Love the idea of a guinea pig gone wild, amazing he has survived by himself.

      • he’s very quick on his little feet and has probably made himself a little burrow in the Woodland next door.

        • Hope he is safe, I have a soft spot for guinea pigs.

          • guinea pigs are cute, I agree, but they’re such noisey blighters. One of our kids had one (called Chirac) which lived with our dwarf rabbit, and the two of them got along famously. But boy, did Chirac make a lot of noise when it was feeding time!

            • We had two Homer and Coffee and they had a super vocabluary. Loved them a lot, they lived to be 8! They were sisters from two litters, parents rescued from Harwell- superflous to requirements and went to the primary school.

  7. How lovely and such good photographs. I always like seeing rabbits from the train. (Only time I see any.) The storm is pretty wild down here. Heard it on and off last night; was a struggle getting down to church this morning and even worse rain all afternoon.

    • Thank you, I was amazed at how nice the pictures are. It was a bit wet here, but the worst missed us. Hope you were ok on Sunday night.

  8. Very cute 🙂 I hope he’s got a nice warm burrow to curl up in out of the wind and rain.

  9. A cute little guy!

  10. Any port in a storm? 😉

  11. Lovely to see a healthy rabbit. How are you coping with the storm? I’ve been reading the headlines although the tabloids always lump the whole of the U.K. into one when reporting bad weather conditions – or any weather conditions come to that. My lot are down South so you’ll be having different experiences I expect.

    • We have wind and rain, but there was a lull after lunch with blue skies. The worst is South and West of us. Margaret and Sandra will be having a time of it. Hope you and yours are ok.

      • Just heard from Mr. T. and apparently, it’s very wild and windy. They are just outside of Bournemouth. So far, so safe though.

  12. Do you think he’s someones pet? He looks in good condition for a wild rabbit 🙂

  13. Murtagh's Meadow said:


  14. A wild one? How wonderful! He/she certainly looks plump and healthy 🙂

  15. Well – what a cheeky rabbit! Looks very well fed. 🙂

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