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Yarn Along- February 2020

Delighted to be linking once again to Ginny’s Yarn Along post

First of all I have a finish.

Pattern and yarn from Deramores. His name on the pattern is Eddie, but my elephant is Herbert. Full name only, no abbreviations allowed, apparently.

Here he is with his mate the snake, you may recall he is a boy named Sue.

So there we are Herbert and Sue. What next you cry? Well maybe you didn’t , but can you pretend you did please?

Any ideas who might be coming next off those needles? Colour is a bit of a giveaway. Meantime these books are my current reading matter. The novel is The Old man and the sea. It’s very short, and so far it is good. The book on Textile landscapes is really good, it’s a library copy and I can see I shall be parting with some hard cash for my own copy. The gardening book was recommened to me via my books posts. So far Mr E has hijacked it from me.

Slow progress on the crochet blanket- inner border complete, now I have eight squares like this to do and eight more of another block. All progress is good.

Do check out what Ginny and the others are yarning about this month. Love to know what you are knitting/crocheting or reading at the moment too, so do please leave a comment.


Comments on: "Yarn Along- February 2020" (37)

  1. Your yarny pals are so cute. Herbert is a perfect name for the elephant. And Sue is just adorable with his pink diamond back. I love your granny square blanket. The colors are just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful Crochet. That elephant is too cute!

  3. Oh Herbert! He is fantastic. He looks quite a character. No, the yellow is not enough of a clue for me. No idea. I like the look of your One Magic Square book. May your magic square be bountiful!

  4. He looks like a Herbert!

  5. Well, hello Herbert! Is he staying with you or is he off to a new home?

  6. Little Herbert is very sweet. I am sure that he is good-natured and will be playing nicely with your other makes, present and future.

  7. That gardening book looks intriguing. I will need to see if it is available in my library.
    Loving your blanket. Not far to go until you are finished. I am in a quandry with my crocheted hexagon blanket as I am at a loss as to how I make it a rectangle!

  8. Okay so when I opened this post to read it I nearly squealed audibly with delight! Oh that adorable elephant! The snake is adorable too! Beautiful granny square blanket – oh those colors! I’ve never made one but I do have a collection of them I’ve rescued from thrift shops and garage sales over the years. So much work goes into them, it sort of hurts me to see one go for like $3 at a thrift shop – but it comes home with me!
    I look forward to see what is coming off your needles next 🙂

    • Thank you for this lovely comment.I find it sad when beautiful handmade items turn up in charity shops. Great that others appreciate the treasure that they are.

  9. Cute animals you’ve got there, Cathy, but haven’t a clue what that would be on your needles, except it’s yellow. The landscape book by Holmes looked interesting, so I did a bit of a search for it and discovered it has a cloth-like cover and is one of four from this artist. Alas, none available in this library, but perhaps elsewhere and could be sent. Will have to see what’s involved… Lovely post, though, and I’ll enjoy further updates!

  10. Will you be having a tiger for tea?? 🐯

  11. I like the sound of that gardening book.
    Some great makes Cathy.
    I can’t guess at your new project, but it looks stripey!

  12. Herbert is fabulous, and it’s great that he and Sue get on so well.
    Have you ever read ‘Cat in the Rain’, one of Hemingway’s short stories? It made a huge impression on me. He was a genius writer, in my opinion.

  13. Your blanket is beautiful and Herbert is adorable! Raised beds are so nice, and you can get so much growing in them too.

  14. Herbert is jolly cute and who doesn’t love a boy named Sue! Those colours in your blanket are lovely – not at all the kinds of colours I am usually drawn to but the overall look is quietly pretty and vintage too. And finally, if I ever get to move from here I’m going to have raised bed gardens – it makes such sense as we get older!

    • I agree with you abot the colours. I am not a pastel colour person at all, but together these are a super combination. Yes more years= raised beds!

  15. The Lolo Houbein gardening book is excellent, I’ve had a copy for years and keep dipping into it. She has some very sensible ideas, particularly useful for gardeners who are getting on a little and don’t like all the bending. Me, for example!

    • We certainly qualify for the getting on a bit. We are very much hoping to move this year and to somewhere with a smaller garden. Husband then moped at the idea he couldn’t grow veggies, so on your recommendation of this book, which if I recall was because the author is Dutch , for my reading challenge, I reserved it at the library. He cheered up once he started reading it, and saw what was possible. Thank you so much.

  16. claire93 said:

    welcome to Herbert – he looks a very happy chap!
    and I love the colours of your crochet squares blanket – so soft yet colourful.

    • Herbert is jolly nice thank you, he does sometimes look a tad melancholy though. The colours of the blanket arelovely, very muted, and a vintage feel to them.

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