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Gonna Do- January!

So I made that Gonna do list – twenty things for 2020 and I am pleased to have got some under my belt. If I aim for two a month I should get there, and as January is a long month and February a short month, I got cracking and had a flying start.

Number 13 was Visit an Art Gallery

I went to the Woodend Gallery in Scarborough to see the Anne Bronte art project. It’s her 200th anniversary this year- she was born on the 17 January 2020, and sadly died here in Scarborough, where she is also buried.

Lindsey Tyson organised this project- 200 artists, 200 pages from the book The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. It was a tremendous undertaking and I loved so many of the contributions. Here’s a couple of my favourites.

This by Emily Gondal and

this by Lindsey Tyson herself.

Number 16- Go to the cinema– I have a bad habit of seeing trailers for films , think of going, but fail to act before the film leaves the cinemas. Writing this Gonna Do list and seeing the trailers for David Copperfield, made me realise that I needed to act straightaway and not just think about it. So I did, and we saw the film yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed being in a cinema again and the film was good. It is hard to condense a Dickens novel into a 2 hour film, characters and scenes have to be changed or omitted. I think Dickens would have liked the film, if he had a part in it! I missed Barkis though, who married Peggerty, and did his wooing through Master Copperfield and his ” Barkiss is willing”. I still have fond memories of the BBC adaptation with Daniel Radcliffe as young Copperfield and Maggie Smith as his Aunt. I heard several members of the audience say they would now go and re- read the book, so that’s got to be a good thing. Mr E managed to stay awake through the whole film- just- there were moments! I don’t think I will get him to see Emma next month.

Number 20- Take part in the Great Garden Bird Count– This always happens during the last weekend in January. I did my count on Saturday 25 January. Totals of birds counted in the garden in my hour at any one time (11.30-12.30) were:-

Sparrows- 8- so hard to count


Wood Pigeons-6

Great Tit-1




Not showing up in my hour were blue tits, goldfinch or chaffinch.The last two only come occassionally, but the blue tits just didn’t show up.

I bought mealie worms to entice the robins and blackbirds, all I can say is mealie worms are gross and Mr E says I must never ever bring them into the house again- apparently they are essentially garage critters.ย  And that was just the dried ones, don’t thnk I could cope with live ones. Mind you the robins and blackbirds do devour them with great relish.

So that is three ticked off my list. I hope I shall get to more art galleries and movies during the year. It sounds odd to write a list of things to do that you enjoy butย  I am so glad I did as it really has lifted me out of the rut I had got into last year.

Some of the Gonnas are quite big projects, so I have also made a start on Number 8- Make a Quilt for Harry. If you recall he asked for an Oxford United one which terrified the beejeebas out of me. Then I found an Oxford flag with the Ox motif, and subsequently had the bright idea of breaking it down into small steps and only tackling a few at a time instead of trying to do it all in a couple of days. So far the motif has been transfered to bondaweb. More next month I hope.

Number 19 was Start to write family history– a notebook has been purchased and I have written three pages so far. I decided against doing it on a computer as I’d spend the whole time trying to keep track of spellings and loosing the flow. I have since realised that the little tales I want to record come to mind in quite random places. So for example, I was on a walk last week when I remembered how excited Mum got if she spotted an owl pellet, and her joy in dissecting it back home. Cries of “Oh look a mouse skull”. I had to hang onto to that recollection all the way home till I got hold of a piece of paper to jot it down. It might not be the most entralling memory of one’s Mother but it does sum up her character quite well, and is the sort of thing that would have interested me about my grandparents.

I wonder does anyone have any odd memories of family members which don’t amount to anything world shattering but do sum up an aspect of their character quite nicely?

So that’s my progress with my Gonna do in 2020 list. How are you getting on with your plans for this year, I would love to hear. More I hope to tell you about in February.



Comments on: "Gonna Do- January!" (27)

  1. Just loved this post. So many ideas and very inspirational. Twenty for twenty is just a great idea.
    I had been thinking of writing a family history but instead got a journal and as memories come back to me I jot them down.

    • I might write a more comprehensible family history but at the moment it’s the memories from childhood that seem to most important, and I am enjoying doing it.

  2. Joanne S said:

    I am in admiration of your “go forth” manner! Good luck with the list!

  3. You have a more complex list than mine. That’s an impressive accomplishment for the month. I’d better get busy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. You are certainly going well with your gonna do list. I am suitably impressed.

  5. This is great Cathy, not only do you get to do all the things you want to do but we get the thrill of seeing what you got up to ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Looking forward to whatever you’re gunna do next – oops this month

  6. This list is working splendidly for you already!

  7. I remember your post about your list, you are really keeping up with it! Congrats!

  8. You’ve made a good start on the Gonna Do list, I must say. So many people have completely forgotten theirs by the end of January!

    • I try not to forget my lists, otherwise what was the point, and they do help motivate me. I know it sounds ridiculous to need motivating to do things I enjoy, but I can waste a great deal of time doing nothing in particular, which would be fine if I didn’t regret it.

  9. Love your “gonna do list” for the new year. I also have a list and just may have to steal your title ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wish you great success in crossing off things on your list this year. You are off to a great start.

  10. What? No ‘Barkis is willing’? That’s one of the characters I remember most from the book and early series. I always wanted to give David’s mother a good shaking – then, later, his insipid wife.
    Have you seen ‘Little Women’ yet? It’s supposed to be one of the best adaptations of the book ever. Unfortunately, it hasn’t reached my part of France but my daughter went to see it in the U.K. last week and said it was really good.

    • Little Women would probably be another film I wouldn’t get Mr E too. But now I’m on a roll, I may go by myself. I really missed Barkis, they have Peggety’s brother drive the cart to the coast and she goes with him. You just can’t compress Dickins into two hours!

  11. Wow you are on a roll! I like the look of David Copperfield and the Anne Bronte exhibition looks interesting. I need to get back to my bucket list. One item on it is collect Sea glass from Seaham Beach. This might actually happen as we have booked a week on the Northumberland coast at Newbiggin by the sea in May. ๐Ÿ™‚ X

    • Everyone seems to get a great haul of seaglass from Seaham beach. I am rather envious of your trip, yet another thing I keep meaning to do! Maybe for next years gonna list! I look forward to your post on your trip.

  12. What a lovely post ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done on progressing through your to do list! I enjoyed reading about the Bronte exhibition – weโ€™re regular visitors up to the Howarth Parsonage ๐ŸŒฟ

    • Apparently the parsonage now has a display of books from the exhibition, as well as some of Lindsey’s other work. I hope to be able to go at some time. The list ot me out of rather a big rut.

      • I shall look out for them when we are next there, which will hopefully not be too long! It’s great to have a list to work through, especially when it’s a list of nice things to do ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Great start to the year! We saw David Copperfield too and loved it. I have never read the book but it is going on my list I think. I thought the cast were so good and it really made me smile. Good luck with month 2 of your list and I look forward to the next batch of adventures! Jenny x

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